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  1. Yes, it's just gonna be a bit more challenging. What parts will be harder?
  2. double post you can delete this one mods and such
  3. If you're on the step where you want to place all the ultimate staffs in the robot head and the fire one in the main room, and you're on solo it won't spawn, or if you're on easy, it won't spawn. On two player it will. I think it's because one step requires one person to be near the cracked surface to call the airstrike in on while the other person needs to be in the head to push the button, so maybe it's locking you out to progress further? Hey can you do the easter egg with only 2 people? sorry for being off topic
  4. Its not the blood its a symbol on his shoe
  5. Nice post I have been trying to do this for a while and I kinda figured you needed to be in the maze not middle or PaP but hard to do it yourself
  6. Great post this will help me sooooo much
  7. I thought about this I could only think of getting the M14 or that start room shotgun
  8. I agree with you that is really funny
  9. I am pretty sure the gameplay you saw was not leaked gameplay. 3ARC let a few people go to their studio and try and the map pack. and then said you can release this gameplay within the 24 hours before it comes out.
  10. Damn that WW looks beast and that revolver I only watched the first 2 minuted of buried gameplay. I like to explore and it be surprising for me
  11. I already have my bank full for this map and a Paped Galil ready for me so I think im good to go going to be hard to sleep tonight Edit* and im playing terraria till it comes out :lol:
  12. Great post cant wait for buried im getting up tonight to play it and this post helps alot :D
  13. Maybe there will be like Grief on Maze? and every game the maze changes that would be sick
  14. 5: How powerful is this weapon against nova jumpers and Brutus? I used it on Brutus and it was a 1 burst at round 11 and a 2 burst at 25 so I would imagine it would be +1 burst every like 10 rounds
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