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  1. Guys it might be the Ray Gun MK2 you need for this. I think it is going to play a big part in all BO2 maps and Easter Eggs. It's the missing link.
  2. Can't wait to get my hands on the new Ray Gun MK2. Once equipped I'm gonna Zap the hell outta every inch of NTZ. I know this is exactly what we have all been waiting for. Time to find out what's really behind that Mushroom Cloud. Bazooka gum anyone? ;)
  3. Wow is this legit guys? sorry i can't view the link where i am. Has anyone checked out the broken elevator? or the PHD cut out? see if anything has change. Zombies is about to get mental.
  4. I am hoping that this newer modified Ray Gun is going to be enough to trigger a big Easter egg on NTZ. Maybe use it to shoot the power plant outside one of the gardens? Or those buildings in the distance. I have been waiting out hoping that somehow we get a new powerful weapon released for all BO2 maps so i can continue my NTZ EE hunt. The old UN-packed Ray Gun for me seemed to do something significant but just didn't feel powerful enough. Who knows? but gonna be fun finding out. Thanks OP for the info!
  5. Hi guys not sure if anyone else sees the same but when i Pap the svu in die rise and zoom into the moon i see the red dots but i also see a Purple one. link to the teleporters?
  6. It's obvious guys the Sliquifier was built by Marlton in the Nuketown Shelter. You only have to listen to his quotes when you knife the bunker. He says something like "The hydronic forces contained herein shall make me unstoppable". Do a little research on Hydronics and it will all become clear to you.
  7. I think that the big switch is the object on the Nuketown loading screen, it is hidden within the mushroom cloud . Once we figure out how to switch it on(in Nuketown zombies) it will power everything(Via NZR network towers). But not until the towers are activated(Rich's side or maxis). I think Richtofen's goals are his own like for the power/control over zombies. Maxis' goals i have a feeling are for the Vrill/mysterious figure. Just my thoughts. :)
  8. Hey Elwood(OP) this may be nothing but on the loading screen picture you posted at the very beginning of this thread, The one with the Church and a wire/cable going from one side of the pic to the other. Well i hope i am not wrong here but hanging off that wire where i am thinking a traffic light should be hanging is that not a Missing piece of a jigsaw? Back to the Morse code/traffic lights in town thing i think.
  9. Hey EPICxB3ATZz What info dude? Been rinsing this map since it came out as i know there is something we are over looking. Be great if you could share what info you have please?
  10. What secret tests? Erm "E=MC2" perhaps? First piece of info we are given on Nuketown Zombies in the level description = "Mass Energy Equivalence". Do a little research and you will know where i am coming from. We have to carry out the secret tests by transforming matter into energy or something like that using the population board and power up shed. Number of Zombies killed to equal energy required to trigger something. Those two street signs have a four digit number on each and each name on the sign corresponds to a "Real" Nuclear experiment. Operation Latchkey. Trinity experiment.
  11. Hey guys not sure if this has been mentioned but i have a theory and one that i have been thinking about since Nuketown Zombies was first released. The Machine that we can see on the loading screen that seems to be drawing energy from the missile impact crater. Well it is directly above center of the crater. Now when you play a game on Nuketown Zombies what do you now see directly above center of the crater? Erm only a massive black/fiery mushroom cloud that could quite easily be hiding something within(Like that machine??). Would answer the question of where those Perks are being catapulted from. Secret tests? I have quite a few theories about Nuketown as i believe this map is the key to everything. The map is so small so should seem very insignificant but i bet that's what the Devs want us to think. No point making a game we can crack in no time.
  12. Latchkey or Latch-key is a term that may refer to: A key used to open a latch. Shelter door perhaps? A trinity is a unit made up of three. Samantha, Richtofen and Maxis? Not sure on that one but i know it means something. kill 5824 or 6068 zombies then grab nuke power up from shed??? Maybe the 3636 that we see on the small keypads that you can open on each house could do something too regarding the power or something. I am going to try these out later.
  13. I saw that too! I believe there is more to the gate at the end(Strange green glow), The power lines run in that direction too and i think they may link round to the small power plant outside one of the gardens which may be the first step? Also the signs - Latchkey Rd with number "5824" and - Trinity Ave with number "6068" I believe these may mean total number of zombie kills in one game. "Energy" needed for step/goal. "Mass" number of zombies killed to create it's equivalent energy. I am not great with Physics so i may not be making sense in the way i am saying it but i know i am on to something here. Help.
  14. The poster is saying that the key to finding a new way of moving is in the Sedan crater - Nuketown!!!
  15. Look at the street signs!! they have numbers on them too! There a lot of numbers in this map and can't be a coincidence that we have a number counter on the Pop' sign and the clock. Remember the level description - Mass Energy Equivalence? Google it to find Einstein's E=MC(Squared). Can the numbers be used in this equation somehow? Then back to the street signs again - Latchkey(Nuclear test). Trinity(Nuclear test) = Secret tests(Level Description). Hope i am making a bit of sense here as my first ever post.
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