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  1. is there anyway that you could post the footage to youtube or sumthin ? thatd be great ;)
  2. Thanks for the info man Thank god it can be done on solo
  3. Is there anyway in doing the EE solo on origins, im stuck on the bit in which you have to press the button then throw the airstrike grenade..... Is there anyway to do it guys ??? Need your help
  4. Alright cheers for the reply, just wanted to clear up if this rumor was true or not. But it would be quite cool if there was a staff infused with all the elements making it a godlike staff... :shock:
  5. So guys... apart from the elemental and ultimate staffs is there an Ultimate Ultimate staff if you'd like. In a stream with TheeFrenzy right now and he's saying there is a 5th staff...
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