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  1. Sup fuckers? Haven't had much time lately to come around these parts... Anything new? You guys miss me? Even notice I was gone? :-(

    1. CobaltBluGirl


      I miss ya, among others. Especially since I went over to the dark side.

  2. Ascension introduced some amazing features, the rocket, sweet lunar landers, a fun boss round that to this day is awesome to fight to keep perks, a timed free trap, a story driven EE, and a cool objective to open PaP... Unfortunately, it also introduced flippy floppy, in my opinion the worst perk to ever be in a Zs map... It's the same reason Buried is the most played map on BO2... Most people play games to have fun, not to be challenged... Personally, I think Five is the best map... The level of detail is incredible, there are no OP WWs, and it's challenging... Five is the best map for speed runs as far as I'm concerned...
  3. GGs with dannyfrog on customs this evening... Cool guy

    1. dannyfrog2013


      thanks was fun chaotic at times good jokes banter as well i enjoyed it have to do it again sometime not a bad team either

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