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  1. I guess the Moon part is implemented in Der Eisendrache (the MDT pyramid). That's sad, everyone still hates Tranzit. I see it as ok, but good luck trying to PaP your weapon, and then Jet Gun kinda sucks.
  2. I got really lucky and beat Mayday with the help of a couple of people, but I will need help for completing old Point of Contact and Nightfall. Can anyone please help me with them? My gamertag is BovineEmperor37, and I will be on a lot. I heard that it's easier if no one uses relics, so perhaps it's best not to use relics. Hopefully this can be done before Invasion comes out.
  3. Interesting loadout. I think on Point of Contact and Nightfall, I would say switch Tank to Weapon Specialist for the Speed Reload at +3 and I might keep the others as is. Just my opinion though, since armor and the shield already has your health protected. For Mayday, maybe switch Tank to Engineer, since the drill becomes really important as it is used so often in that map, and a bigger wallet can store more cash to deploy more Sentry Guns. For pistols, I always use the MP-443 Grach, as I love automatic guns, even though it's not an automatic pistol in multiplayer (I wish it was). For
  4. I suck at Nightfall too on the 360, so I'd like some help on that too. Gamertag is BovineEmperor37.
  5. I play 2 man games of Safeguard, we just beat Stormfront last night for the first time by camping the sw corner by the tractor trailer spawn. Where did you hold out that you thought made it the easiest map? I would opine Warhawk or Freight, but have been trying a more 'out in the open' approach that has been successful so far. I camped in the building near the Federation spawn, since there were only two ways for the enemies to get in (OK, probably it was easy because my other teammates distracted all of the other enemies and I basically acted like a support medic, which was reviving al
  6. Campaign: I liked this campaign, it had a variety of missions, the story was pretty good, but I kinda hate its ending (don't want to spoil it for you). Multiplayer: Never cared about the multiplayer part of CoD (or the term is PvP, I think), but I find that Squads is the multiplayer experience I've been looking for. Players teaming up against AI bots. Safeguard is pretty much a race to get Sleight of Hand, Faster Health Regen, Sentry Guns, and Vultures. It's fun, but without teamwork, it's hard to complete. We also get offline multiplayer again, which is always a plus. I would rather fight
  7. I like to play with my 2 friends a lot for some splitscreen co-op zombies. I am not very good at zombies yet (highest round is round 30 in Ascension) and neither are my friends, so do you know any strategies for all Call of Duty zombie maps on the console games (from old Nacht der Untoten to Origins, including the mini-maps of Tranzit)? We usually play all of the zombie maps except for the following: -Verruckt -Five -Shangri-La -Bus Stop and Farm -Die Rise I'd like to be able to get to round 20-ish with my friends, but we can barely survive at round 15-16 (my allies go down around
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