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  1. Thanks for the fun challenges. Congrats to the winners :)
  2. Nice @skywhale0! - If you abide by the rules, No strat is a cheap strat. I wouldn't call it cheap. Well done, GG :)
  3. Really wanted R20+ for the Origins challenge. However, it was not meant to be :( . I ran out of time; I've submitted via the google form, and here it is for anyone interested in watching:
  4. Sounds strange.. Real shame that there were only 4 submissions, since clearly a lot of work went into organising this competition.. Could you make a reply in this thread with my score in the leaderboard too? huehuehue Also, a scoring system I've used to score people in other games is give them scores based on how many ppl entered; instead of force people to have to enter from the start e.g. 4 people enter, you would gain 4,3,2,1 points... If in second competition there are 10 entrants, contestant would be awarded 10,9,8, etc... That way ppl can join midway the tournam
  5. Was there a link but unavailable to you, or no link at all?.. Also, thanks a lot :)
  6. Umm... I submitted via the google form - What's wrong with my run??? Where is my score
  7. My submission for the Slayer Pool (R17):
  8. I've barely made it past R10 so far lmao... Any tips on getting perks from monkeys? I notice the perks only get in rotation if the original drop is max ammo, but i dont know how to time killing the monkey... Is there a pattern/cycle? I notice that the first flash from max ammo usually becomes a perk and then something else, but if I/you were to miss the kill, how do you know when to shoot the monkey for the second perk in the cycle? Thanks for your help in advance
  9. Never played Shangri La. Super keen to grind it out this weekend and make an entry for the competition. Bring it on! GL, HF All!
  10. Kino is the first map I played; and still is my favorite. I love it, and I'm a beast on it. But I always choke on it! Gahhh - it is soooo painful when you throw away such long games. Who understands and feels this pain also?
  11. Ay, I discovered that Double PaP effects are based on a cooldown. After this cooldown there is a % chance that the effect will activate. Since Double Tap = Double Bullets; it is more likely to activate this effect faster. However, something different clearly happened with the 'Turned' effect.
  12. I've looked into it. Double Tap definitely affects Turned. No convincing evidence to show Double Tap affects any of the other special ammos. There is a suggestion that it may actually affect deadwire; but this is incoclusive.
  13. Thanks for that. I'll run a test so that we can be certain. Will let you guys know for sure by the end of next week.
  14. Couldn't find any obvious answers or threads about this. Can someone clarify please: Does Double Tap make the gun effect from Double PaP happen more often than without Double Tap? I ask because I was comparing a vid of RelaxingEnd with Double Tap, and myself without and he seemed to get the effect way more often (Thundergun and ICR with deadwire). I also hears iisteveii complaining about double PaP effect being slow and he hated not having double tap. Clarify Please!
  15. I have used the hacker tool, pretty cool :) opening doors takes too long tho! - I didn't know that you can turn off excavators, thanks for that! Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
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