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  1. 108! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsk9JJO3sY4
  2. Here is the kino no doors WR I mentioned :D
  3. I've noticed most popular zombie youtubers are good but not amazing and dont have any 'pro records.' Some do, but not many. Why? I think this is because high round players only upload high round attempts instead of challenges and top5's and stuff like that. Take for instance, the only very good 'pro' zombie player that does this kind of thing - TheRelaxingEnd. He claimed a few WR's and has continued regularly posting challenges and custom maps. He doesnt even talk in his vids - but ppl still watch!.. I'd like to try a similar thing. I just got the kino 1st room/ no doors WR, and am planning
  4. So basically stay on round 1 forever? Sent from my SGH-T599N using Tapatalk No, you play with randoms, so obviously they aren't doing the challenge. Only you dont do anything, the rest play as normal. I guess the real question is, can you revive and use traps? I'd vote for no traps, but you should be able to revive
  5. Wrong place to post. But yeah - I'm STASIBOMB on PSN double shotguns. Only problem is you didn't mention what country you are from. Im from Australia. (important to live in relative close countries or will have bad connection)
  6. I recently recorded my first attempt of Box Roulette on Kino Der Toten - was playing with my grifriend, had some good moments Here's a 3 minute snip of some of them!:
  7. Hey guys! I'm STASIBOMB, I've been playing zombies since Black Ops 1 came out. Solo Records: Kino Der Toten - 86 or 87 Five - 30 something Town - 40 something Tranzit - 40 something Farm - 30 something Bus Depot - 26ish Die Rise - 40 something I'm starting to upload youtube vids. I think I'm pretty good at zombies - here's my most recent video if interested (onlt 3 mins, you won't regret watching): Subscribe for more
  8. Welcome to the forums STASIBOMB :)

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