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  1. Think it was the RPK. not 100% sure though
  2. this topic has gone way off wonder weapons. Look, some people camp, glitch, or do stuff like that simply to get to high rounds. They're the people you yell at you for messing up their K/D in multiplayer, or constantly try to get the highest score in Jelly Jump. They're the people who want to be the best. Then theres this community, who just want to have fun, and get to high rounds in a fun way.
  3. i also think that you have to work to get a decent wonder weapon. Origins did it right because you had to solve the puzzles and kill the zombies to get the ultimate staffs. Its all very well to get the ray gun out of the box, but it started getting ridiculously easy to get WWs. I mean come on, you could get a ray gun at round 1!
  4. Dave your right in a way. Yes there are just some ridiculously overpowered WWs but in my opinion, the good WWs should be in the hardest maps. Kino was a easy map, and it got an amazing wonder weapon for it. Verukkt was a ridiculously hard map, and it got nothing. (unless you were playing the black ops version but you got the winters howl. Hard maps thunder gun, easy maps howl.
  5. decent list. your right, blundergat isn't that good without PAP but above the winters howl?
  6. How about infinite damage? And the ability to actually get to high rounds with it?
  7. i know what your thinking. i put the lightning staff as it really doesn't seem to do that well at later rounds. Ill give reasons now. BTW I know the Jet gun doesn't run on 115 but it is classified by a lot of the community as a WW so if you don't think it is, sorry! 5. Scavenger for amazing damage, best weapon to kill George with, but didn't get higher because of the ability to down yourself 4. Sliquifier for great horde killing ability, but it got nerved and it takes a while to kill all the zombies 3. 31-79 JGb215 because it can kill a train effectively, but can kill yourself with it if your not careful. 2.Thundergun because, the ability to get out of any sticky situation, but doesn't have the much reserve ammo. 1. Wave gun for the ability to kill easily like the Thundergun, can split into the Zap guns which a quite good for lone straggler zombies, and overall being a badass weapon. 5. Ray gun for being not so good on later rounds. 4. Lightning staff for, like above, not very useful on later rounds, and unlike the ray gun if you have PHD you can blast yourself out of a corner. 3. Winters Howl for being absolutely useless if you are playing solo past round 20, doesn't have enough ammo and BONUS it appears on some of the hardest maps. 2. Jet gun for being on tranzit. ACTUAL REASON: The cooldown time is ridiculous, its very heavy, and to get the parts is really tedious. 1. VR11. If you PAP it it turns good for the team but other than that its useless. Give me monkeys any time.
  8. Like the title says, I am naming the top five and bottom five wonder weapons. NOTE: Does not include PAP, upgraded, or pre patch weapons. Top five: 5. Scavenger 4. Sliquifier 3. 31-79 JGb215 2.Thundergun 1. Wave gun Bottom five 5. Ray gun 4. Lightning Staff 3. Winters Howl 2. Jet Gun 1. VR11 Thoughts?
  9. cheers everyone. thanks for all the kind words!
  10. FINALLY. people who appreciate COD zombies as much as i do. Any one want to talk about the best map, wonder weapon and stuff?
  11. Welcome to the forums Jabberwocky NZ :)

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