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  1. thanks caddy, @monkey i will be your anything... within the price range :lol:
  2. so i found this usefuil link to clarify nikolai has a daughter, ive asked this guy and he said he has crossed referenced evreything just to double check also he confirmed what i thought i heard about his daughter on WAW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOEFeW5mBK0
  3. http://blackopscod.dcj21.net/tips-trick ... comic-book if you flip it on its side it kinda looks like the really thin strip of paper you during the shangri la - moon loading screens on the far left of the screen.. dont know if this has been mentioned as im currently working through other stuff and just wanting to clear up a few of the little things before i say anything about the bigger story line in depth items in case future is to foretell me to halt :)
  4. dont mean to cause offense bro but that is illogical, how do you know sophia died? proof? also richtofen killing maxis in buried before der reise on WAW happened?? plus all the bs you have to do on moon?? maybe ive got my map times all messed up if so pleasse can you deligate into your theory a little more? as either i dont quite understand what your getting at or you are just talking from a thought that died of lonliness (as in you didnt think before you typed) once again sorry to cause offense if i have its just i strongly feel like alot of people are forgetting info thats just as important
  5. other than what i have posted in my previous reply's i have no evidence to prove that what im saying is true, other than the fact that i seen it here a few years ago... like back in 2010 or just before augest 2011... there was links to various information (kind of) confirming it but i didnt dare say it was fact as i personally didnt have the evidence to say so other than the quotes from nikolai on WAW talking about his daughter that he abandoned and what i seen on here, thus hence why i say i could be wrong and im more than open to admit that i could be wrong, its just i really do think that either we are looking into things waaaaaaaay to much or we have been looking so far forward that we have forgotten alot of things from the past that are just as important as the new information we all have now, however i am going to be doing alot more research into this tonight after i figure out a few questions that i wanna put forward to the cod zombies comunity, i say questions i wanna put forward as i have some questions but i dont wanna put questions out there find answers and them seem like a complete zombies noob :lol:
  6. OMFG!!!!!! GUYS THIS IS EPIC!! google translate it a bunch of times and see the results for yourself, use arabic, urdu and english translations please i beg you guys try this its insane!! heres what i found out by doing it, i cant remember my steps exactly but please guys i beg you to try and look into this more... م ہ ن گ AU ی - in english translates to this - Mr. A. AU g e n... ??? ایم اے (ن) گ AU J - english translation - M O N G AU J ایک ے (ن) گ یو جے IM - A s n g u J IM ایک یک Y (ن) گ یو جے ے IM ایک یک Yek Y (ن) گ یو جے ے Y IM ایک یک Yek Yek Y (ن) گ یو جے ے Y Y IM ایک یک Yek Yek Yek Y (ن) گ یو جے ے Y Y Y IM ایک یک Yek Yek Yek Yek Y (ن) گ یو جے ے Y YYY IM - One of the Yek Yek Yek Yek Y (N) J s G U Y YYY IM ایم این à G AU J IM جہاں جی اے یو جے IM J ہ ں ایک جی یو ایک ے J ے IM J ایک [عبداللہ] ایک یک Jiyu ایک یک J Y Y IM J ایک یک [Abdull ہ] ایک یک Yek Jiyu ایک یک Yek JYY جے ایک یک IM Yek Abdull ایک یک Yek Yek Jiyu ایک یک Yek Yek JYY J ے ایک یک Yek IM Yek Abdull ایک یک Yek Yek Yek Jiyu ایک یک Yek Yek Yek JYY جے Y ایک یک Yek Yek IM Yek Abdull ایک یک Yek Yek Yek Yek Jiyu ایک یک Yek Yek Yek Yek JYY
  7. after alot of exstensive research on youtube and other places i can confirm that nobody has uploaded anything on what the characters say to each other during the playthrough of tranzit personally i find this a deep concern as people have uploaded stuff about the t.v in farm... hindeen messages etc. as a great storyline enthusiast (please ignore spelling) i beleive this will furthur more greatly increase our knowledge if we can actually find out what they say to each other, this has been a major thing for me after reading the interview with jimmy, i guess you could say that he has given us a tool to use to further more decode the story line to zombies.... just one problem.... nobody is helping and there is only so much i can do by myself, so any help would be appreciated and thanks guys for taking the time to read this and if you want to help me out, Great Thanks to you guys :D
  8. to suggest a monkey bomb could be her father... is completely illogical.. in Tranzit you can hear marlton describing the monkey bomb components when he gets them from the box.. also we know marlton had something to do with the turbines as he says when he peices them all together something along the lines of "blah blah blah i should know i made this"(i dont know the exact quote) but who is to say that marlton wasnt part of the ascension group? now in WAW (not classic maps for b.o 1) i do know for sure as i seen it here a few years ago that the drops represent each character, i.e max ammo = tank, Carpenter = nikolai, double points = takeo and the bomb representing richtofen NOW PEOPLE, i cannot stress this enough that people are NOT paying enough attention to the songs that are hidden throughout WAW, B.O 1 and B.O 2 DO NOT FORGET that the songs also add to the storyline, so before you say im wrong about nikolai being samanthas duaghter listen to beauty of annihalation and really pay attention to the lyrics, also i forgot to say in my last post that i also seen evidence on here a few years back STATE-ING with links and what not that there were alot of hints towards nikolai being her father once again i could be wrong and iuf i am then please feel free to correct me but please do not bash as the info im giving you is either of the game or what i have experianced or what i have seen here on the codz forums
  9. Yeah im starting to feel like thats my only option that or get 3 people to play with me on an xbox that i dont have cause im in the middle of moving house after sunday night here in uk time i wont be able to do much for a while as i wont have internet so im sorry if this goes unsolved for a long period of time but i promise as soon as i get up and running on the internet again i will be doing everything i can to provide you guys here on codz with everything that i find now im here theres no getting rid of me :P
  10. Yeah that too clears up ALOT of my theory's and questions thanks for that, seriously!! you have confirmed pretty much everything i thought to be true, i dont have all the maps but i do try and get as much info as possible so yeah once again thanks bro but i was on about the new 4 char's dialog between themselfs i.e the 4 characters talking to each other in tranzit, would be a great help if i could fnd a topic stating what they say to each other and under what circumstances they say it i tried wiki but as everyone knows... its mostly bs
  11. well... i could be if you want me to be ;)
  12. thanks muchly appreciated i promise to not post bs that i have absolutly no idea about
  13. seriously.. okay now Dude I didnt know about it before this thread ut thats like the first thing that came tom mind!!!! Thats cool typical 3arc style! genuinly didnt know? or joshing me?? how long you been on these forums?? no offense ment if offense was casued
  14. hey im new too but welcome hope to see you around the forums, also nice to see another WAW old school gamer not many of us around these days with the classic maps on b.o 1 and all that jazz
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