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  1. hey guys im back after a few months of bad times but all is well again n tree man is back in buisness... tamb whats my job and who am i working with? hopefully my job is something cool like... knowing how to train and what tips i can give... or not lol im happy with whatever but i now have all maps for bo 2 and im 1 map away from having all on bo1
  2. hey tamb i added you on skype, also my XBL ACC is up and running so feel free to add me gamer tag in sig just say your your from here :)
  3. thanks caddy, @monkey i will be your anything... within the price range :lol:
  4. so i found this usefuil link to clarify nikolai has a daughter, ive asked this guy and he said he has crossed referenced evreything just to double check also he confirmed what i thought i heard about his daughter on WAW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOEFeW5mBK0
  5. ill make a skype account when im done moving and my xbox live is all set up and ready but wont be untill after the 14th so could be like a week or so after but dont worry i WILL be available very soon but wait...monkey didnt you say you wernt posting our instructions untill the 14th? soo if i am ready by the 14th (i know i feel the loop ) then i will make skype acc before i sign in to XBL just so i dont forget to make it and im able to remember the password :)
  6. nice run Law, Really nice, my highest round was 168 but that was back in the days of me being on ps3, i do have the map on xbox but dont really have the time to play as i only baught the map recently and with origins and buried and packing dragging me down found it pretty hard to get a game in :/ but i challenege you sir! ;)
  7. XBLGT in my signature bro and you are more than welcome, i effin love zombies and ive always wanted to do something like this..... im gunna say it....wait for it.........BE A ZOMBIE ELITEST if i ever have kids its gunna be mandatory that they play atleast 3 games with there friends before bed (obviously after homework) :lol:
  8. http://blackopscod.dcj21.net/tips-trick ... comic-book if you flip it on its side it kinda looks like the really thin strip of paper you during the shangri la - moon loading screens on the far left of the screen.. dont know if this has been mentioned as im currently working through other stuff and just wanting to clear up a few of the little things before i say anything about the bigger story line in depth items in case future is to foretell me to halt :)
  9. i saiy they are not the same becuase if you notice, moon cut out is a square like cut out where as shangs is more of a circle like cut out... dont know if anybody else picked up on this but i did straight away as soon as i baught all the maps a a while ago for ps3... so yeah they look nothing alike let me just clear that up
  10. Okay... i get what your saying but bare in mind your theory of samantha's dream was real, who is to say there wont be other information in the future to also prove you wrong? i.e if in future releases of zombie map (if any) it turns out the ending of origins was just the start of something else? and not a dream at all? just saying.... sorry to burst bubbles if i have back to what i was originally going to post, item number 1, the gaps of story your missing... do what i and most likely alot of others did.. DO YOUR RESEARCH.. i cannot stress that enough. also looking through the imag
  11. Yeah sure i can do that get the guys to add me on XBL and they will be the first to know when im online and ready to start helping out :)
  12. dont mean to cause offense bro but that is illogical, how do you know sophia died? proof? also richtofen killing maxis in buried before der reise on WAW happened?? plus all the bs you have to do on moon?? maybe ive got my map times all messed up if so pleasse can you deligate into your theory a little more? as either i dont quite understand what your getting at or you are just talking from a thought that died of lonliness (as in you didnt think before you typed) once again sorry to cause offense if i have its just i strongly feel like alot of people are forgetting info thats just as im
  13. other than what i have posted in my previous reply's i have no evidence to prove that what im saying is true, other than the fact that i seen it here a few years ago... like back in 2010 or just before augest 2011... there was links to various information (kind of) confirming it but i didnt dare say it was fact as i personally didnt have the evidence to say so other than the quotes from nikolai on WAW talking about his daughter that he abandoned and what i seen on here, thus hence why i say i could be wrong and im more than open to admit that i could be wrong, its just i really do think that e
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