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  1. If you want to put in a strategy (credit will be given) please post it below. We'd love the help. The achievements bit is just sooooo tiring to type but I plan to do it now. Thanks for the support to the both of you, means a lot! Im not the person sorry,but u should mentiona jet gun strategy Well, personally Green Run is not my favorite map, and I only played it to complete the Easter Egg. However, if you know of any topics where a strategy is described link us to it and we'll post it. Especially the Jet Gun strategy.
  2. In all the past maps we have had either a Turned or Grief mode with the exception of Green Run and Buried which had both. What do you think is in store for this map? Grief, Turned, or Both? Now the "longshot" is this and bear with me on this, but what if instead of including a mode of Grief/Turned they included another Story Map, another TranZit (That is the Story mode version) What if on one map we have the 04 and on the other we have the N4. Additionally, what if you had to do an EE with the O4 to do the one with the N4. I know this is a bit (really*) farfetch'd but the idea is pretty nice. Just imagine the amount of hours of play time Treyarch would receive. I'm happy with the O4's return and have nothing against them, but before you comment don't turn this thread into a war about which one is better in terms of the O4 v. N4. Consider the possibilities and make an educated response, not one of a child.
  3. If you want to put in a strategy (credit will be given) please post it below. We'd love the help. The achievements bit is just sooooo tiring to type but I plan to do it now. Thanks for the support to the both of you, means a lot!
  4. I would recommend using the AN-94. The gun is pretty effective to about round 35. (I know this about X > 40) At that point the gun becomes weak but with the ability to constantly buy ammo, it will help. The usual setup of my weapons at round 40 is AN-94, Ray Gun Mark 2, and Paralyzer. I use the AN-94 80% of the time, the Ray Gun for emergency, and the Paralyzer for when it hits the fan.
  5. Totally up for this. I hope you guys can re-implement this. The tool is great and is now FREE! They have released a new version so the original is now free. If you, the staff, ever need help with some web coding I wouldn't mind after all it's one of my hobbies/passions. So just hit us up. If you would like an example of my work just visit our website. http://www.thecollegegamer.tk It's a free domain with a weak host, no point in upgrading until the team gets bigger.
  6. Here's is our second unofficial guide. Hope you enjoy this one as well. Persistent Upgrades A.K.A Perm-a-Perks Buildables: Achievements Strategies If you have anything to add feel free to comment below, thank you.
  7. Here's my (PatrolinMexican) theory: I believe the N4 will not die, for various reasons. One being that since we have traveled into the future and noticed that we, the N4, die, doesn't that alter the timeline and change the mentality of the N4. Secondly, Richtofen could have been using this as a card, in terms of you must do what I say or it's going to hit the fan. Lastly, Richtofen likes Samuel, who in turn likes Russman. Now those two could survive definitely, but what of Misty and Marlton. To be honest, I feel that the N4 have bonded over this time period. Sure, they still "hate" each other's guts but to me it seems they've learned to get along. This can be seen in the cutscene prior to starting Buried on solo. They are all talking about what is happening, what they've done. Yes, they make small insults to each other but, they are more hollow than usual. When things started crashing Misty jumped in and took charge. If the others didn't like her as much, why would they even allow her to speak. That being said I feel if Samuel were to be spared by Richtofen he would ask Richtofen to allow the others to live. Now this is pure speculation, but it's a thought (not a very complete one) and has many variables. In closing, I'd also like to mention that maybe the N4 may find a way off the Earth and head towards the Moon. This would be very interesting, as it could lead the story into a bit of a Grief mode, where the O4 would verse the N4, perhaps maybe only on Maxis's side. I hope you enjoyed that read, try to be friendly when you tear it apart and prove me wrong. :D
  8. Cool. Appreciate the information. On an unrelated note: Videos for the achievements have been released on our YouTube channel. Sorry for the low audio, I had rendered it with my speakers very high up so I though it was sufficient. Give us a view, a like, a comment, and why not subscribe to us.
  9. Exactly what I was going to say. BBCode helps a lot guys. Really helps in make topics easy to read. Other than that this post is legen....wait for it....dary, Legendary. Good work man keep it up.
  10. Thanks CG! There's still more to talk about in terms of DG3 comparisons, but I'm going to do some more research first. Good stuff. Research is what makes Zombies fun, although that's more of a me and my teammate thing to do, I can never manage all that stuff in just my head. I get tired and then just run for the coffee haha. Again good stuff and keep it up.
  11. Thanks for the compliment. Although I doubt we could ever top your work. Haha.
  12. You just kill them. Go into the house and simply ANNIHILATE them. lol
  13. Exactly what I was thinking. Sorry bud, but thanks for the info. :D
  14. Good stuff, fun read and it was very informative. Thanks l GRILL l
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