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  1. Pro's I downloaded it yesterday (Xbox) and it looks fantastic! No framerate drops, better graphics than 3, and, friends to play it with! Con's Not many non-full servers, rare freezes, and is slightly glitchy, but I forgive it for this as it is still a beta meant for testing/ a sneak peek. BTW running with no lag, even when the skyscraper explodes.
  2. Hi, I assume that everyone has seen all of the complaints/peeves about random players, now this is the opposite, who is the best player you have played with? It doesn't necessarily mean high rounds, maybe best attitude or how funny they were. I know you all have had at least one brilliant game before, mine was a few days ago when I found two other randoms, both with mics. They helped us get three staff's, two had been upgraded and all of us had upgrade guns. We only got to round twenty-three, as they had to leave due to personal things. We got a lot done for only that round. Shar
  3. Map pack 1 or 3 from WaW, the zombie maps are key to the storyline, Verrückt telling us small hints, and Der Riese, as it introduced the PaP, Monkey Bomb, and of course, the first easter egg!
  4. System of a Down is quite good, as you probably know by now.
  5. Damn it! I'm getting emotional! I told my boss this wouldn't happen! seriously though, I hope that you and your family are okay at the moment, as death in families are the worst, but at least Alice had a long, full life.
  6. Definitely Verrückt, as it is the creepiest for me, at least on WaW, (It seems different on Black ops) as the screaming and crying, added with the wind rattling through the asylum, gives it a crazy feel. Also, seeing one of the sprinter zombies running full speed at you when you turn around is horrifying!
  7. The radio's were in Der Riese, and yes she did have a german accent. But now she has an American accent, because prolonged exsposure to the Aether means you lose your country of origin's (no pun) accent and develop another countries one.(Joke)
  8. Everyone is saying Samamtha sounds different because she is older, well explain to me why she has an American accent? Last time I checked, she was German, and had a German accent. Treyarch probably have just used a different voice actor, but that is quite lazy. also, as said before, these zombies are French knights, which have been sealed of underground. they are released by the German miners, and kill and infect everyone. They probably have purple/blue eyes because that is either the default colour, or that was the colour of the person that controlled them in the knight's era.
  9. I used to believe in a geman nacht like you until I took an- *Gets shot.) Also, If this is true,Your whole country will be a lie It will blow all of our minds.
  10. O YUS = YES! Thanks Electric, This seems to be a good event to use as an excuse to sit outside for most of the night!
  11. Oh yes, I forgot about that, I was playing WaW today and somehow missed it, but it could reference the Nazi zombies as a whole, maybe they could be some Nazi's in france, and they had just heard about the fall of Berlin? I don't know, I cannot think straight right now! No Idea why!
  12. ME GUSTA! Tell your girlfriend that everyone on the forums think they are so absolutely ermagherding delicious that a mob of hundreds of people will probably find out where she lives and give her the money she deserves for this!
  13. Oh cool! Do you know what places will be able to see it? Some countries? Lots of them? But if England can't see it, Inwill either Karate-chop my desk into pieces or be calm and watch a hi-res video of it. Anyway, the first option would probably put me in hospital with a broken hand! At least we have free health care!
  14. YES! That would be good, as it seems to have the same stats as a single Mustang/sally, but with a lot less self damage, It is good to see someone that remembers that the Colt M1911 didn't upgrade originally to the M&S.
  15. Yes, that is no mere. Coincidence, look at it this way, same boss =Illuminati If you delve deeper into this mystery you come out with Plants vs Zombies, that is 3 words, HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED! But yeah, they are probably judt for show, but they probably wouldn't be there unless they either are for something, or they are half blind and cannot see the chaos beneath them. Classic Gaben but I think they will just be firing at other German planes and none damage bullets at Der Riese and when the Egg is almost complete they will probably fire at the head killing it but yeah maybe for
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