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  1. I am sick and tired of getting that 1 random that always has to quit when I am playing with my 2 friends [we don't want to find another person to play with because it is always awkward with us to talk with someone we don't know]. I suggest they implement some sort of temp ban system for people who quit as soon as they go down. Something along the lines of the MP system already in place. Also a side note: If you see people in a party do not ask for a invite unless they send you one first. Sometimes people just don't want to talk.
  2. My idea is it has something to maybe do with builables because Im sure someone by nw would have figured it out if it was just random box weapons and I hardly ever see anyone use the electric trap or zombie turret anymore. Or maybe it does have something to with clocks and a certain weapon because he said he wanted it to make sense but also be zombies challenging.
  3. To me it seems if you were to do this than yes i is boosting. I only say this because they are really playing the game the way it was meant to be played. They are altering it by keeping one zombie alive so they can run around and do nothing to progress in the game and simple on progress in the Miles Traveled in the leaderboards.
  4. No, having the hatch on the bus roof serves a better purpose. The galva knuckles are only good for one thing. Sharing money in the bank. Other than that the bowie knife is better.
  5. You joined someone mid game on Zombies?
  6. Are you serious? So it's just a coincidence that it looks exactly like Nacht. They needed a spot for a part and I think it's neat that they put it in. I do agree its not the same Nacht because though it may be the same design the upstairs has no passage to the other side once upstairs. So its may just be another asylum where the zombies came from which is why they are wearing the shock collars and gowns.
  7. While I agree the main easter egg is over there may be more secrets to unlock. But as for separate bus-routes and going back in time with no fog is just dumb. The map is already big enough I doubt they would make a separate area for the bus to go to is just not possible with the map and Xbox. The reason for the fog is so the area that you see of the map is just enough so that you don't see any of the objects appearing and disappearing as you move to and from around the map. Its there by design there is and will never be any legitimate way to clear the fog in this map. As for the "GUYS OMG THERE MUST BE MORE 2 THE EASTER EGG", I kinda see why people would still want to search for answers after all we did it in Der Reise,Kino, and Asension but we had good reason to. Those one felt like they left off on a point where you could continue. So by the time "Moon" came around the easter egg was grand and had a ending that felt complete and now for Tranzit I feel like they took a step back and made is 5x easier so i could see why people would want to continue searching. You can't blaim people for wanting more answers. P.s. "It's retarded"...You could have simply said it's dumb.
  8. :shock: Thanks for the replies. I never knew those were used for that, I heard about sharing money but I thought it was the cash register at the diner you had to hit with the Galva knuckles. In any case thanks again for clearing it up.
  9. I'm sure most of you have noticed but when you first enter the bank intown there are 2 gold keys just like inside the safe but these keys don't seem to do anything. But if they aren't meant to do anything why are they made so they attract the players eye and looks intractable. I just would like to know if anyone else has found these or even found a use for them.
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