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  1. Origins is, by far, my favorite map in Black Ops 2. But at the same time, I fucking hate it. Now, before I go any further I want to address the inevitable. No I'm not "bad" at the game. So far my highest round in Origins is 45. So, my main point in this thread is what I would have done differently in Origins (at least in solo). I am a solo player and probably always will be. I play with friends but for the real serious long round stuff I don't like to have to factor in other people. So, I play all maps almost exclusively on solo. And origins on solo has a lot of shortcomings. Lots of the
  2. Very simple solution. You have to wait a few seconds in between you input each of the three sets of notes. So input A-C-E. And then wait for the electric shocks around the piano to dissipate. Then go about inputting E-G-B, and finally F-A-D with the same concept in mind.
  3. People like you really piss me off. I've made it to round 45 on origins. So don't give me the whole "you're bad" approach. It's constructive criticism and my points are really valid. As for the Easter egg song, the last rock requires you to go prone ;)
  4. Origins is undoubtedly one of the better maps in black Ops 2. Sure it is a difficult map, but the engineering and map design put into it far exceeds any of the previous maps in Black Ops 2. With that said, there are certain aspects of the map that need to be patched. Things that, in the two days I've played it non-stop, have been more than slight annoyances. The first thing I would like too see changed is the god damn robot. I've gotten to the point where I know where it will spawn and when. And the robot has really changed the dynamic of the map for good. But the one thing I can't stand
  5. So, just an observation... Isn't the Ray Gun on buried (Original Ray Gun) slightly changed aesthetically? The barrel glows green and it looks shinier. Am I the only one who has realized this? Am I going crazy or is it actually different. Noticed this from before the map was released, in the prerelease game plays, it just grew more obvious each time I got it out of the box! Just something to note.
  6. I don't understand the whole "left-hand" aspect of the perk. Are you saying that you can dual-wield weapons? Or is it that you put the left hand beneath the gun (if so releasticaly speaking how would that benefit anything). Some please enlighten me.
  7. Buried... My guesses that the future Eiffel/Paris map will have a "Parisian" catacombs section, hence the title buried. Or maybe they're trying to "burry" the evidence. Idk.
  8. Cash Back is acquired by proving down next to the perk machine about 7-20 times after you purchase the perk (best done in Green Run Tranzit). Once you get it, in order for it to stay you have to prone every time you purchase a perk; if you don't you have to acquire it all over again. The proning is all similar to Der Riese in WaW where you could prone once beside every perk and get 25 points.
  9. All you guys do realize you're talking about a fictitious character within a video game, right?
  10. Is it worth it? In my honest opinion, Die Rise will be one if those zombie maps (like Der Riese, Ascension, Kino, Moon) regarded to as "classic" 2-4 years from now. So should you buy it? You draw your own conclusion.
  11. Hhahahahahahahahha!!! Lmfao!!! But, seriously, there's no helicopter.
  12. Ok, so today after getting a few nice games on Die Rise (amazing map BTW) I finally managed to get my shotgun emblem at a 223 k/d ratio. Awesome right? Just so you know I've been working on these for easily 3 months. So then I get them and I go cray cray. Afterwards my friend invites me to a game and we decide to play turned. Never really played it since the DLC came out, and wanted to try it out (especially the achievements). After playing 5 games I notice something (other than the fact that I was no longer a shotgun rank) EVERY SINGLE DEATH, WHETHER IT BE FROM A GUN OR FROM A ZOMBIE SLASH =
  13. The map is amazing. But I have to disagree with you on the Easter egg. Sure it's a Great Leap Forward (no pun intended) from TranZit in regards to the reward, I still don't think it justifies the egg's difficulty; unless the final Easter egg requires all Easter eggs to be completed, and is just amazing. That's what I'm hoping for.
  14. Ok so die rise has been out for a good 4 days and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. The map is everything I could've wished for and more. It's challenging but gives you all the tools to do well. The sliquifier makes the jet gun look like a retarded fish frog and the overall map is definitely innovative. This is like the new der riese. Every negative aspect in green run has been improved upon and we can finally say we have the good things of green run (buildables, modern weapons, persistent upgrades) and the good things from classic zombies. The map is nearly perfect... Nearly. N
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