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  1. Origins is, by far, my favorite map in Black Ops 2. But at the same time, I fucking hate it. Now, before I go any further I want to address the inevitable. No I'm not "bad" at the game. So far my highest round in Origins is 45. So, my main point in this thread is what I would have done differently in Origins (at least in solo). I am a solo player and probably always will be. I play with friends but for the real serious long round stuff I don't like to have to factor in other people. So, I play all maps almost exclusively on solo. And origins on solo has a lot of shortcomings. Lots of them. Soooooo many. And I really want to detail all of them. To begin, one of my main philosophies in zombies is that if a map requires you to spend more than 10 minutes at a time doing something not relating to killing zombies, it has failed. Waiting for something to come or happen truly was the failure in Transhit, as well as die rise. A map should always go for convenience. Though, do understand that convenience is separate from difficulty. Origins could be just as difficult as it is (which I like) but could've included more convenience. Spending 30 minutes waiting for the correct robot foot to show up just to build a staff, in my opinion, is horseshit. All the items you need to build in solo clearly take much longer than they should've. This should've been changed. Another aspect of the map I also would've changed would have been all those secret weapons (like the monkey napalm strike grenades) which should be obtainable differently on solo than from co-op. In co-op you have four people, in solo you're on your own (obviously). So, therefore having to do the same things on both on the same way isn't balanced. There needs to be a sense of proportion in zombies. They at least got that implemented into door prices. They vary depending on the amount of players. So why can't goals be the same. This goes for the wonder weapon building. Couldn't they just have placed less parts in solo or required less steps to get, say, the monkey napalms? Solo is much different from co-op, so why is everything the same? Another point I want to make is in regards to the side quest. I'm glad the Easter egg is achievable on solo but clearly that was something not intentional by the guys at treyarch. The lack of solo Easter eggs have always been one of my major gripes with Zombies. Mostly because slight modification to the steps could've made it accomplishable on solo. In origins we can finish the Easter egg on solo but it just doesn't feel right. It is borderline impossible, not so much because of the difficult but rather the tediousness. You see, I repeat that word far too often. Origins is not difficult in solo (at least for me) it's TEDIOUS. The Easter egg could've been great in solo if they would've modified some steps or maybe even omitted them. For example, in the rain fire step, adding say 30 seconds more in between throwing the grenade and activating the button in the robot would've added convenience, not less difficulty. Another aspect I want to point out are the staves. I'm glad we have 4 "wonder weapons" but they are underpowered in my opinion (at least in high rounds). The ultimate versions, which not only take up easily 40-50 minutes to get all 4 staves built and upgraded, are not too effective above round 40. They don't deal great damage, making high rounds unnecessarily long, and again, tedious. Their "charged" effect again lacks at times. Honestly things like this could've been solved with a slight buff. They don't deal infinite damage like all other wonder weapons do. Meaning that at some point the zombie's health will catch up to the damage inflicted. Now that we are talking about weapons, another weapon which appears to have been nerfed is the monkey bomb. It's pretty shit. zombies are still attracted to you. So you throwing the bomb, coupled with the mud means an instant down. And since the map makes it impossible for you to recuperate at a high round that means game over. The reason the map makes it impossible for you to recover from a down is because of the spawning Templar zombies which sabotage generators. Chances are that if you're groin for a high round you've gotten to the point where you don't go out of your way to stop zombies from sabotaging the generators. By round 45 you have all of them powered down due to the damn Templars. So when you down, you have no option but to have to re-power a generator with 30+ zombies behind you, with no perks, and still pull of buying jug and getting away. On co-op this isn't too bad. You have 4 players to keep generators powered, but on solo it adds unnecessary strain. Another thing that gets to me on solo is the way the golden helmet operates. I thought the robot was supposed to kill zombies when it stomped on them. The times I get stomped on by the robot (with my helmet) I get up all dazed and confused only to find myself overwhelmed with zombies that we're seemingly not killed by the giant. This should not happen. In my opinion every map should have a balance. If there are Templar zombies that spawn and take your power off there should be a practical way of dealing with them. And unfortunately that's what origins lacks on solo, practicality. It is tedious. But don't get me wrong. Even with the aforementioned points, origins is my favorite map to play. There's just so much to do. The problem is the way you do them. Origins for me is the best map every but at the same time my most hated.
  2. Very simple solution. You have to wait a few seconds in between you input each of the three sets of notes. So input A-C-E. And then wait for the electric shocks around the piano to dissipate. Then go about inputting E-G-B, and finally F-A-D with the same concept in mind.
  3. People like you really piss me off. I've made it to round 45 on origins. So don't give me the whole "you're bad" approach. It's constructive criticism and my points are really valid. As for the Easter egg song, the last rock requires you to go prone ;)
  4. Origins is undoubtedly one of the better maps in black Ops 2. Sure it is a difficult map, but the engineering and map design put into it far exceeds any of the previous maps in Black Ops 2. With that said, there are certain aspects of the map that need to be patched. Things that, in the two days I've played it non-stop, have been more than slight annoyances. The first thing I would like too see changed is the god damn robot. I've gotten to the point where I know where it will spawn and when. And the robot has really changed the dynamic of the map for good. But the one thing I can't stand is the fact the robots foot with the portal changes. I.e. The little portal into the top of the robot where the wind staff part is, changes. That means that the part of the map where one would wait for the robot to stomp on you to get the staff part sometimes gets the opposite foot without a portal. That means you could die just to build a damn staff. This gets to the point that I don't want to build the wind staff because there's a 50% chance that the foot that stomps on me kills me instead of brings me up to the head. And the fact there is no diminutive strategy in determining where to stay to be teleported into the head is just extremely extremely irritating. The next thing I'd like to see changed is the whole tank dynamic. The tank has a lot of potential but currently it's essentially a 500 point death trap. And the fact you NEED to use it to get to the electric staff parts (which is also my personal favorite staff) just adds more to my distraught. The real problem is the fact the zombies run faster than the tank. When I'm trying to get to the first electric staff part, which is arguably the hardest jump to land, it is really hard when you have two zombies slapping you while you're trying to concentrate on the jump. And then, another problem is the fact that zombies run really fast when they're on the tank with you (as I said faster than the actual tank) and when they get on the tank they are still running at that speed. They don't slow down at all. So you have three zombies running faster than normal on a small tank, all while your trying to get the staff parts that require precise jumps. I see two solutions; either leave the tank the same but make it free (with a possible longer recharge rate) or fix the problems above in order to have it justify the 500$ price. Because as it currently stands I only use it once to get the staff parts, and in that short time it's easily the most stress I face in the entire game. Now was for a few slight details I'd like to see addressed are: -sometimes the red plane with the fire staff part doesn't spawn. -it takes too long for it to change seasons, and therefore to be able to dig the ice staff parts -the panzer soldat at times glitches out; seemingly giving it a lot of health. More so than it obviously should have. Those are really the things that have me concerned at the moment. If these issues were addressed (as well as possibly all the glitch locations those cheating faggots are using) the map would be PERFECT!
  5. So, just an observation... Isn't the Ray Gun on buried (Original Ray Gun) slightly changed aesthetically? The barrel glows green and it looks shinier. Am I the only one who has realized this? Am I going crazy or is it actually different. Noticed this from before the map was released, in the prerelease game plays, it just grew more obvious each time I got it out of the box! Just something to note.
  6. I don't understand the whole "left-hand" aspect of the perk. Are you saying that you can dual-wield weapons? Or is it that you put the left hand beneath the gun (if so releasticaly speaking how would that benefit anything). Some please enlighten me.
  7. Buried... My guesses that the future Eiffel/Paris map will have a "Parisian" catacombs section, hence the title buried. Or maybe they're trying to "burry" the evidence. Idk.
  8. Cash Back is acquired by proving down next to the perk machine about 7-20 times after you purchase the perk (best done in Green Run Tranzit). Once you get it, in order for it to stay you have to prone every time you purchase a perk; if you don't you have to acquire it all over again. The proning is all similar to Der Riese in WaW where you could prone once beside every perk and get 25 points.
  9. All you guys do realize you're talking about a fictitious character within a video game, right?
  10. Is it worth it? In my honest opinion, Die Rise will be one if those zombie maps (like Der Riese, Ascension, Kino, Moon) regarded to as "classic" 2-4 years from now. So should you buy it? You draw your own conclusion.
  11. Hhahahahahahahahha!!! Lmfao!!! But, seriously, there's no helicopter.
  12. Ok, so today after getting a few nice games on Die Rise (amazing map BTW) I finally managed to get my shotgun emblem at a 223 k/d ratio. Awesome right? Just so you know I've been working on these for easily 3 months. So then I get them and I go cray cray. Afterwards my friend invites me to a game and we decide to play turned. Never really played it since the DLC came out, and wanted to try it out (especially the achievements). After playing 5 games I notice something (other than the fact that I was no longer a shotgun rank) EVERY SINGLE DEATH, WHETHER IT BE FROM A GUN OR FROM A ZOMBIE SLASH = A DOWN ON THE LEADERBOARDS. So I went from my beautiful 223 k/d to a 180 in 5 games! 5 GAMES!!!! So, my question is why would treyarch make this game mode, albeit fun, just trash your stats. Why can't they just count wins and deaths or something, BUT NOT DOWNS. So in order for me to keep my 223 k/d ratio I either have to go perfect in a 5 minute long game of turned, or kill 223 players with one down; both of which are impossible. So now I'm stuck with 109k kills and 580 downs. In other to get my k/d up the fastest (the quickest way where its possible, albeit remotely) that would mean 3 games were I get above 10,000 kills; meaning I need to get to round 70 three times! Once is already extremely difficult let alone 3 times. So, 30,000 kills, which is a lot when you factor in I probably only spent half an hour playing Turned. So lo to those who have shotguns, don't even touch turned. And Treyarch, if you are seeing this, please fix this mode or at least let players know of the consequences of playing it. Here's to the 30,000 kills I need to get, heh. //rant_over
  13. The map is amazing. But I have to disagree with you on the Easter egg. Sure it's a Great Leap Forward (no pun intended) from TranZit in regards to the reward, I still don't think it justifies the egg's difficulty; unless the final Easter egg requires all Easter eggs to be completed, and is just amazing. That's what I'm hoping for.
  14. Ok so die rise has been out for a good 4 days and to say I'm impressed is an understatement. The map is everything I could've wished for and more. It's challenging but gives you all the tools to do well. The sliquifier makes the jet gun look like a retarded fish frog and the overall map is definitely innovative. This is like the new der riese. Every negative aspect in green run has been improved upon and we can finally say we have the good things of green run (buildables, modern weapons, persistent upgrades) and the good things from classic zombies. The map is nearly perfect... Nearly. Now my top complaint is the actual easter egg, it's lack of a solo ee and its reward. The Easter egg is not the easiest; it took 3 days to figure out and is definitely beats green run's in terms of difficulty. Now after going through the entir Easter egg what do we get? All perks (which are already insanely easy to get through the minion rounds) and they're not permanent. What happened to the cool wonder weapon rewards like in COtD? Or the permanent perks. The next thing is why has treyarch screwed over solo players so much with BLOPS 2. We haven't had a solo Easter egg since COtD (moon doesn't count as it isn't fully completable in solo). And it wouldn't be so hard for it to be incorporated into solo, just give the player more time to do the steps that require 4 players. Another thing they should fix is the fact that Who's Who overrides quick revive when in solo. If you fail with Who's Who I think your player instead of ending the game should revert to quick revive. Dying because of this on round 40 isn't the nicest of things to happen to you. Other than these small details I find the map fresh and innovative. All the little things I though pre-release where going to make the map unplayable actually added a new layer of fun and completely complimented the maps other features. I love die rise, all I think is that 3Arc shouldn't forget that some people don't like playing co-op. if they help out solo players a little more with the aforementioned points, all future maps would appeal more to solo players.
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