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  1. I was thinking a lot about all the different maps and I realised that die rise and tranzit have something in common... they both have tower sort of things. So if you think about it the next map is probably going to have a tower in. And the one place I can think of at the top of my head is Paris. Also treyarch did say something about Paris and in both tranzit and die rise the towers light up or have electricity passing through them; the Eiffel tower can also be lit up. I dont know if that makes any sense but if it does then it would be great if you guys could give me some feedback. ;)
  2. As you might have seen Jimmy Z posted a tweet saying 'It may be points, or whatever you call them. Wait the appropriate amount of time then continue to work.' Im pretty sure this means - have / get microsoft points and wait until the dlc comes out, buy it and then finish the EE.
  3. If you watch whiteboy's top zombie plays you can see that happened to misty and another character. They just bumped into each other. :D
  4. My cousin was on the bones and I went on his account and in 2 games I got his level up to knife. Also on my account I cant even get knife. I think it might be all about doubling your stats.
  5. I've noticed that. Its weird it could be because the room you were looking in was on fire (a fire alarms going off). Also I dont know if u guys have heard this but occasionally at bus depot I hear a voice that you hear a train stations. The one were it tells you the train times etc.
  6. Tedd stands for 'Technically Allaberate Driving Droid'. 8-)
  7. On tedds hat (the bus driver) it says 'Bloodhound 1304' or '1104'. Bloodhound is a guidance system used in many vehicles. Most commonly found on planes. I then searched 1304 and 1104. I found some information regarding a plane crash in 1961. It is believed that the plane some how crashed into a meteor. Im not too sure how meteors relate to zombies but I think 115 is found in meteors or something. It would be really helpful if someone could get back to me on this.
  8. I would hate that too. But they dont show any sign of crawlers In the trailer. I dont think there will be crawlers because it'll be too unfair. It will be like giving the zombies a gun each. Plus, it seems when you kill a zombie they'll explode into a white dust thing.
  9. We all know nuketown is set before moon. I think the characters from tranzit were in green run a little bit before the moon thing, because at the start of every game theres no lava . And the lava was caused by the 3 bomb things sent to earth from moon.
  10. When you turn the power on you can see avogadro in the tube that gets pushed to the top of the room, try EMPing that tube and see what happens.
  11. If you haven't realised when your at the bus depot on tranzit, it says 'Stop Bus' on the floor. Some blood covers the bottom of the B so it says 'Stop Rus' which is one of the characters (I am aware this is mentioned in other posts). I also noticed the way the words were arranged-'Stop Bus'. I dont know about any of you,but I normally see it as 'bus stop'. This could suggest something about tedd. Like he was built by group 935 or he was once a human and was a part of 935. This is just a little theory and observation I made. :D
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