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  1. Hey guys. I was watching some of LiamFTWinter's videos (love that guys vids, kudos to him), and I saw a very interesting comment, two actually, that said the same thing Steps: (by the way these were on two different accounts) 1. Get all parts to obelisk table 2. Construct obelisk table 3. Everyone insert their navcards 4. Construct a Steam Trample and Siliquifer 5. In the spawn area face the Steam Trample towards the building in the distance. 6. Shoot Siliquifier goo at trample. 7. Run up trample and it will transport you to another building 8. Defeat the Dragon 9. Bring back battery to power Obelisk table. 10. Acheivement unlocked, all perks, gamer pic! What do you think? has anyone tried this yet?
  2. Guys, just telling you, on his posts in page 2, he IS right about the billboard. On a NGT (I think) video, they posted a thing about the map without fog, and when they went by the sedan billboard behind there, they said "There's totally not a radio there." I looked closely and it seems there is. IDEA: You know how you can fly with the jet gun, right? point it at the sky, fire it and fly upwards, and at the correct part, activate the radio on the back of the sedan billboard. Sound good?
  3. The bus driver was most likely made by HAARP,and HAARP could have done some of the 115 experiments (people in hospital clothing, see where im coming from here?) and NDR Means Nacht Der Untoten, the first zombie map(also featured in TranZit)
  4. Sup guys. I was browsing the COD wiki and i looked at the quotes for the characters, and looked at all the quotes for T.E.D.D (the robot driver) "Welcome aboard! Please secure all personal belongings, and take a seat. Now departing from the HAARP research station." — T.E.D.D. when entering the bus for the first time in a game. Hm. Seems norma-WAIT WHAT HAARP?!! Lets take a look at the second quote. "No free rides! Zombies will be punished severely." — T.E.D.D. when a zombie breaks into the bus. So, we have HAARP, and then we know that the robot knows about the zombies? Can we align this with the fact that NDR is here? Could the marine group be fighting zombies from a HAARP outbreak? Lastly, one funny quote "Door privileges have been fucking revoked!" EDIT: Can someone upload a video of the bus driver swearing? I think its freakin' hilarious. — T.E.D.D. after being attacked by a player (He then locks all the bus doors for 30 seconds). Seems like we have some hidden backstory here. Jarbot out.
  5. Great! Did you add more parts than this post? This can become the main egg thread if you like
  6. Hey guys, read something about an easter egg beginning on youtube, hoping if someone can confirm. Quote goes as follows. "Can you complete the major easter egg, i only know three steps, first in tranzit in the starting room collect a phone then put it on the workbench, then collect the dummy and the fan and a radio voice will say "Good, now complete the device, do it" take the turbine, then go turn on the power, the voice will say "The magnetic pulse is fully generated, now turn off the power" your going to have to turn off the power (same as turning on the power) thats all i know now figure it out!" Anyone with BLOPS2 know if this is true?
  7. I hadnt turned the power on yet, and this looks too futuristic to be there since the beginning. Ill dig up some old FIVE gameplay and check.
  8. Im talking about the Blue Thing in general. What the heck is it.
  9. The heck is this? I just decided to do a quick round on FIVE, when i saw this on one of the screens. What is this? Any ideas? Or was this already there? Time to start looking back to black Ops? http://imgur.com/U6Dio Link if it dosent work HINT: if you cant see it, look for light blue. EDIT: More info, see the thing that looks like a 9? well, that changes randomly. :?:
  10. I posted an edit on the main thread, right click on what is supposed to be the photo, and click "Open In New tab"
  11. I've been thinking that, but didn't we see mostly civilians fighting? I would think there would be atleast one sneak peek at the military personel.
  12. Hey guys, first time poster here. I just saw the brand new trailer, and it got me thinking. Remember those screens from GKnova6? Yeah, those. Remember how it had people in gas masks with AK's running around, well, I just did some quick deducing, and thanks to the NDA being lifted apparently, the press is spilling info. I found some interesting stuff in this article http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/9/2 ... nzit-grief involving the new Greif Gamemode. "Grief will be playable in matches of two to eight players in various team-sizes. As in Survival, players will control teams comprised of agents from two United States government agencies: the CIA and CDC. The four playable characters seen in Tranzit appear to be unique to that game mode." CIA and CDC, well darn, where do i remember that? Oh yeah. So, what do you guys think?
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