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  1. Green Run: 3 randoms, (all of them 12yrs)i earn 1000 points at bus depot, build the turbine all by my self, use it to teleport around the map until i get to town. My earpiece almost explodes from the rants being shout at me for being a hacker because i could go wherever i wanted on lvl2. even more shit comes at me when i withdrew 20k from the bank. apparently i had hacked the game and now they wouldn't be able to earn any points until lvl 10... (sigh) So now i go to turn on the power and then i search for the bus hatch and make my way to the diner and i get my sweet knuckles, when im done, they arrive, and boy are they angry! because i am a hacker! and that i will ruin the game for everyone, they get really pissed of when they see my use my knuckles, observing in total chock, when im getting one hit kill after another.. i have to assume they had never seen the galvaknuckles before, judging from their total and complete mental breakdown, i dont think they had. and the sound i could hear in my earpiece reminds me off a seagull gangbang with some random english words here and there.. so they all leave the game, a few minutes i get a message telling me that they have reported me for cheating and system tampering and that my xbox will get banned in about 3hours i had a good laugh and kept playing by myself and then i went to bed.. note: i have a mic, but i didnt connect it until the game started, and they did not talk until the game started, if i would have known about their age from the begining, i would have backed out, but i thought that they deserve a chance.. oh.. and they went down several times at the depot.. so now i never play with randoms. unless they actually sound abit mature... 12 year old is only good when it comes to a fine whiskey..not raging kids on Zombies... hope you enjoy my little story!
  2. Yeah, sorry about that. Was extremely tired when i found the video... 1. I thought this would help in pinpointing the exact location of nuketown zombies, and that more therories about Nuketown Zombies would emerge as the community could use it's magic to possibly finding out the connection between Nuketown Zombies and the rest of the story line. (it's a shot in the dark, i know) 2. I seriously think that Nuketown Z has more to it then just the fallout shelter and the possibility that Marlton was there before Green Run, or the bus randomly honking at round 7. From what i've heard the quotes in Nuketown Z is the same that you can hear Marlton spew out in Green Run, (which has given me a really weird theory, see down below) 3. Yes! i firmly believe that it is the same locations, it isn't the first time they've used a multiplayer map to make a zombie map, (Verrückt and Asylum in [email protected]) and the fact that the maps layout is exactly the same, but with new textures, but then again i could be very wrong. The theory: Here it comes.. So pretty much all of us knows about Marlton's voice inte the fallout shelter and the bus honking, but i've been having a real hard time getting it to fit.. Nuketown Z is supposedly taking place in the 1960's and Green Run has theories about being further in to the future, which had me scratching my head.. If it really is two different timelines, how come we can hear Marlton's quotes in the NZ, we've had theories about a tunnel from the fallout shelter in NZ leading to GR.But that doesn't explain the time lines, at least not in a way i can grasp, so what i have been thinking is that maybe we are hearing Marlton in the future? (yeah yeah.. i know, far fetched) But think about it, could there be a teleporter or some sort of portal in the shelter? allowing us to hear what is going on in the future? Guess i'll just leave it here for someone else to think over. Sorry if my English grammar is total sheit :lol:
  3. Just found this wile surfing trough BO2 videos on YouTube. It starts at 3:38. 6rCVznZnFrE For those on mobile devices.
  4. that is kind of weird yeah..because it looks like someone has been dragging themselves across the floor then suddenly had a spastic twitch and repeatedly kicked the wall and continued dragging across the floor... maybe someone became a Zombie there? makes no sense in my head..
  5. i felt good when i got to lvl 20 something on Nuketown Z with 3 randoms, 76 revives, 4 downs (because of my leave no man behind rule) and got 3 friend requests when ze game ended :geek:
  6. All nightmare long by Metallica Symphony of destruction by Megadeth Feur frei by Rammstein Reign in blood by Slayer.. the list goes on and on... on my Xbox playlist that is 8-) Heavy and fast riffs will make you a killing machine :twisted:
  7. The main thing that's confusing me is the footprints on the wall right under the shelter sign :?:
  8. Tried that where you put the turbine to open the pap room, it broke and Richtofen laughed at me... :cry:
  9. Just played a game on Nuketown with 1 friend, trying to figure out the population counter and the Nuke countdown, we got the population down to 00 on round 6 or 7, (leaving tedious horrible crawlers everywhere) We figured out that the nuke countdown sometimes changes on power drops, sometimes with a fire sale and some times insta kill etc, but we got the countdown to hit zero... and nothing happend.. maybe a useless post, but i think there is something that can be done on nuketown. all thats left for me to do is to check theatre mode and see if something may have happend that we didnt catch.. EDIT: Nothing in theater mode.. :evil:
  10. Has to be one of the best "first posts" i have ever seen, ill try and see if somethings are overlooked in the tunnel later today
  11. PissBlitz

    I Give Up

  12. I cant see how that would work :| because you need to power on for Richtofen's part, and you need to "shut down ze powah" to do the Maxis part.. good idea though
  13. either PaP RPD or M14. PS... The M14 can do one shot headshots to lvl 25 if you have the headpopper permaperk ;)
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