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  1. You can reset Maxis's side by doing Richtofen's. I do agree that Jimmy's tweet made it sound like we had done something in the wrong order, good idea.
  2. This is getting intense. I think I'll keep my ideas to myself to avoid this one....
  3. It looks real to me. The only thing is, if that happened to me, I would drop everything and go put it in the Navcard reader.... Wait.... Maybe he did and now he is playing some new cool stuff and doesn't have time to respond!
  4. I'm pretty sure that in a different post BirdDogDan came out and said that he was making everything up.
  5. That would be awesome. What if there was a way to teleport to the other maps for a brief moment so you could pick up equipment (hacker) and bring it back to Tranzit? I just watched the moon EE vid compared to the Green Run ee vid and I have to say it does feel like a VERY short ee compared to previous ones.
  6. They changed, accept it. If it where the same people would go like 'omg its just fucking blops 1 omgnoobs treyarch u sukk', so I understand the change, the problem is, they had to last moment rush it, so the 2nd bus was never used and the texture remains, diner survival is a loadable map (aswell as cornfield clleansed) but gives an error upon loading, they had many features, but they're just not ready to be used, making zombies very different and yet too basic. However, the core mechanics are in there! I don't accept change just because I have to. I challenge it.
  7. same, how small they were and that we really only had 1 full size map was one of the reasons I thought there was a way to unlock a new level like we could do with black ops with Five. Survival maps in BO2 = too small Tranzit map in BO2 = too big They had a winning formula. What happened to it?
  8. Yeah I thought I had something amazing when I noticed on the main screen if you press X, the guy presses the tablet on his wrist. Then I realized he does that for any button you push =(
  9. Good point. I'm gonna go for a shot in the dark here. This has to do with Tranzit because there are no unlockable areas in Tranzit. =)
  10. I was thinking about the excitement of the first Black Ops and unlocking new maps like Five and Dead Ops Arcade. Even Getting out of the chair and going over to the computer for the first time was awesome. I was hoping to see some of these surprises in BO2 but so far have been disappointed. I loved unlocking new things.
  11. Comes up with an error for me.
  12. This is the most interesting thing I have seen since we actually completed the EE. If you get to see his theater please confirm it here that it is real. Thanks Afro.
  13. I had hope for a couple of weeks that it would continue, or that we would get some kind of award unlocked. (Like Five or Dead Ops Arcade in the first one.) After trying SO many different theories with no results, I'm kind of thinking that either: 1. It's done. 2. It's not done, but nobody will be able to figure out the next step. Sad day.
  14. Anyone on that wants to test out their theories? Im on right now- vandan54 xbox. I have richtofens side done.
  15. Watching that video I noticed something. The only thing that connects us from an area we can go to an area that we cannot (So far) is that downed pylon right in the hole in the building at the start of the video. Maybe we have to interact with that downed pylon in order to get across to that area!!
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