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  1. That half my theory out window lolz
  2. I think there are more in map spawns at diner where as power the have to spawn out side and break in as well as 2/3 spawns the have in map at entrance to power. Also if he's killing the zombies before the fully climb out of ground they'll spawn at diner more to replenish then numbers Therefore you'll reach round limit faster. Basically he was probably killing them faster. That my theory
  3. Due to programming, wouldn't it stop and turn in the direction he's meant to be turning in? If he's programmed tht way then no cos his not going to be in operation. If they coded the game that way your right But there's always the change they coded in a event like this. It all if buts and maybes tbh
  4. Maybe a long shot but try emping tedd when the plow is on the bus and your heading near a road block because he rolls to a stop so doing it on a corner could derail him from the path
  5. So there localised to the town area or do they go beyond like town to depot for example Go to say it really strange wonder what the glass has to do with it thou
  6. How many directions does it go in or is it totally random because it could be point out key locations for a team of 4 players. Op did you find out where any of the beams ended
  7. Really long shot don't think there's much in the wire ee wise But you could always try shooting a wire that sway near another broken wire to see if the electric arcs across and possible opens up the next step or some kind of door. It a long shot thou and doubt much would come of it if anything at all. But if u can shoot them to make them sway they must be more the just textures because textures don't have hit Boxes.
  8. Nope Ngt confirmed you can do both sides with 2 players bit tricker but possible
  9. O good point my thinking was as long as power is switch on then off and "him" is released you'd be good to go I still have a feeling 2 characters need to do one side and the other 2 the other side. That's because Samuel is the only one who can hear richeon person p.s sorry really bad with names and spelling them lolz
  10. Just a thought. In the radio transmissions it says the camp divides if I'm correct. Also both sides of the TOB can be done 2player. Has anyone tried having 2people do one side and other 2 do the other at the same time. Maybe just divide into 2 teams and complete both side idepentent of each other in the same game.
  11. That is a good point. I like the idea of a bigger group whittled to 4 through zombie infection.
  12. My guess is there survivors that got infected and changed at the starting location
  13. Does anyone really know his name or ideas about his name
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