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  1. Glitch on Xbox, it can't be replicated on PS3 or Wii U
  2. I always thought the bus drivers name was Bloodhound???
  3. Hey all, Nevermind I'm behind the ball thanks for your answer. I do come here often though. I just read this part and asylum. Sorry
  4. I got a recommendation from personal experience,TAKE A DEEP BREATH!!!!! Let's all calm down, and let me jump out and say I'm the first to get frustrated at negativity, and people not looking to see if their idea's have been put forth already. So personally I'm mad at everyone right now, LOL. Seriously though no reason for the discussions about "working together", tearing us apart. We sound like the people trapped at Jackass Flats. I want to say this, I came here cause I played with a longtime member of CODz, and he was exemplary in skill and help (I was a total newb in zombies). I went down 55 times in a game with him, and we still made it to 34 together. I came to CODz immediately after, I found a helpful place, and learned the whole back story, and some shit I didn't know about Tesla. I have noticed that the last two weeks its like a lot of us ate Richthofen pills. I can see we all want there to be more and we get caught between defending our dreams or someone elses idea, we also get super frustrated when you think someone is trolling with your gamer achievement hunting hope. I got in a confrontation the other day on the forums and said somethings in the heat of the moment and went back and made it right. I recommend you all do the same. Hope this helps in how to approaching this situation. Thanks to xXJason livesXx, we made it to top 100 on nuketown zombies, till 12-12-12 (Xbox)!!!!!
  5. Their doing a gaming with the DEV's for 3 hours tomorrow and live streaming it. It came up on MP.
  6. First off I apologize for my post seeming personal. I shouldn't have worded it that way. Maybe this is a less personal way. The guy handled the release of the info appropriately, its not the actual coding. But, mostly I was attacking the holier then thou attitude your post assumes. I do see a lot of garbage post here, that are super redundant. The other thing I'd like to point out is that at the end of the day its a job to Jimmy and those guys. Treyarch is managed by arguably the cruelest and most "effiecnt" gaming company in America. To me this idea that thse guys care ultimately is like saying George Lucas, really cares what Star Wars fans think. That's my opinion. Rissole25, I' am apologizing to you personally, because it wasn't meant to be personal. I tried to send you a more personal apology but, I'am blocked fairly so. I'm not an asshole in real life, I just write like one. Good luck
  7. Really?? I have read a hundred garbage post here ,where a couple of Zombie addicts post and re-post about the EE. There are people here who literally post the same crap on each person's post or post just to post. I'm pretty new to posting here but I have watched for a few months. Attacking the OP because he's bright enough to get the info he wants, yet try with you entire community and yourself we have communally failed so far(use jet gun here yet, try looking there, anyone done this yet?). If you think that the people at Treyarch care what you do, you have VASTLY over estimated your value as a $60 customer. I don't know whats funnier your sad, death grip of your moral platitudes or the low self esteem that goes into believing Jimmy Z and Raz read or care about you.
  8. I didn't read enough to find out you were polite people who didn't ruin my hunt for the EE, now I'm gunna rage post!!!!!!!!!
  9. This wea already discussed in the BREN thread, you can see the tower from the green back yard.
  10. I have noticed a sign st the gas station thats says no fire. Maybe?
  11. Voice of Justice all day!!! That plus the HMMR or RPD, crushing Tranzit all day.
  12. I don't know where it is but someone from this forums had alread posted all this.
  13. Just throwing this out there as food for thought. In nuketown in the back of the green house you can see the jackass flats and the tower. Also there's a power box on the side of the green house that pops open if shot, and if you shoot the generators you can see electricity shoot through the power lines.
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