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  1. How do you get the trophies on here in your tag???
  2. :cry: why are you leaving us
  3. My two cents is that we as a zombie nation wanted bigger better more indepth more complicated and they gave it to us now we whine cry beg for help... just my opinion
  4. I choose to back this... a month and we as a community have come up with zilch... its time to conserve energy n be prepared for dlc release
  5. Id love to see you be right... so that i could shake this disappointed feeling i have lol
  6. Agree definitely looks like a .45 round
  7. Yea after almost 4 weeks of no discovery and knowing as a community how fàst we have found all the other EE's i am pretty much just out of ideas and really running out of steam :(
  8. On 12-21-12 there will b an update or a big clue given
  9. I mean im very aware of the fact that a pic can b takin and tweeted later but i do want to say that the time difference of reza pic to jimmy (at the beach) is 22 min But if you take the nature of a human being when that pic is taken the additional 15 second to tweet it will more than likely happen at the same time
  10. Highly doubt that. _rez_ just recently tweeted a picture of him with Zielinski and Nolan North at Treyarch, which according to him in the tweet, had just happened. Kinda hard to believe that he would have settled himself into the beach so quickly, considering just recently he was at Treyarch. Thank you hotzin... someone else who keeps up with the masterminds behind the whole game lol
  11. But implying the "still" part means he's talking about his last tweet, and what does the beach have to do with anything? uhh not the beach I think that is important I think its the sun that's important in the first pic
  12. no I agree for sure and with the first pic I said aaaaahhh hes enjoying life but to in a way title it the same makes me wonder... first pic had a sun in it this one looks like a moon almost in top left corner
  13. https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy now it seems that he is trying to say something about it lol what yall think???
  14. these theories sure seem like a stretch lol but I will back you on the poofs they put off and even funnier it puts off orange then blue both colors you get from the tower lol
  15. man I just love when good hearted level headed ppl step up and do their jobs good luck out for him bud
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