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  1. More likely than not they wanted to put more time into the next zombies map.
  2. Possible trichotomous system involving Paris, Hanford and Shanghai. The north pole is highlighted in pink in somewhat the middle. Right click the image and open it in a new tab.
  3. So for some stupid reason, I thought it would be a good idea to dolphin dive out of the jugg room.
  4. Avogadro came from a trophy release before the game came out, and no matter how much to you tell people to call it "Him" they simply won't, because Avogadro is an easy name to remember and everyone knows what it is. Him can refer to anyone technically, and I for one will continue to call him that. On a second much more related note, I was wondering if this is true: I run the tunnel for my trains and with well over 500 rounds put up in there I have never had the Avogadro spawn in with me, and I'm talking like level up to level 37 with not one sighting. It seems to me that unless he follows the bus in he can't get in the tunnel. Can anyone debunk this?
  5. By far the most convincing piece of evidence yet.
  6. I just took it as a 2012 joke...
  7. False Expectations Appearing Real. Fear is only our thoughts of what could go wrong, there is no such thing as fear, danger is real, but that's what caution is for, not fear.
  8. to do you it click youtube, after that put everything in the link AFTER the watch?= part in the area.
  9. There is only one, it is outside the bus depot in the trash behind the shelter stairs, which can only be gotten in solo as far as I know. I'm sure someone would have released the information on here if they had found one at any other location by now.
  10. There is no conformation as far as I know, but the theory is that the longer you keep the gun and the more you use it, the stronger the gun gets, but only for that game. I'd love for this to be true and then maybe see if the fridge could store that weapons level?
  11. Mate, RIGHT CLICK on any of the bottom two pictures, then choose the VIEW IMAGE option and you will see the (supposedly) NEW Navcard! Still, looks like he was just trolling us! No follow ups, no new info... sigh. Hey man, it is christmas eve he in the states, maybe he's with family, he cant be on the whole day, jeez not everyone can do this 24/7 we need to give people at least a few days to deliver.
  12. no this is a totally different card if you look next to his scores.
  13. Note the three actual requirements and 4th to keep them asleep: 1. No shooting in that map section. 2. No sprinting in that map section. 3. Do not touch the zombie. 4th and unofficially tested, but I'm certain of this. You need to keep a person in that map section, because every time you leave the map section it will reset your zombie spawn, so if no one is there it will wipe the emp'd fleshbag. so you still need someone to "watch" the zombie :roll:
  14. I think its because of how vulnerable his mind is. Hes paranoid and thinks everything is a conspiracy, and seems like a smart guy so its possible rich saw him as the most vulnerable and open to suggestion. So rich (playing devil), talks to the only guy gullible enough to listen. Either that or he came into contact with some mystical object, as most of the time in cod zombies you don't start hearing voices till you touch something weird. Eating a zombie though just seems...unlikely. Don't think Richtofen just chose him either, if you notice when hes talking to him about the EE he says that he is the only one that is able to hear him. So naturally rich is going to talk to him.
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