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  1. Well ive been runnin around and trying do my best to get things in order, anybody else interested in trying at all? Like tom said, report re-post/redundent posts, and report threads on the same thing so they can get merged. The more people actively trying to clean things up a bit the less work mods will have to do. As it stands i couldnt expect even 3 or 4 mods to keep this board in order, so looks like we are going to have to help. Order and organization are good things considering the archivial nature of a public forum. Also make sure to point newbs to the t&c so they can help once they get there bearings.
  2. Care to elaborate how a core mechanic of the entire map as a clock differentiates from the novels? Copyright infringment is a sticky area but seeing how cases go i doubt treyarch would risk it. Im talking about the core mechanic of the map and not the story. The theory proposed suggests that the story is tied to a map that is a metaphorical clock. Again, i would really think this borders on copyright infringment.
  3. You are mistaken. Rictofens ee requires 2 people, maxis requires 4.
  4. It would be plausible but very blatent ripoff of the hunger games final arena. Not sure how copyright infringments go but a game like this probably wouldnt risk it. Just sayin.
  5. Have you played tranzit? Its pretty obvious the bus route is counter clockwise. You should read the whole thread, never post bomb because you dont have time. The hands of a clock sounds like youve read mocking jay, the last book of the hunger games. You may be on to somthing with the clocks, try some things out and let us know.
  6. Read the guide. The nav card table and the jet can can be built in solo to get the ee to save. You must complete the jet gun and if you also complete the navcard table then you just need to kill the zombies under the tower until that step. Afterwards for extremely obvious reasons maxis requires 4 players and rictofen 2.
  7. The beams of light are shot off the tower after richtofens ee is complete. Concerning when they occur, i havnt the slightest clue
  8. Exactly the tower lights up if any player has it completed.
  9. We cant say for certain, but its starting to appear this was a ruse. None the less keep searching with the tf and mms and see if you find anything. However jimmyz has posted about steps, i think were missing somthing considering the maxis quotes. Im going to build the everything i can with the power off, see what i can get out of maxis.
  10. Hey you guys found it! Was waiting for sombody to post up pics. I mentioned that in another thread. There seems to be a 4 way splitter from the source transmission line going into the power box in that first pic. Normally you wouldnt split a transsmission line 4 ways but i doubt treyarch is considering electrical engineering in game development. Could this have somthing to do with the hanging wires scattered about the map? I like the beam theories and it ties into the factor of 4 but the dangling wires could be tangible as well. If the laundromat door is one trigger for beam activation could more be scattered across the map? Ill get this ee done this weekend i hope and then maybe i can do some testing of my own. Power is a central them to tranzit with emps and both ee and the avogardo, all dealing with electrical energy specifically. Jimmys tweet about the order of things, got me thinking about what tasks he reffering to. He ends it with now. Has anybody step by step followed exactly what the voices say (richtofen and maxis)? As in maxis speaks about building the turbine, but we always hear him next concerning turning the power on. He is silent when you build the turret and the zombie shield. I think the NOW was tying maxis instructions as the tasks we must perform, as he almost shouts that entire line.
  11. I think he means the battery for the pap is the same battery as the trap.
  12. Occams razor is one of the greatest achievments in efficiency and modern thinking. I love hearing people throwing him credit from time to time. Fact is, nothing has lead anywere yet. If jimmyz wants to be cryptic and anonymous then we have to chase every lead. He knows about the trolls, and if we dont figure this out soon enough we'll hear from his twitter account.
  13. 10-4 on the edit afro, ill start using that feature to do what i can to merge some threads together.
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