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  1. I'm breaking 900 teeth today! (Talking extinction, not a violent face-smashing spree).

    1. InfestLithium


      Is it sad I would've correct you about the number of human teeth first before trying to stop you from killing someone?

    2. 83457


      Not really. Or maybe I'm just apathetic also.

    3. 83457


      I was was roughly 2 games from 900 (878).

      First game, last challenge glitches and robs me of 4 teeth (i got 9, for 887 total).

      Kind of doubting that I'll get 13, but i speed run another, get all challenges and pull in 14 teeth for 901 total. I'm already planning some various hybrid classes.

      For unsane reasons, i want to do Medank class melee;

      Medank Melee

      .44 magnum/ark, explosive ammo (no csa yet), feral (faster move, melee, health regen), ims (maybe vulture/sentry, I'll see when i playtest it), crowd control (shield). The idea is that I'll be so unkillable that I'll just tank-melee evening with the 25 point shield. It should technically pay for itself at that level. But i may need armor over feral...I'll find out on about my 11th game from now. Probably using pistols only relic.

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