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  1. I just watched the Borderlands presequel video. I can't help but think that it looks like the atrocious Borderlands 2 reskinned. BL2 was a total rip off, disappointing garbage. At least slag looks gone. But the menus and everything just scream 'BL2'. Maybe I'll rent it, but i never heard an official apology from them for BL2. Are the characters fleshed out this time? Is there actual loot worth getting? can you actually carry loot this time? Did they fire every protect manager from BL2?

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    2. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      Yeah, do you mind explaining what it was you hated about borderlands 2? Besides black ops 2 borderlands 2 has gotten by far the most hours of play from me over tha past 2 years. Great replay value, and support even to this day. Plus it was absolutely hilarious

    3. Naitrax


      I absolutely loved BL2... Slag was cool, loot felt awesome and I've definitely put in over 700 hours total play time...

    4. 83457


      Sorry folk. I really disliked that game and i didn't mean to be all cranky about it. Too much to list here about why i hated it, but sorry I was so negative to a game that yous enjoy. My health is crappy and it raises my blood pressure and ire. Ha. Bad Beast, don't hate on the games.

      In short: bl had 4 characters with 3ish builds each. Guns looked cool with cool names. Loot could be carried until you could sort through the chaff.

      Bl2: no reason to play different characters, they were basically the same in game. Guns look lame, stupid names. Continuous pointless battles for loot that was almost identical, couldn't be carried due to no space. Zero replay value for me.

      I could play bl1 for hours, but a few minutes of bl2 and i had to take it out from boredom.

      On apology: the week bl2 released, i was going you rent it. But they claimed it had more guns (the variety had been mathematically proven to be way less variety than bl1) and they claimed that you could carry tins more stuff: a blatant lie. So, i bought instead of rented due to their lies.

      Good guns worth finding almost never happen, buying from machines was always better in bl2.

      The one decent source of finds was Mike Mamaril, and then they nerfed him (r.i.p.).

      So a shoot and loot with boring fighting, annoying characters (the bird is a female now, derp), no reason to loot hundreds of boxes for nothing and you can't vary what you find anyway.

      And the characters from the first game turned into retards.

      That's my issues with it in a nutshell.

      Sorry for bitching, love it if you love it, I certainly don't.

      Happy gaming!

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