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  1. Suffering through randoms while playing Nemesis Safeguard, i land in Showtime on round 2. 2 randies are down, the 3rd drops as i spawn in, of I wasn't there, that was game over. we win the game, I had 21 revives. They were so bad; 1 guy started every round right in the center and went Doreen within the first couple seconds of each round. It made up for the 3 games in a row where the host dashboarded.

    1. 83457


      Doreen = down...

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Silly randoms, not going down is for pros!

    3. 83457


      I had 1 down. One randy had 3 revives, each of the other 2 had 1.

      These were not pros...

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