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  1. you guys sould put the option: "lets see what they do whith it" they didnt say where there will be 8 players... noone say that will be the same mode with 8 playes... lets see what they do with it
  2. dude i really dont mind if they made 2 campaign, one for zombies and another for the 'real life'. Just for the fact that they will made a campaign and explain the zombies history i am very happy. What do you guys think about a multiplayer in the zombies lab where its like team deathmatch and for some dificult mode it have some zombies getting out from windows and we have to kill everything... lol it would be crazy! if all this is legit of course
  3. i didn t say but i got this too when they talked about MP engine but lets see, we never know what treyarch can do.. they said they have new wordS and modS in zombie, that zombie will be almost a new game... lets see what they can do...
  4. i dont remember if i read or i saw in a video, but its 60 fps for sure and they said that the graphics is better, they will require the limit of the consoles video
  5. hey kat i relly dont see that thing u draw in green in the original picture... for me there is nothing there
  6. They already explained it sorta, it's different universes. None of that happened in the campaigns universe, and vice versa. so they lost the track? thats ridiculous... but happens, maybe they didnt think that will cause that fever... aeuahae
  7. dude if it has a MP engine it has host migration... excelente... then if some guy who is hosting get disconnect the game wont lose the record. what happen to lot of people. if it have a multiplayer engine dont necessary need 8 players to do the easter egg, and noone say that the eight players will play together can by 4x4, i really dont know how. the 8 players could be only the survivor mode, or one mode that dont have easter egg... they said that will have modeS not one new mode, and not necessary they have to put 8 players to play every mode
  8. plz someone buy for me, they dont have pre order sales in Brasil... i want the pre order too and the token
  9. i really want to know how they will put the zombies in the future... seen to be a hard word. i want to know too how whith all that tecnology they didnt kill all that zombies guys...
  10. based on the moon history the earth is distroyed.... i dont think they will follow that history... cause they cant rebuild the damage did to the earth in that way
  11. i dont really agree whith u, i have some producers of zombies in twitter and they might release something in the next month. they are releasing lot of little things, and a poster.... dont look like they will take a long time to release something
  12. 2 guys from Treyarch posted on twitter today 'Black Ops 2 zombies mode promising eight players, team play modes and “bigger worlds”' and onde related to this link http://www.officialplaystationmagazine. ... er-worlds/ i am thinking that they confirmed 8 players zombies
  13. why dont in the wall are the old weapons but in the box you could get the update guns?
  14. they said that wont be survivor niether spec ops missions on it, what i think they are going to do is make some kind of diferente gameplays like who gets more points till the game ends, survivor time, the zombies will come and come and never end the score will be the time surived, they will improve the AI of the zombies so they can flank you, should be games modes where you have to defend something, they wont attack the players, they will go straight tho their goal... something like this and if they dont let the original mode together they will made a RUGE mistake
  15. you guys are saying that its a nursing room, why isn´t it in the underground, the place is called "The Vault", só its a safe place, and its not hitted by the atack. I guess its a underground safe place and he went there to tell the history so they can go to the past and fix the machines problems...

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