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  1. ns could be Non Symmetric or something to do with Navier-Stokes Equations. These both seem out of the water and nothing to do with anything though. Just throwing stuff out there.
  2. You've gotta be joking. The gravitation on Mars is around 40% of Earths gravity. To put that in perspective, The moon has around 80% of our gravity, A half of the Moons gravity. Mars barely has any gravity, and FYI Mars only has 10% of earths mass. - Kat
  3. What is suppost to be causing the eclipse? Because if it is on Mars and you claim its a martian moon then that can't happen. It's due to the fact that the biggest moon Phobos is pretty small so it cannot cause the eclipse in shangri-la (See Phobos Eclipse: ), and martian eclipses only last 30 seconds give or take. But I am not out ruling any other satellite whether it be artificial or naturally occurring. - Kat
  4. Oh yeah I know, In fact scouting around the general area of the diner doesn't look much like the other images. Gonna see if I can find the location of where the street is now. Found it. Doesn't look much like the map. Definitely just a reference. [ Image ] If you go to the address then you have to go down the street a little bit and it'll be on the right side Not that street I'm talking about the actual level.
  5. Oh yeah I know, In fact scouting around the general area of the diner doesn't look much like the other images. Gonna see if I can find the location of where the street is now.
  6. The location of Mack Diner Is in New Brunswick, New Jersey. So that should technically be the location.
  7. In fact in the hierarchy you can see that all the assets are in a folder called "The Map". Very interesting. 8-)
  8. Watch the whole thing here: Skip to 1:26:48 for Gameplay And here is a screenshot of the first "Important" Intel I could find. Its says: DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, U.S.A. D. MASON // CODENAME: "SECTION" PROTECT P.O.T.U.S. JUNE 19, 2025 N.11.14.220
  9. Mod tools were announced way back when, But there has barely been any talk about it since.
  10. Today something just jolted my memory. I remember watching a documentary on Houska Castle. Now I will quickly debrief you on the strange structure, Using the advanced technology of copy & paste. Houska Castle Houska Castle is an early Gothic castle, 47 km north of Prague, in the Czech Republic. It is one of the best preserved castles of the period. It was built in the first half of the 13th century probably on the orders of Bohemian ruler Ottokar II of Bohemia during his reign (1253–1278) to serve as an administration center from which the extensive royal estates could be managed. Later it passed to the hands of the aristocracy, frequently passing from the ownership of one to another. In 1584–1590 it underwent Renaissance-style modifications, losing none of its fortress features as it looks down from a steep rocky cliff. In the 18th century it ceased to serve as a noble residence and fell into a state of disrepair before being renovated in 1823. In 1897 it was purchased by Princess Hohenlohe and in 1924, the times of the First Republic, bought by the President of Škoda, Josef Šimonek. I know what your thinking, Another bland castle, But trust me it gets better. (The Folklore) Houska castle, and most specifically the chapel, has been constructed over a large hole in the ground that is supposedly 'The Gateway to Hell', which was said to be so deep no one could see the bottom of it. Half-animal-half-man creatures were reported to have crawled out of it, and dark winged creatures flew in its vicinity. Legend has it that when construction began in the castle, all the inmates that were sentenced to death were offered a pardon if they consented to be lowered by rope into the hole, and report back on what they saw. When the first person was lowered, he began screaming after a few seconds, and when pulled back to the surface he looked as if he had aged 30 years in just a few seconds. He had grown wrinkles and his hair had turned white, as old folklore tales state. Paranormal Stuff (Not very important, but still a good read): Houska Castle has more than it's fair share of ghosts just outside the front gates people have claimed to see a large headless black horse running around, with blood gushing from its neck. It is said to run towards the front of the castle and jump into the air and vanish. Guests have also claimed to see a line of people chained together walking towards the castle each person along the chain has a horrific injury. Some people are said to be carrying their heads or other body parts. A giant black dog is said to be attacking and biting the people along the chain. Some of these sightings have lasted several minutes. A prominent writer stayed at the castle at the end of the 1800' he reported that he saw black winged creatures flying around the inner courtyard which he believed to be demons. Some dogs behave strangely in the court yard as if spooked. The chapel in the castle was built over the bottomless well or so the locals claim and it is here that the gateway to hell is said to be located. Investigators who have tried to find a bottom have not been able to find one in the well. The walls of the chapel are covered with some of the oldest paintings in Europe most are of demons and dragons being slain. Workers in the inner courtyard have heard voice's coming from the chapel, on investigation no one is there. A Black figure has been seen on the upper floor is thought to be the ghost of an unknown male. It is believed that the Germans carried out there experiments in this room. (*WINK**WINK*) Demonic entities are said to be seen in the chapel, strange moaning, screams and voices in many languages are said to be heard coming from below the chapel. Witnesses over the years have claimed to see something in the area of the chapel that looks like a cross between a human, a giant frog and a bulldog. On the third floor the ghost of a beautiful young woman in a white dress has been seen, she is often peering out a window. No one knows who she is but she appears to be the most normal of all the ghosts in and around the castle. Jaromir Simonek and some friends were having a drink on the third floor, when his glass started to move around the table then lifted up in the air the whole group witnessed it, the glass then lowered itself back to the table and slid to the tables centre. (Remember kids, "Drinking" is bad) A particularly nasty presence has been felt in the Hunting Lodge one guest Zdena Vrzalova was relaxing In the room with her husband when both heard a strange noise like something heavy hitting the floor close to them. Zdena turned and saw two dark figures on the stairs they had no distinguishable features she believes one whispered something about killing some young girls. The cellar is nicknamed Satan's office it even has a throne embellished with horns and a trident. A black robed faceless priest has been seen materializing in front of the throne and walking up the steps before vanishing. (Shrine like places? Hmm) Houska castle was built with no fortifications, no water, no ** BANNED WORD **, near no trade routes, and with no occupants at its time of completion. The castle was not built as a residence or as a protective sanctuary, but was instead built because the hole was thought to be a gateway to hell. Thus, by constructing the Gothic building, they were able to keep the demons trapped in the lower level thickest walls closest to the hole of the castle. Where have we heard that before, Aye? But I know what you must be thinking, "But Kat sir, Where is the connection to the storyline!" Well, During the late 1930's the Nazis took over the castle and carried out experiments on dimensional portals and other fringe physics experiments. In the Inner courtyard the skeletons of 3 German soldiers were unearthed, all 3 had been executed. Nazi's? Experiments on dimensional portals? Paranormal creepy shit? In a fort supposedly where "The Gateway to Hell" is situated? I've never seen anything like this before, You? However I do find Houska Castle being made into a map very unlikely, I at least found it to be an interesting theory. - Kat
  11. Group 935 were responsible for creating the Wunderwaffe DG-2, The Monkey Bomb, The Ray Gun, The Thundergun (but kept secret from the rest of the group), The 31-79 JGb215 (Baby Gun), The Wave Gun and The Quantum Entanglement Device. - Kat

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