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  1. It is at the end of the maze, by the staircase.
  2. It is not just you, Nuketown zombies is AMAZING it's a great map very similar to nacht and is easily lovable. But... that's what you pay extra for.. it's like DLC. Nuketown should not be the expectations of black ops 2 zombies, Tranzit should be. Personally, I really dislike the fact that there is not one map besides nuketown or tranzit. Mostly because.. Tranzit is a huge disappointment. The wondergun is horrible, the fog is literally the most annoying thing I have ever seen. The sky destroys the whole map, I really feel that this map would be amazing without fog. And the lack of perks and normality to zombies is frustrating. They needed one more map. Tranzit was an experiment, I personally am not fond of but some may love it. They needed a good classic style map like Kino or Ascension or Der Riese.. that was the disappointment. The experiment of Traznit is hard to get used to and like, but over time who knows what will happen.. Nuketown zombies is great, but it's dlc.. They needed 1 more map to not make this such a disappointment
  3. Kino, My first zombie map& one of my favorites
  4. Is anyone else getting it shipped from gamestop, I am and I payed for one day shipping I'm just wondering if anyone knows when it will come or if anyone has done the same thing and is wondering as well. It hasn't yet been shipped.
  5. http://www.gametrailers.com/full-episod ... --zombies- no new gameplay, didn't even catch any new news, honestly I lost all hype for zombies..
  6. I love 3arc, but jeez.. their trolling has just been too much for bo2 zombies, sure for black ops one we didn't get as much info but we didn't get so trolled! Why couldn't they have actually posted GAMEPLAY today of a NEW MAP maybe one survival map or nuketown zombies, and then they could just not give any more until release, but come on give us something... We deserve a real zombie gameplay reveal like multiplayer had.. the "zombie reveal" was pretty bad.
  7. I actually agree with MixMasterNut on many levels. I in no way agree with the fact that we should be lucky to get a trailer.. it's what we are entitled to as zombie players buying all those dlcs just for zombies, clearly the amount of people that play zombies is greater than the campaign and possibly more or extremely similar to multiplayer, it's possibly the BIGGEST component of black ops 2, but still, multiplayer gets its own reveal and several other events to go with it, campaign goes at e3, but zombies gets... a trailer, and 1000 teases, that sooner or later, piss people off, well at least they start to annoy me. Because the teasers keep saying we are getting closer and closer and closer.. but the teasers are the only things getting closer. We deserve a good 3 minute trailer showing nuketown zombies, 4v4 zombies, and some of the survival maps that come from Tranzit, it is not much to ask for at all actually, considering all the gameplay shown for multiplayer, they can give us a lot more than a tease of gameplay.. that gttv thing was just terrible hype for something that was already known just not "100% confirmed...."
  8. "You may have missed this delivery, but don't rage quit yet – the zombie bus' last delivery puts some of these puzzle pieces together. Stay tuned to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Facebook page for the final reveal." I think this is the never before seen gameplay..
  9. sounds dead on to me.. I cant wait to do this easter egg, regardless of what it is, but it looks like there is a good chance this is it and it seems fun.
  10. I like this guys Idea ALOT I'm almost 100% sure it is not a perk, rather some sort of placeable equipment, or an item you buy to ensure a respawn area where you purchase it or where you place it if it is placeable. I agree with Claymore's idea.
  11. I thought it was daily, they just posted images of Verrückt: Cryptic messages... or just the ramblings of the insane? and Der Riese: The shortest path between two points isn’t a straight line… it’s an MDT. maybe its not daily, and a reveal is coming sooner than we are expecting..
  12. woah! so cool, I think there may be zombie leveling up now, and also I always look at your posts/comments LiamFTWinter, they always are interesting/truthful. I just don't post here too often.
  13. ok because one day is the most expensive version so thats why i was worried
  14. it's actually called one day, thats ok too right?
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