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  1. Alright 3Arc, this is by no means complaining. Just a want. More gamemode add ons. "Turned" is apparently epic. But howabout Infection, or All or Nothing like MW3??? I am actually thinking about buying MW3 just because of those two game modes (that is NOT an exaggeration) so, just a want thats it. Peace(Keeper)!
  2. I have not played a lot of zombies quite yet, but i have played Tranzit, Grief, Survival on ALL maps. So far, i do not enjoy zombies as i thought. Why? * Lighting is BAD. In Call of the Dead, when it went foggy, it was pretty bad, it feels almost as if it is always "foggy" if your outside. * Old weapons. Idk, i just wanted WWWAAYY more new weapons, not ones from Cod4 and World at War and BO. * Size of maps. Tranzit is HUGE, which is ok i guess, but (from where i've been to) Farm is TINY and so is Town. * NO party games. Where are the party game modes??? Hello 3arc! Did you forget something? * Custom game modes. You can create quite a vast gameplay with multiplayer and such, but for zombie mode? Theres a HUGE LACK of customization for zombies. * Trying to reach the past. To me, it seems like they're trying to rehash some of the fan fav. things to do, but also make it very different. They did just that, but horribly messed it up. Trying to stick to the past, while trying to go forward... * VERY FEW MAPS. Almost NO game modes ( a total OF 3!?!?!) and 3 maps!?!?! PATHETIC. * Weapons feel awkward. Just a feeling, i don't like it how they feel to shoot and stuff. * PLEASE TELL ME SOMETHING IS WRONG. I really hope after reading this awful review, you might be able to tell me that theres more stuff than just what i have done. Like more maps to unlock or something. In my opinion, The DLC MUST be good. Multiplayer: Good, but NO COD is going to beat good ole-MW2 thats right MW"2" WWWAAS Flawless...until someone figured out noobtubes were made from satan. If you HAVEN'T played Zombies on BO2, then DO NOT let this discourage you from thinking the same thing. Are we the same person? No, so don't think we're gonna think the same thing. These are ONLY the cons, there are some Pros. But i won't get into allll those. Lemme know!
  3. This idea is simple, if, over the course of the last several months, have not obtain enough $ (moo-loo) then would YOU like to have me give in depth information regarding zombies? A lot of people will be posting videos and cool things, but what about EVERYTHING??? Tips, tricks, weapons, maps, ideas, custom modes, etc. This would be posted via THIS website. Nothing would be leaked, because this would occur AFTER the release, in which everything will be known to mankind. SOoOo, ideas or thoughts? If you like this and want me to post info about zombies OR multiplayer, but dont say anything via this post, then nothing will come, probably. Alright, there it is. 10 hours to go!!!
  4. Ok, so we all know Black Ops 2 is a ways away, along with Zombies. How to get ready and how to not get bored of zombies until then? In all honesty, Zombies in Black Ops (even the Classic Maps) are getting kind of old for some of us, even me. I thunk of a way to bring back adrenaline and chaos! Two simple game modes: These are both based on playing through the Honor System. You could EASILY break the rules, but that would make it normal and boring. Race to the Base on Der Riese: Objective: Get from point A-b then B-C then C-D...etc. the rules: Acquire everything you possibly can until Round 10. Perks, weapons, PaP, etc. When Round 10 starts you and\or your teammates MUST be at the Juggernog Location (remember this is Der Riese) and survive until the round ends. You CANNOT go on the bridge or past the stairs downstairs. The two Barriers, stairs, and bridge is where the zombies come. Right by the Betties. When you complete Round 10 (if it's NOT dogs) then you move to the Type 100 Room after Jugg. NO crawlers aloud. MUST go straight there. Once Round 11 is finished Then from Type 100 to the Mainframe Room (starting room) then from there to Double Tap and the room to the right of it. Then from there to MP-40. You CANNOT leave the designated area until the round is over. From MP-40 to Catwalk, then after that round, Quick Revive, then to the Tunnel right below. THEN the Bridge next to Double Tap, CAN'T leave. Then the PaP place. Cannot jump off or go down the stairs. Then, YOU WIN! SUPER HARD, A LOT OF FUN! But what about Dog Rounds? The ONLY time you can get a NEW perk or weapon, OR PaP is ONLY during a dog round, past Round 10. Dog rounds are SUPER important. You can roam free however you like ONLY on a Dog Round. But immediately after a dog round, you must go to the next designated area. Ultimate Teammate: (Not 100% complete) Simple: One person stays at the Mainframe location, while the other teammate unlocks the opposite door on Der Riese. Ultimate teammate unlocks the opposite door, then the Weak Teammate is free from the Mainframe. Once Ultimate leaves, he\she CANNOT venture back into the mainframe area. The Weak Teammate cannot leave the mainframe until his\her door (the second one) is unlocked. Weaker teammate CAN'T open His\Her door. Basically, Ultimate Teammate loops around and unlocks EVERYTHING, including Weaker Teammates door. I wrote this is in the morning, so a lot of this won't make since. Read it twice to fully get it. Give me some more idears on what you guys can create!
  5. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A ... =ZAQFVd0dm
  6. In CoDZ i believe Verruct was one of my fav. maps, simply because the zombies ran SO fast (back in [email protected]) But in lets say DayZ, the zombies are slow, but the game emphasizes that any zombie, regardless of speed, is ALWAYS a big threat to your survival. I would like to see 3Arc Introduce, slower zombies, but emphasizing that it is becomes VERY intense when encountering a ghoul. But do to the fact that 3Arc hasn't taken that route, i would like to see those Verruct zombies once again. Both, fast and slow.
  7. I would say maybe Quick Revive would grant you 3 lives maybe?? Or they should add something to increase your chances of getting a 1-up or just getting a new life, such as a certain amount of zombies killed or something.
  8. Sign up for what games?? Btw, this is ONLY an example of which rounds would come to pass. It wouldn't automatically go from 1 to 30. Always spawn on round 1. Then EVERY round after that is randomized. With every random round, a gun is dropped, randomly. Just for clarification.
  9. Simple zombie game mode. Here it is: you ALWAYS start on level 1. No matter what. BUT every other round is randomized. You finish round 1 and it turns to round 30. only 1 random weapon spawns and you get more than 500 points to spawn with.
  10. what exactly is the objective, what are the rules? The teams? Apparently, everybody else gets what your getting at BUT ME...i don't fully understand, but from what i do, sounds epic. Plz explain with as few words as possible, condense.
  11. Good idea, but i think they should have all three for Nuketown. *No mans land Game Mode * 4 player classic survival *4V4 New Vs mode So you have the variety of which one you would like to accomplish, or die trying, which is obvious.
  12. Electric has a small, but somewhat not true point. I'm not much for the idea, its a GREAT idea, i just don't really care about the details. All I'm saying is yes it is a good idea, a few more details would be nice. But the overall is good. As far as posting in "other forums," lol, (no offense Electric) but screw the other forums where "your supposed to do it here." I disagree, why? Because if you want people to see your ideas, then produce big and good ideas, so when people see your posts they will look at them. And oh, a key thing, "New Wonder Weapon Idea" is lame, no offense. Spice up your titles to grab the readers attention. But as far as the idea goes yes, as far as moving it to a "none-frowned upon place" you just post wherever you look. I never even look at the "Wunder-ful ideas list" or whatever.
  13. As of the moment you can ONLY access Nuketown Zombies if your pre-order the hardened or Care Package version of Black Ops 2. The Standard edition will give access to Nuketown 2025 Multiplayer, but as of the moment the Standard Edition of Black Ops 2 will not allow access to Nuketown 2025 Zombies. :(
  14. I like it! No pun intended. Your goal is to avoid being "it" but you must let yourself be in close quarters with "it" to win.
  15. They have hinted that something like that might be implemented. Anyways, I thought about it, and I came up with the same realization that Living Dead did, that this would work better with a crossbow than with monkeys. OK, here's the deal. Each players spawns in to a fully opened map with an M1911, a crossbow with infinite ammo, and 3500 points. The M1911 can be exchanged for any wall weapon the player can get to, but the crossbow can't be traded out. 10 seconds after the game starts, zombies will start coming (about round 10 health and speed). At the same time, one person at random will be chosen to become "it". When you're "it", all the zombies are attracted to you, and only you. This is dangerous, because in a FFA zombie mode, if you go down there's no one to revive you. Your crossbow becomes an Awful Lawton (still with infinite ammo), but doesn't work the way it usually does. Instead of attracting all zombies to it, an Awful Lawton bolt will simply explode like a normal crossbow bolt. The main goal is to shoot another player with it. Then they will become "it" and the zombies will stop going for you. You'll also get a 1000 point bonus for "tagging" another player. Now, what's the goal of this game? There would be three different variants: Killmatch, Pointmatch, and Last Man Standing. Killmatch would be about who has the most kills at the end of about 10 minutes (or after every player is dead). In this mode, your kills don't count towards your total when you're "it" - this is to prevent one player from staying "it" the whole time so he can hog all the zombies. Pointmatch would be just like Killmatch, but whoever has the most points at the end wins. In this one, you don't earn points when you're "it". Last Man Standing is exactly what it sounds like: no time limit, just pure survival action. Last player alive wins. I think it could be fun, stuff like Hobo posted are the seeds where fun ideas begin. Aha, Brilliant idea. But... What does every one else do whilst you are it. Do we just follow the "it" person shooting all the zombies surrounding "it" Maybe you could be not "it" and zombies ignore you, and your also not allowed any pick ups or perks. Until you pass your "it" onto another player where they lose their perks and guns. So essentially 3 people are playing normal zombies (Maybe they spawn at x), but they must also avoid the "it" person (who spawns at Y) The it person must rake up points and attempt to shoot the crossbow at another player. Hmm haven't really thought it through, but thats my wee lil idea. Here is the one flaw i see. What do you do if you're not "It"? Avoiding the player is the big objective, but there needs to be another twist to not being "It."
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