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  1. Does it run out after a certain amount of uses like QR?
  2. Personally, I don't have any of these issues, I must be one of the blessed few. The game hasn't crashed on me once, and my connection is fine (but this is probably because I'm a two bar warrior from Black Ops 1! Haha). I do feel however some guns are pretty OP, pretty much all of the assault rifles are so much weaker. I do know that the spawns are absolute GARBAGE especially in dom. I love capping a flag and have someone spawn 6 feet in front of me and spray me down. NOT. HOWEVER I do love getting a revenge spawn on Nuketown and hitting a triple with the R870 in under a second :3
  3. In the files there is stuff from all of the old perks which theoretically could have been copied from the BO1 files however, we can assume they'll be returning because of the jingles being found in game files. Also, Mini-Gun is just a deathmachine, it'd be nice if that came back. I think transporter COULD be the gersch device but I may be wrong
  4. Even if this somebody01 guy is a troll, hats off to him for creating such an elaborate and authentic hoax! If I was Treyarch, I'd hire him.
  5. My apologies. I actually got the link to the files on RADAUSTINS27's video which had a little bit of information on this. Didn't even see that thread, sorry mate :?
  6. Ok, so the title has been changed, and this IS just speculation. Now, I myself am a little dubious as to wether this will happen. There seems to be a lot of garbage in those files that relates to BO1 and even some WaW (I.E descriptions of ALL BO1 maps, and quotes like 'the Axis have our flag!') so it seems that a lot may be copied over. It did however have things among the upgraded weapons list like 'Enfield Upgraded' and 'Mac-11 Upgraded' so it could be that some are copied over. As for the old maps coming back, I'm sure that if 3arc doesn't bring them back they may have some rather unhappy zombie slayers :D
  7. Hi guys, Sandwich here, and while I was looking through some of the game files I came across something I thought I must share. I'm no expert on this kind of thing and if I'm wrong please tell me nicely. But, it appears that files for all of the old Black Ops 1 zombie weapons PLUS the rest of the BO1 Multiplayer weapons are available. Now, we all but know that the old maps will be coming back in a DLC at some point in the future, and I was wondering: What if they included ALL of the Black Ops 1 weapons? I know some people really wanted to see the likes of the AK-47 and the M60 in Zombies and this could be it. Also, there is a weapon named the 'Sabertooth' in there. Is this something old or something new? Could it be a new Wonder Weapon? Heres the link to the coding so if you wish you may check it out: http://easycaptu.re/pMUcm.txt
  8. Hmmm. Has anybody looked at the way that the sky in Nuketown and Area 51 are so drastically different, whereas they're theoretically in the same time and then geographically very close?
  9. Rofls! Hey man, big fan of your vids, keep up the great work :)
  10. My bad, didn't realise it had been done. Thanks! :)
  11. Hi guys, just a little thought Nuketown, as in Black Ops I multiplayer is obviously set in Nevada in the late 60s early 70s. We know this because, well, thats when the game was set, and it says Nevada as the Nuketown Zombies location. So: why in Nuketown Zombies is it the Black Ops I version of the map? And why is there a nuclear bomb blast that is most likely from the end of the multiplayer map? Could it be? I've read a lot of speculation that Area 51 is set in the 60s, all that stuff about the banner and all. So, could this mean that Moon and Nuketown, that are happening at the same time, are both actually in the 60s? We have a bomb blast that is most likely from Nuketown I, and the Nuketown I version of the map? Sorry if this is badly written, I'm new here :? Anyway, share your thoughts?
  12. Hi guys, Sandwich here. Just thought I'd say hi to everyone, I've been a bit of a lurker on these forums for a while but never had the urge to sign up until now. If you want, hit me up with an add on PSN, sandwich181. Hope to get to know you all soon :)
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