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  1. I'm planning on going on a review marathon of The Call of Duty series. All I have troubling is How to Start the Marathon. My friend told me CoDs 1-3 don't matter and therefore do not count. I don't actually have to play Finest Hour ever again? YES!!! However, I can't start reviewing Call of Duty without introducing Call of Duty. So here's an idea: I can either review the Summary of Call of Duty so new-bloods can get to know the action they're getting into. OR I can review a parody based on the anime meme "Call of Onii-Chan: Imouto Warfare". Either way, the review after
  2. There's no doubt everybody, from The Fan Communities to Thr Studio, Loves Nacht Der Untoten, Aka: The First Map of Nazi Zombies! I have made noticeable discoveries about this map... 1. It Was The First Map in "World At War" 2. It Came Back in The Final DLC of "Black Ops" 3. Tranzit Was So Big, "Black Ops II" Thought It Would Bring The First Map Back 4. Nacht Returns in Revelations As The Final Map for "Black Ops III" I bet you anything, Nacht will return to Treyarch's Next Call of Duty game as a In-Game Map (Not DLC)! The thing is, that move would not surprise me. This forum is to b
  3. Call of Duty, possibly one of the most famous FPS games out there. Even if you're really not a big fan of the general series, you have to at least heard the name before. First-Person-Shooters usually get people to think of Battlefield or Halo. Call of Duty is special because it has three developers working with Activision: Treyarch, Infinity Warf, and Sledgehammer Games. For this topic, I'll review what I can for the first CoDs. I don't know much of the games, but they are considered to be Non-cannon. I won't be able to review Black Ops III, I will wait until every DLC has been sent. That said
  4. I am considering reviewing ALL (or most) Call of Duty games that have been made. I'll save Black Ops III until all DLCs are out and ready. Due to my technical issues and memories, I may review all 3 CoDs at once (These include CoD: Finest Hour, CoD2: Big Red One, & CoD3)! After that, the rest will be reviewed separately. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need a lot of it.

  5. Damn! That DG is op to anything I send at him! Damn you Richtofen! Oh Shit, the American found the Pack-a-Punch machine! The DG became the ultimate God of Artillery, Richtofen was invincible! There was no other choice, I had to send some of Fluffy's pups whenever they used the teleporter. They plan to leave Der Reise using the teleporter. The weapon was too powerful for the teleporter to handle. They lost the DG during the tunnel, but now I can't find the group nor the weapon. Where on Earth did they go!? As the world changed, I fell back asleep and began to dream. Next time on The Maxis S
  6. The following story is a part of the series I'm writing: Destiny's Journey. Illuminatti115, Soul Hunter, Black Skull, Doktor Death, Dark Dante, Shadow Girl, and others are owned by me. Call of Duty Zombies, Dante's Inferno, and others are owned by their perspective owners. Please support the official release (later, not soon). Previously on my story, I had lost my two daughters to that angel known as Doktor Death. Somehow, I had woken up in the twenty-first century in Hell. Lucifer had made a deal with me and my youngest daughter: I will find my daughters a lot easier if I became his a
  7. The Doctor has gained coordinates to Tunguska and Area 51. That's not what concerned me. Edward has his test subjects being told what to do, thinking he was the good guy. What really had me worried was the DG-2 Wunderwaffe. This lightning tool was far too powerful to be just an ordinary weapon. Edward could use this power to open the Aether and replace my control with his. I couldn't allow that to happen. Quickily, I had Fluffy send her puppies to play with the group. Just as I feared, the DG was too powerful for the pups to handle. Even worse, the group is heading to the factory. There's a cl
  8. The following story is a part of the series I'm writing: Destiny's Journey. Illuminatti115, Soul Hunter, Black Skull, Doktor Death, Dark Dante, Shadow Girl, and others are own by me. Call of Duty Zombies, Dante's Inferno, and others are own by their perspective owners. Please support the official release (later, not soon). My name is Job, you may of heard of me from the bible known as The Book of Job. Some of you are used to the truth always turning upside down. Now, it's going to happen again. In the bible, it saids that Lucifer makes a bet with God that if I lose everything, I would lo
  9. During my training with this power, I was force to sleep every once in a while. The Demon would always wake me when he found Edward. Within my dreams, I could see anything from past to future and from different perspectives. My first dream was an American soldier who had a family in his country and a friend in ours. When he got the news he was missing, the soldier volunteered to rescue the secret agent. However, the plane was shot down and the eight soldiers were split into two groups. I could see the surviving group in a foggy battlefield. My dream ended in the hospital. The Demon had told me
  10. Sorry, I don't know how. But whoever did this to the saga, thanks. Chapter 10 is out now, and they'll be more coming soon.
  11. Not much of a HISHE, but at least there is something like this. But regardless, it's technically the same ending with a small twist.
  12. Back on Earth, I could sense something. There were three towers around the world. It's Daddy! I can sense him somewhere inside the machine. A soul living as a computer. Perhaps these towers of the past could be my future in terms of returning to reality. Only two people stand in my way between me and Agartha: That doctor, Edward! Not only did he survive my wrath, but he also makes a group of the same people he knew from the labs...maybe someplace else too. And sadly my own daddy. I know I shouldn't think of him as my enemy, but he lives in a machine. Surely he's meant to meet up with a glitch
  13. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9
  14. This is nothing more than a trailer to a new story I'm about to write, a storyline that continues the saga. If you have not played nor heard the stories of Nazi Zombies or Element 115, do a quick review of the story before I talk. Other elements I may mix in will be familiar from anime as well. If you have not heard of the upcoming titles, search them up and find each one out. This trailer will not work if you do not have imagination. In the Official Storyline, all events from World at War and Black Ops have happened. The events have ended around the time where Dr. Richtofen won the ba
  15. I've got five recommendations of anime (some you might have already seen) 1. Angel Beats 2. Soul Eater 3. El Cazador de la bruja 4. Black Butler 5. Murder Princess I have already seen 60 anime shows, Dragon Ball Z & Black Rock Shooter included. I've already made a list of my own, but not enough to go on. Perhaps you can suggest me any shows if you can think outside the box.
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