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  1. Illuminatti115

    Duty or Onii-Chan?

    I'm planning on going on a review marathon of The Call of Duty series. All I have troubling is How to Start the Marathon. My friend told me CoDs 1-3 don't matter and therefore do not count. I don't actually have to play Finest Hour ever again? YES!!! However, I can't start reviewing Call of Duty without introducing Call of Duty. So here's an idea: I can either review the Summary of Call of Duty so new-bloods can get to know the action they're getting into. OR I can review a parody based on the anime meme "Call of Onii-Chan: Imouto Warfare". Either way, the review after will be Modern Warfare. Since I've never reviewed a CoD before 2016, I should be able to take a look at 4 and Remastered all in one video. And if there are no further remasters, all other CoDs will be reviewed in the order each were made. The Question is Duty or Onii-Chan? I'll also ask DeviantArt, Twitter, and YouTube later this year. And I'll see you guys wherever you may find me. See ya!
  2. There's no doubt everybody, from The Fan Communities to Thr Studio, Loves Nacht Der Untoten, Aka: The First Map of Nazi Zombies! I have made noticeable discoveries about this map... 1. It Was The First Map in "World At War" 2. It Came Back in The Final DLC of "Black Ops" 3. Tranzit Was So Big, "Black Ops II" Thought It Would Bring The First Map Back 4. Nacht Returns in Revelations As The Final Map for "Black Ops III" I bet you anything, Nacht will return to Treyarch's Next Call of Duty game as a In-Game Map (Not DLC)! The thing is, that move would not surprise me. This forum is to bring in great ideas for what they could do for this Map in their next game. My idea was they would add in more playing field of the Map...make it similar to it's inspirational structure from The Campaign or The Multiplayer Map. Another thought I had in mind was bringing back The 1.0 Versions of The Crew. If they could do that to the Map, that would be beautiful. Unless they show what they have to work with, I'm all out of ideas. But this idea for this Map would be amazing for Their 10th Anniversary of Nazi Zombies.
  3. Illuminatti115

    Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty (1-3)

    Call of Duty, possibly one of the most famous FPS games out there. Even if you're really not a big fan of the general series, you have to at least heard the name before. First-Person-Shooters usually get people to think of Battlefield or Halo. Call of Duty is special because it has three developers working with Activision: Treyarch, Infinity Warf, and Sledgehammer Games. For this topic, I'll review what I can for the first CoDs. I don't know much of the games, but they are considered to be Non-cannon. I won't be able to review Black Ops III, I will wait until every DLC has been sent. That said, let's start this reviewing marathon with the first three that started it all. PLOT Call of Duty 1-3 take place within the events of WWII. Back then, there weren't any futuristic parkour Exo-Skeletons neither did they bring up Vietnam or Cuba. Within three games in a row, it has been World War II. Sure, the games each have their own storylines, but I either didn't care or couldn't play to see through the ending. CoD, or Finest Hour, are impossible for me to play without rage quitting or dying. My PS2 couldn't play the second CoD because I'd need the fat PS2. I remember playing CoD 3, but nothing story wise is remember able. All that you should know is that Treyarch has a serious addiction to WWII. I could add one more game to review, but the graphics and gameplay feel completely different. GAMEPLAY Dear GOD, THESE HAVE TO BE THE WORST CONTROL MECHANICS I HAVE EVER F**KING PLAYED IN A COD!!! Finest Hour has different controls that scream Bullsh*t and can easily get you killed! Not to mention that the game has health packs and have health bars. Think of it as Halo, except you have to heal manually! I don't remember much of CoD 3, but it has better mechanics and controls than CoD. The Missions are forgetful, except that gawd damn Nazi Flag on that gawd damn Hill, F**KING HATE FINEST HOUR!!! MISSIONS I honestly don't remember or don't give a damn! GRAPHICS All three games look the same. I don't think you can tell the difference between 1 and 3. However, you can tell the difference between 3 and 4. But at least they're not horrible. MUSIC I really can't remember a single track from any of the three games. FINAL JUDGEMENT I can't recommend any of the three CoDs to anyone. But if you are sleightly curious, I could recommend CoD 3, it's a much better experience out of the entire trilogy. The next CoD I review will be much better than this! Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty = F**K OFF!!! Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty 2 = ? Illuminatti115 + Call of Duty 3 = Ok Game.
  4. I am considering reviewing ALL (or most) Call of Duty games that have been made. I'll save Black Ops III until all DLCs are out and ready. Due to my technical issues and memories, I may review all 3 CoDs at once (These include CoD: Finest Hour, CoD2: Big Red One, & CoD3)! After that, the rest will be reviewed separately. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need a lot of it.

  5. Illuminatti115

    Anime Chat and Recommendations

    I've got five recommendations of anime (some you might have already seen) 1. Angel Beats 2. Soul Eater 3. El Cazador de la bruja 4. Black Butler 5. Murder Princess I have already seen 60 anime shows, Dragon Ball Z & Black Rock Shooter included. I've already made a list of my own, but not enough to go on. Perhaps you can suggest me any shows if you can think outside the box.
  6. Or they could pull a LOTR and do a 3 hour movie and release another 3 hour in PT 2 Now THAT would be interesting.
  7. I can assure you it isn't. You see, I mentioned before that I make books. Well that is the main topic of all. The new ones like Anderson is what I'm trying rush into. Season 3 is already coming and I need to rush things in.
  8. The Anderson Chronicles
  9. Tell you all what, I'll skip the Albertson Chronicles and rush the Anderson Chronicles. That way the zombie fans can try and get hints for the Crew. This is much like my NAZI ZOMBIES IIII idea.
  10. I was thinking of the same thing, but in my book, "The Anderson Chronicles." You see, it's going to have a long intro (Zombies III), then my zombie project (NAZI ZOMBIES IIII) is going to be the main storyline. Don't worry, I'll have Easter eggs that give clues to Zombies II and Zombies I (Nazi Zombies).
  11. Illuminatti115


    I thought of Zombie Dew: it doubles the power of all perks. Quick Revive: allows you to be revived by yourself on multiplayer. Juggernog: allows you to walk underwater. Stammin-Up: allows zombies to fly as you run pass them. Sleight of Hand: you reload and you won't be able to see it reload! Double Tap Root-Beer: allows insta-kill for 20 rounds. Dead Shot: allows you to aim at their heads and show color of how strong the zombies are. Mule Kick: allows you to have four guns (five for my guns).

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