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If you're reading this you've found my about me section. So hi.

My name is Josh, I'm 19, currently attending school at a wonderful and rigorous liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. I've been playing zombies since black ops first came out, and all I had was a wii to play it on. That was somewhere around 5 or 6 years ago. Now, I've reached 50 on almost every map, with a few exceptions, I broke 300 on NML (though to be fair that was a longggg time ago) and I just love this gamemode. It's really the only reason I bother with COD anymore.

So yeah, that's me, If anyone honestly wants to know more feel free to message me, or just friend me on PSN and we'll get a game going :D

Oh yeah, and here I am. Shitty picture, but that's me.

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