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  1. Der atzi


    Because they took it down for no reason!
  2. Der atzi


    I stand by my point....
  3. Der atzi


    Hmmmm the wunder waffles and the.... Oh what was the other one.... I can't remember.... Should not be locked down, I'm shocked they even locked it! What I'm more conserved about is: why can the moderators shut down such a successful clean pair of empires, and my empire, at will? Surely there was flaiming or trolling or Mabie some swearing right? No!?!? Like it or not the moderators have controle over this sight, they can lock down anything at any time for any reason they like, and they normally keep a good job of this.... However if something as out of line like this happens again a lot of people will be thinking the same thing: sic semper tyrannis....
  4. Ver is my 20-31 jgb bla bla bla baby maker!?!?! Thats my favorite!
  5. Such an annoying song! But I do have to give you props: I hate using the matruahca dolls, and you used it perfectly
  6. Three words: black ops two.... It's so close I can taste it!
  7. Dear god don't fight me on this, look, I have no way to record my gaming experiences, but I can ensure you over a period of six months, I did in this order the call of the dead, der reise, accession, shangri la and both moon easter eggs. I can not give you any proof.... You will just have to trust me.... I can list every step of each map if you want me to....
  8. I did it, just takes a WHILE to find good people... No lie
  9. Quite mad actually, thank you for asking...
  10. Good your on edge, when your not on edge your taking up too much space....
  11. Anyone who can present me a recording (don't care how good) of all 5 Easter eggs (der reise flytrap-accession mystery man-call of the dead send the crew to paradise- shangrila only time travel will tell- and moon big bang theory) will be pronounced king(queen) of zombie Eastereggs! Rules: no pre-taped and photoshopped shvine, I want real proof. They must be done on the same account by the same guy (here's the [email protected][email protected]&[email protected]) YOU MUST DO ALL OF THIS WITH AT LEAST 2 RANDOMs!!! Congratulations to all who attempt this: welcome to hell....
  12. Always happy to help.... Especially if I get to kill zombies! Muahahahhaha
  13. Ok take a death machine, shrink it paint it green-gray and put the electric bolts on the end of the wunder waffe(that keep the shock from coming back at you) and put them on the nozzle, then take the side of the nozzle and make it look like there are microchips and wires inside, then take the gas chamber from the waw flame thrower and make it look science-esqe and attach some wires to the actual devise, the Handel dosnt change..... The Sam sickle: take a crossbow, remove the arrow and put a shaft that glows like the tubes on "moon" when you open up the pyramid, take some parts off and make it look science-esqe, add an evil yellow glow to it, and some vrill scriptures on the side and you got yourself a samsickle 1.15
  14. ! Oh! I have a few! The Harrp, you may want to draw this on the back of a person.... It's a metallic green-gray and has wunder waffe points on the end of the gun, the barrel of the gun is open exposing bits of microchips and wires and what-not, it's trigger is more of a Handel that you squeeze and it's attached to a flame thrower like backpack used to generate the power, the wunder waffe points act as the sight and the whole thing is the size of a rifle! Then there's the sam-sickle 1.15 it should look like a crossbow with wunder waffe points and it glows yellow, and has no arrows, it should also look like it has microchips in it and vrill language on the sides! Thank you, if you do try to do these!
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