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  1. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    Three words: black ops two.... It's so close I can taste it!
  2. Der atzi

    Who Brought You Here?

    I accomplished my task, and I leave my Xbox nonrunning and ready for blops2.0 .... My gt is seceret ....
  3. Der atzi

    Who Brought You Here?

    I came here looking for a place to make sense of the zombie storyline, and to post my ideas of the next map.... And to find a person to play moon that wasn't high or six.....
  4. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    Ok take a death machine, shrink it paint it green-gray and put the electric bolts on the end of the wunder waffe(that keep the shock from coming back at you) and put them on the nozzle, then take the side of the nozzle and make it look like there are microchips and wires inside, then take the gas chamber from the waw flame thrower and make it look science-esqe and attach some wires to the actual devise, the Handel dosnt change..... The Sam sickle: take a crossbow, remove the arrow and put a shaft that glows like the tubes on "moon" when you open up the pyramid, take some parts off and make it look science-esqe, add an evil yellow glow to it, and some vrill scriptures on the side and you got yourself a samsickle 1.15
  5. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    ! Oh! I have a few! The Harrp, you may want to draw this on the back of a person.... It's a metallic green-gray and has wunder waffe points on the end of the gun, the barrel of the gun is open exposing bits of microchips and wires and what-not, it's trigger is more of a Handel that you squeeze and it's attached to a flame thrower like backpack used to generate the power, the wunder waffe points act as the sight and the whole thing is the size of a rifle! Then there's the sam-sickle 1.15 it should look like a crossbow with wunder waffe points and it glows yellow, and has no arrows, it should also look like it has microchips in it and vrill language on the sides! Thank you, if you do try to do these!
  6. Der atzi

    Research Facility needs a revive!

    Abracadaver!, I have concluded that saying this has done nothing..... The wonders of science....
  7. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    You REALY like Chernobyl don't you.... Ok I was thinking after the whole Harrp thing the crew makes their way to Egypt where they hold off near and inside a temple, which happens to contain mummy's. Maxis will learn more about the voices, and as a zombie boss we could fight a vrill pharaoh! And instead of power there's ancient hieroglyphic science-magic stuff we have to turn on...and the wunder weapon would be the crook and flail, and ofcorse they fire 10 lasers and 20 lasers paped as well work as a blaistics knife....
  8. You have taken every last thing that would make zombies terrible and crammed it into one post.... This is awful, and that's that, aND IM NOT GOING TO FIGHT aNYONE ABOUT THIS!!! IT'S FINAL!!!
  9. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    That's the wave gun.... But better....slightly... Look until the LAST zombie map EVER! We will likely only see the wunder waffe as the result of an ee like cotd
  10. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    Ok the ww dg-3 jz can only be in der reise and possibly the last map trayarch will ever make...... That's what makes der reise special! It was the first "last" game, it has sentimental value, Mabie another ww like eh... Blistic disk, it's like holistic knifes but they are sometimes explosive and are much wider....
  11. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    You'd need to kill them with explosions and they hurt and teleport you, but don't take your perk, because later on there could be a secret room you can only access by using a mummy zombie....
  12. Der atzi

    CoDz Word Association Game

    My controller can't REACH the charge port...
  13. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    Who's stoping them? Mabie you could, and Mabie, idk of this is possible or not, add the ees from earlier to the maps? You'd be a legend....
  14. Der atzi

    Next map ideas....

    That's great! Do it in egypt and Mabie the zombie boss can be zombie mummy

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