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  1. Sigh.... I'm done.... I'm tierd and done..... Until the release of more information later on this year I'm leaving codz forums.... There is no reason for me to stay here EXEPT to argue with other people, so to you I tip my hat, adu.....
  2. Der atzi


    Because they took it down for no reason!
  3. Der atzi


    I stand by my point....
  4. Der atzi


    Hmmmm the wunder waffles and the.... Oh what was the other one.... I can't remember.... Should not be locked down, I'm shocked they even locked it! What I'm more conserved about is: why can the moderators shut down such a successful clean pair of empires, and my empire, at will? Surely there was flaiming or trolling or Mabie some swearing right? No!?!? Like it or not the moderators have controle over this sight, they can lock down anything at any time for any reason they like, and they normally keep a good job of this.... However if something as out of line like this ha
  5. My mind is telling me: This has nothing to do with zombies, and yet I tell myself I has so much too..... Let us join togeather.... To form a grander tomarow.... Sigh.... The chances of this happening are barely a percent.... (Drinks a swig of drink from a glass coke bottle) (begins to sing softly to myself) "And the piano it sounds like a carnival...."
  6. Ver is my 20-31 jgb bla bla bla baby maker!?!?! Thats my favorite!
  7. Better your an elite....anyone can use you as a way to prove their skills in the area of zombies....and access the z-crew empire...
  8. I almost agree with mr c's coment, but I see it as try not to fight, And always be the wiser....
  9. Yes that's what there saying, I'm saying I support you because I have no reason not to....Basicly the same point Let's say we all go for a round of accession in toast for darkjolton!
  10. Hey I'd hate to ask but how do you upload a YouTube video to the forum, ive been trying forever...
  11. Ah.... In a perfect world, everyone would do that, but then again if everyone did that you wouldn't be needed....
  12. This is my simpathetic smile.... I'm not a happy go lucky balanced minded guy....
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