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  1. just had a idea how about putting that navicard reader at the door that needs the turbine to open packapunch in the power room
  2. exactly thats why there has to be a reason for the attachments i could see if it refilled your ammo too by pack a punching twice but u just get a stupid attachment that has no purpose except looking cool
  3. ive had the mms and the target finder cant remember what guns i had it on but the only guns u cant packapunch twice are mustang sally, rpd, raygun and a few wall weapons found it on youtube heres a video not mine. qGEByvZEJf0
  4. scoop1215

    5th area?

    I get across that one easy on round round 1 no jug u just got to look for smallest area to jump across the lava. All the randoms ive been playing with had no idea u could do that I always goto town on round 1 open the bank and get my points out from the last game and have the bowie knife and 10000 points on round 1 when they only have 700 lol and power turned on with all my perks whatever points I dont need I alwawys put back into the bank.
  5. there has to be a reason why we can pack a punch more than once what if we need the millimeter wave scanner attachment to see something hidden since it allows you to see through walls or the target finder attachment
  6. if u dont take the bus and walk to town from the bus station it breaks as soon as u step on it
  7. i have on round 1 with no jug its easy to jump through the lava u just have to bunny hop and have full health wait until u killed the denzin then bunny hop u just have to be real quick about it i havent seen anything unless im blind it could be treyarch just trolling again to keep people playing the game
  8. the robot bus driver is named bloodhound its on his hat
  9. i really think its all about how u do the easter egg if u side with maxis he might be trying to help the original 3 with sam escaping moon cause when his side of the easter egg is done he helps u buy giving u random drops under the tower. if u help richtofen he dosen't help u out which is why this easter egg saves at random points to continue in future dlc where tranzit left off.
  10. and we still dont know what the navicard does yet playthegame has been uploading what it does and activison keeps removing that video
  11. u get power ups that switch kind of like the monkeys in shang when they steal your drops at the tower that respawn through the whole game at the end of maxis easter egg if u do richtofen u dont get nothing
  12. yeah cause i knew activision would do some shady stuff like put nuketown zombies in it since i didnt get hardened or the prestige edition and i wasn't going to waste 20 bucks on a steel case or almost a 100 for a cheap rc vehicle.
  13. that explains why after i started doing this with my friends we all died and it said updating game settings for all of us.
  14. its not the thundergun 2.0 its called The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 and its for the easter egg u need that build for one of the steps richtofen ask u to do
  15. power plant and dinner are only playable in tranzit mode the power plant is the h.a.a.r.p research station
  16. u can explore when the bus leaves u just cant walk on foot from the dinner to farm but i already now where im going in the mist cause u have to walk on foot for a few buildables for the new wonder weapon which u need for the easter egg which u also find parts to build in the mist for that too
  17. well for anyone who didnt get the nuketown map here u go _Llv012XWrU
  18. u can buy perks without power if u use the turbine buildable put it next to the perk u want and buy the perk the perk dosent work when the power is off but when u build the power switch and turn the power on u will have the full effect of the perk
  19. a part for the easter egg is in there and so is a part of that new wonder weapon The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 u have to build for the easter egg
  20. there are 3 easter egg songs in tranzit another one is that god awfull dubstep song by Skrillex 4YPdJSguYFs
  21. nuketown while playing nuketown sam is still in control as the rounds progress u hear richtofen doing the easter egg steps on moon then when u die in nuketown a missle from moon hits nuketown. so in short this sucks cause it was a pre order bonus and it has story related content in it that only people with prestige or hardened get to see 1st hand while others cant get it.
  22. there is a ton of people playing multiplayer i wonder if they are reseting the ranks come monday night or tuesday morning
  23. the servers are up now for mp
  24. yes please locked this up i dont want to get banned by saying certain things to prove i got the game
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