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  1. Not sure why Private Matches weren't included. They included many features we always wanted, like host migration but remove private match. It's a silly move.
  2. I actually noticed this as well when I played it. Possible reference definitely as Treyarch like to include zombie Easter eggs in campaigns, eg Ray Gun in Little Resistance WaW and Thundergun in Numbers BO1.
  3. Nacht Der Untoten's original location was never confirmed but just assumed to be in Germany. This in my opinion now confirms its true location. Unless there is somehow a direct clone of Nacht. Like someone said before, is it possible if someone could noclip around the area to see if it looks the same?
  4. Wasn't me, saw it posted on Facebook.
  5. Does this possibly mean we could find more maps??
  6. If it has, my mistake. Anyways, moving back to at 0:50 to 0:57 Woods says something about the enemy stealing the keys. Now this reminds me of something..... Secure the keys. Ascend from darkness. Rain fire. Unleash the horde. Skewer the winged beast. Wield a fist of iron. Raise Hell. Freedom. Knowing Treyarch they always put these little extra details into their games. Sure this may just be a total coincidence, but something is telling me that this may mean more than it seems. I'm crazy...
  7. Oh god, why am I seeing the crew (Tank, Nicoli, Takeo and Samantha) going to a diner to meet Doctor Maxis or a younger richtofen.
  8. Although going back to World At War, Nacht Der Untoten and Verrukt were both based off there Multiplayer/Campaign map and they are great fun to play. I'm thinking Black Ops 2 gameplay will be similar to WaW.
  9. Yeah, I mostly lurk but that's changing. Anyways.... People have been saying that the campaign and zombies are becoming closer and closer together. I believe they have been together the whole time since World At War and became even more close in Black Ops. For starters, You had the Ray Gun Easter egg on one of the American levels. If they were in a different timeline, surely they wouldn't have included that. Next we have in Black Ops, the Thundergun Easter Egg on "Numbers". This pretty much confirms with me that the Zombies Storyline and the Campaign are the same timeline. Heck even JFK, Mcnamara, Nixon and Castro are in a zombie map and JFK doesn't seem too concerned in the "Five" cutscene where the zombies are breaching he just casually says it's zombies. Now from the Info we have gotten from Tacitus and the other info, This has gave even more evidence to them being linked. At the moment, I will guarantee that somewhere on the Black Ops 2 campaign, the wonder weapon that appears in the very first Zombies map for the game will be in one of the campaign missions.
  10. Round 64. Thank you Thundergun Failures.
  11. Was just listening to the songs today and they felt out of place. The One sounded like it would go best with Moon for me. Probably just being crazy, but this has been on my mind the whole day lol.
  12. I think he's legit. I know a guy who can survive in the Kino spawn until round 20 without even going down once.
  13. I'm setting this challenge to everyone. Rules: No opening doors. you can use quick revive. can only buy 1 wall weapon (olympia or m14) This is just a fun challenge so no prizes or anything. Lets see who can get the highest round! I got to round 11. mzEOmtgGrMk
  14. Why didn't your warned you dad? It does suck of course. He never comes into my room lmao. But oh well. Round 40 isn't that bad, I could get that done again easy.
  15. Paused the game at Round 40 and went to sleep for the night. Then went to school the next day. When I got home after school my dad says to me. "Brock, you left your PS3 on, I turned it off for you so it wouldn't over heat." I was raging after I had this lmao (Silently though, not to my dad) +1 to dad for caring for the ps3 heat. -1 for ruining my plans of going to Round 100.

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