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  1. Perhaps try and get the green avagodro there, aim this electrical beam from the laundromat at it?
  2. OK here's how I think the Church looks like a rocket... Alright in this picture the main building, or the "Spire" part leads straight down to the ground, making the front look rectangular, or thinking in 3D terms cylindrical, making it look like a rocket. The secondary building also looks like the wings, with the building being built almost halfway up the first building, which really makes it look like a rocket to me. Also, the clock looks like a window like on this: So all in all, I believe the church is a retro rocket, fitting the theme of the green run loading sc
  3. Found this in the coding, perhaps it has significance? "Welcome aboard. Please secure all personal belongings and take your seat. Now departing for the HAARP Research Station."
  4. I would also like to see that coding
  5. Hey guys, I hadnt played Zombies for about a week, and when I got on I had went from Blue eyed Skull to Regular. So after I play a pretty standard game on Tranzit, I see that I got a tally mark beside my shield. I play another two games and I get two more tally marks. This continued until I got 4 Tally marks with A Blue Eye again where I had to stop playing. So is the Ranking system really just how many games you play? What about the Shotguns/Knife ranks?
  6. Are we listening to the same video I didnt hear a bus honk at all. Even if it was the bus, the sound would still be affected by the camera moving to different spots
  7. Jiggabonis

    The Wires!

    @Triple Ex Come on man, if you wanna give up on the EE, fine, but I believe that you said in another post that Zombies is all about the discovery and that 3arc giving us the answers ruins it.
  8. It looks to me like a lightning bolt for the HAARP tower (obelisk). Can someone check if theres an antenna/rod similar to that in-game?
  9. Went from regular skull to blue eyed skull with shotties in 2 games, kinda curious how that happened haha. SIGNED
  10. Jiggabonis

    The Wires!

    Try setting up a turbine under/near them. Triple you are the biggest pessimist on this forum, just sayin
  11. Jiggabonis

    Bell tower

    Almost everyone in this forum knows what the Bell tower is, if dont know what it is its a tower like structure thats found in Town. It rings at various intervals, and when I think of an obelisk, I think of a pillar with a point on it, the exact shape of the Tower. I believe that the next step revolves around the tower. Has anyone tried to explore? When Richtofen talks about the obelisk, has anyone came here instead? Has there been any strange orbs or lights near it? Has anyone used EMPs/Jet Gun on it?
  12. Jiggabonis

    5th area?

    In the bottom of the picture below, there is a path that arcs connecting The Farm and The Diner leading to something in the middle. Perhaps I'm seeing things or maybe there is something. Also, notice how there looks like there is a path from Town that looks like it leads to the exact area Im talking about. http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-s ... 2285_n.jpg
  13. Ok, first we gotta recap to Moon On the Moon Easter Egg, Maxis is attempting to stop Richtofen from taking over control of the zombies by use of nukes on the Earth, however, once you actually succeed in doing so, he maniacally laughs. If I was trying to save the world, that would be the last thing I would do, so I went back to the radios. After he returns from God knows where and ends up at the Griffin Station, HES the one who told Samantha to begin the zombie apocalypse. This could've been a part of his plan (or a plan he had) to take over/destroy the planet in his grief and rage over Sa
  14. Ernst may have been part of Group 935 prior to Paperclip, helping to build the Wonder Weapons and zombies. Samuel may be this guy's son, thus relating him to Richtofen, and why he seems to know so much about the zombies
  15. Has anyone checked the area right before the bridge? I went there trying to explore and I saw a gas station that looked like it was accessible, but I got downed before I could look :(
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