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  1. Lol, I can't believe that my complete guess was correct.
  2. What about a NML style PaP area on Goldengate Bridge?
  3. Thanks, we're at 60 and 61. It's my solo scores that get me into the top tens. I was second for a while for solo Lockdown (now I'm ninth). I have a pretty good solo strategy for that map so I might try again soon.
  4. Just got to 58 on Underground with my friend.
  5. As someone that's been to round 100, I disagree. I used to have the same opinion before I went for it, trust me round 1-50 and 50-100 are completely different. As I said, constant ammo shortages force you to hit the box mid-round to get the wonder-weapon again, which can always be very dangerous if it's in a bad area. And you do HAVE to have the wonder-weapon at round 60+ as not even the Ray Gun will do a damn thing. Of course you can use the traps too if the map has them, like Verruckt and Der Riese where you basically depend solely on the traps to get through the higher rounds. Either way though, the rounds become painstakingly long, you lose concentration and silly mistakes happen. People that haven't been to round 100 really can't comment on how easy or hard it is, from personal experience it's really not as easy as it seems. On people not going for 100+ because they're on a console... stop making excuses the majority of world records in this game have been done on both PS3 and Xbox, a lot of them being 100+ rounds. I wasn't making excuses, I heard if you keep a console on for a few days it will overheat etc. May be wrong though. But my kino strategy wouldn't change from 50-100 because I use traps. As for loosing concentration, I'd just have breaks when I got tired. I know that it would get tedious, but the gameplay itself would not get harder.
  6. Not trying to be an asshole in any way, but I don't understand when people say this. You can pause the game and come back to it when you have the time; any round 100+ games I've done have been dragged out over about a week, playing for a few hours a day. Maybe with a PC but I wouldn't advise keeping a console on for a week. Imo, if you can get to about round 50, you could probably get to round 100. For example, if you could save your progress I think I'd be able to do it.
  7. My highest solo and co-op wave on Seatown is 42 which is a helicopter round. I always die because the explosive dogs always overrun my camping spot despite my claymores. Gonna have to try running from building to building and taking out the enemies as I go.
  8. I added you on PSN. I don't have a mic but I'll play survival with you if you want.
  9. Resistance: 26 (solo) 40 (co-op) Village: 29 (both solo and co-op) Interchange: 31 (solo) 30 (o-op) Underground: 36 (solo) 46 (co-op) Dome: 29 (solo) 30 (co-op) Mission: 27 (solo) 33 (co-op) Seatown: 42 (both solo and co-op) Carbon: 33 (solo) 31 (co-op) Bootleg: 31 (solo) 25 (co-op) Outpost: 23 (solo) 28 (co-op) Hardhat: 19 (solo) 27 (co-op) Fallen: 37 (solo) 25 (co-op) Lockdown: 35 (solo) 28 (co-op) Downturn: 31 (solo) 30 (co-op) Arkaden: 31 (solo) 28 (co-op) Bakaara: 28 (solo) 25 (co-op)
  10. The best way to use the traps is to run a train on in the corridor with the elevator and when all of the zombies have spawned take the train to the back of tge corridor near the elevator, then sprint past them and activate the trap. After the train has been killed you will have time to go back into the corridor before more zombies spawn in but you can use the trap to kill a few more if they spawn in slow enough to run them through it. You can also take them through to the trap near quick revive if the other is charging.

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