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  1. My friend and I were standing behind the a turret in the PaP room. The round began to slow down so my friend thought it was a good time to bank his points. Just as he got in front of the turret a zombie came down the stairs and took em both out. I was like "dumbass! you should've picked up the turbine first" so I go to revive him and YUP! Zombie down the steps turret takes me out. Game over. My dumbass forgot to pick up the turbine.
  2. I've seen this zombieshield business before, but does the shield actually work for you? I've told players I've played with that they had a shield on their backs yet none of them had it functional. I figured it was just overlooked by treyarch.
  3. Still there as of today at 4am PST. I'm still not totally convinced it's a glitch though. Maybe I just refuse to call it one. It does give an advantage so I can see that point as well. I suppose it's because of the "semi" perma perks you can get in the game like fake deadshot and iron boards that I think it was placed there on purpose. Perm perks give an advantage as well though. I've seen it used as a barrier, but all the buildables are temporary barriers. It can be done at all areas of the map unlike barrier glitch spots like tunnel or power room. I was just thinking that it was needed for something other than pack a punch.
  4. He spawns where the storm is. Whether he spawns if there is nobody at the area of the map the storm is at is unclear, kinda like if a tree falls in the forest thing. He will spawn again after you defeat him by any method regardless of how many times you defeat him as long as the round begins and the storm is over you. Good thing is, he's pretty easy to evade and outrun.
  5. The quick version is once you pick up a turbine, set it down next to the original build table and within half a second, immediately pick up another one. You wont see the press x or square button when you go to pick up the second one, however, you will see a turbine in your inventory. The original turbine you set down will still be there thus giving you a second turbine to place. Now there are several rules that you will learn when doing this, the most important being that if a zombie wrecks your first turbine, the second one will disappear from your inventory. Now in order to have the unlimited/indestructible version of the turbine you must now place your second turbine where ever you want it (pack a punch, streetlamp, or anywhere) then throw a frag grenade at it. It will blow up the fan and tail yet the stand will still remain and it will still emit power. This "headless" turbine is now indestructible.
  6. By now most of you know about the Unlimited/Indestructible Turbine. Do you think this is a Glitch or an intended aspect of the game. Most people use it for the pack a punch room. How do you use it? Personally, it doesn't seem like a glitch since you have to "hack" it with a frag. Has anyone tried the same method with the other buildables? It may be needed for the EE.
  7. Obviously the Pack a punch room. 1 by pack a punch other 3 in the corner intersection. Knuckles and 2 good guns plus a turret helps in later rounds. I know that a lot of people use this method to make points not to mention easy to bank.
  8. R1 on Ps3. Can't plant on certain surfaces. Some plant to activate glitches, others plant to pick up later. Zombies can destroy it while planted.
  9. Oddly I've never been picked up by a teamate when downed with tombstone. The 60 seconds makes sense to me since its happened before where i die in a high round and spectate for like 7 minutes occasionally seeing my tombstone floating there. Players then would leave that area and I respawn with them and have to hump over to my down spot and it be gone. Also, what happens when u get downed on the bus? Does the tombstone go for a ride?
  10. What is the difference between not feeding the zombies by pressing Square or X, than bleeding out normally as it relates to Tombstone Perk? Has anyone pinned down the actual number of minutes u have to pick it up? Thanks.
  11. Green run may still have some expansion. I frequently hear the bus driver say something about heading to the "HARB research station". Also, the Navcard's may fix the GPS that the driver keeps saying has an Error.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I use solo to build some $$ in the bank and practice, but recently have been playing 4 player to do the EE. Since you cant complete the EE Solo, it seems odd that it would save. I'll try some stuff then.
  13. Ok, here's another theory on this Navcard Table being saved. I just talked to one of my friends that built the Navcard Table solo, and he said that it is saved for him. He linked me to a Youtube video with instructions to build the navcard table then end the game. Start over. and complete the EE. The theory is that the Navcard Table is only saved if all 4 players (or however many are playing) have built the table at some point prior. Does this sound right?
  14. Just throwing it out there, but I would really like to run survival at the Diner/Gas station and the Tunnel as well. I was hoping that they would Unlock this on the global map somehow, paying for it doesnt seem fair since its not really new content.
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