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  1. i tend to call him whatever comes to mind when i need to reference him, from timothy to bob to tall dude
  2. This does NOT work. Me and some other guys tried this before I even read the thread. DO NOT try this. You just die.
  3. Whoever has the tam (hat), I want to be.
  4. Just a theory, could it be a new random thing, that depending on what EE was completed by host, depends of a percentage of times that Richtofen/Maxis will so something? Like, if you've completed Maxis's EE, then there's a 75% chance he'll make your box gun better, and 25% chance Richtofen will make it worse etc etc
  5. The wiki refers to them as Minions, but Jumping Jacks sounds better imo
  6. I'm still under the belief Treyarch screwed up this Achievement/Trophy, but hey, at least you seem have a random chance to start a round with epic music! But yeah, me and a friend both got it at the same time with 0 excavators currently down xD
  7. Pretty sure the person who said 'saucer' was referring to the saucer-shaped teleporter pads in Moon. Either way, it was to power up the pyramid or depower it (I haven't had anything to do with the EE in a long time here), but all I really remember is it ended with that thing holding Samantha's soul and switching it with Richtofen...something like that. It was solely for: A. Opening the door on CotD B. The various uses on the pyramid in Moon If there are any other proven, ingame uses, then those too, and that's it.
  8. Colt upgraded is an EXPLOSIVE PISTOL. No one ever keeps it, let alone PackaPunches it, so it was a secret.
  9. I've been trying it with my friends recently (bless your soul if you have the patience to work with mic-less randoms) and we finally got all the way to Step 7 (or whenever you put the rod in the computer). We put the wire in and Richtofen walked over and held X. Nothing happened. Take this as a warning to anyone, you cannot finish the EE unless you do the CotD EE and Shangri-La EE. That's not a rumor. And then we went to do Shangri-La's, and we died before getting the Shrink Ray. D:
  10. DangerousSalad

    Moon song?

    This should not be a poll, Elena Siegman always has done Original Crew map songs, and Eminem/A7X did the other character map songs (5/CoTD). Sorry to sound mean, but there is no way Moon will have anyone but Elena Siegman on it. They even had the intro to it on the end of Shangri-La.
  11. I'm 99% sure that's Teleporter A (or B or C) from Der Riese, hence the Thompson.
  12. Just saying, the Doomsday clock on Nuketown is an EE that counts down the match timer and when it finishes, the nuke goes off in the ending screen (where everyones' points show).
  13. Who ever said the Perk gave you a gun? It's probably as simple as this: 1. Obtain 1 or 2 guns. 2. Buy 3-gun Perk. 3. Obtain a 3rd gun from wall or Box. 4. If you go down, the gun you were holding while you were downed is lost, as well as the Perk. 5. Re-buy 3-gun Perk, re-obtain gun with said purchase. 6. Exchange various weapons however you want. Who ever suggested that a Ray Gun would fall out of the bottle?
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