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    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    @Str8 Awaay I can confirm this too. I have had it tor awhile but didnt know how I got. I noticed it after a game where I did the easter egg, got all the parts myself, and ran a train til about round 25. The next game I ran a "denizen" to the street light at the diner and made it all they to it before it caught up with me; thats practically when I knew.
  2. TheVetx

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Cant lie. I was hoping it wasnt a glitch but thanks for the insight all the same. But the extra Stamina is definitely a worthy upgrade! I just got out a match and I can honestly say that sprinting feels like i'm running alot farther. I mean, not enough to where Im like I dont need it but enough to where i feel like i can actually get things done alot quicker even before I get it. Also, im going to have to test that glitch. Because if it can be used properly, it would be significant for those trying to do Maxis' EE.
  3. TheVetx

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Ok, I been doin' a lil' studying myself and i might have stumbled across a new "earnable" (thats growing on me). So, I first noticed this when trying to activate teleporters without the power being on. When running a "denizen" to a street light is how I indentified something new. If you try to activate the teleporter at the diner by running to the top of that hill and waiting for the "denizen" to start chasing you, you will usually only make it to the back of that truck before it catches up to you due to your sprint running out. Well, apparently MY sprint has been improved! Heres the facts: Now when i run to that same teleporter, I make it all the way to it before my sprint is exhausted! I believe it has something to do with distant traveled in a single match. I say this because in one of my greater matches, I ran thru the entire map grabbing the things for easter egg by myself (not including the Nav Card table since it was already built) and got to high rounds doing a flawless circle technique @ the Diner. So at the end of the day, I ran most places i needed to be plus surving by myself @the Diner. I think it has to do with your total traveled miles. Also, something else i found very interesting was that I would go to the town before the power was on and grab Juggy and Stamina Up with the turbine and i would get the faded Juggy when took the turbine but when i did it with Stamina, i didnt fade out! So, when i saw this, im thinking "What about Quick Revive!?" Well, I can confirm that it didnt work the same way. Let me know wht you guys think! This was my first official post and I wanted to bring you guys something good! Direct message me @ Psn ID miroku06

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