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  1. The PS3 doesnt have those beams..so I wouldnt know but once you do both EEs, you'll still see both blue and red orbs all the time; it doesnt matter if your starting over a EE or not. Im really trying to find out if someone has seen both orbs in the Town. I played a match earlier and saw that theBlue Orbs on the opposite traffic light. Its stuff like that makes you wanna keep looking through TranZit.
  2. Whats up guys!? Wanted to start a discussion about the TranZit traffic light orbs. I saw them for the first time this past week and was wondering how many people were seeing this. I completed Richtofen's EE first about a two months ago now and this is the first I've seen of it. My partner and I did the EE split screen; using my account and his as a guest account. Well, little did my partner know, (even though I explained it) guest accounts don't get the trophies but the data still carries over saying the he completed Richtofen's EE! So, in order for him to receive the trophy, we had to do Maxis' EE on his profile. Now, on my profile, the game recognizes that I've completed both. It took a few matches but my profile finally resets Richtofen's. Once it did, I started seeing the Orbs more frequently! In the box, on the pylon, and yes, in the Town! Here's some vids: Blue Orbs Red Orbs If you didn't know, NONE of the Orbs show in Theatre mode. So, I apologize for the video quality, I was using my Vita! NGT Zombies showed footage of this early on but they never showed any blue Orbs. I'm starting the think that this latest patch has alot to do with why I'm seeing them so frequently. Now, can anyone tell me if they've seen the Orbs lately in their matches? And If so, when and who's EE did you complete? I've done both EE on Ps3. P.S.- I dont mind if you send me a message through the Playstation...and willing to do EE with anyone; plus I can complete both with just two players! PSN ID: miroku06
  3. TheVetx

    WTF is THIS!?

    I'm pretty sure it is, because on the trailer compared to the actual game, looks like the fog opacity was lowered greatly. In the trailer, there was no fog at all... :ugeek:
  4. Nice thought, but I'm sure the players have god mode activated when filming the in-game trailers, so they don't look dumb going down while trying to promote the game. Then again I could be wrong. I'll look at the trailer again in a little bit and EDIT my post with anything new I see. Can someone tell me what this is @ 1:28 in the reveal trailer? I see a pylon but there's blue structure there... The bus depot nor the diner has any pylon there so what could it be? And in the trailer you can see clear as day because the trailer was shot with no fog activated.. :?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH_9GzaUW40
  5. TheVetx

    WTF is THIS!?

    I found this after scouring the map for clues. I didn't really realize it until I viewed it in Theatre, but the train tracks that we see are connected! When normally running through the map, you might never notice this because the tracks seem like they're on opposite sides of each other. But I panned through the map and found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIAvdSQCVCw I don't really know what this is but it looks like one of those machines that dumps stuff into train cars. What do you think?
  6. u cant store a raygun in the fridge think how easy that would be if every person on round one had a raygun Correction, you can actually store the Ray Gun in the fridge. And Mustang & Sally. The Ray Gun has to be PaP'd.
  7. I was waiting for someone to find this. I noticed it a few days ago, but if you watch the official reveal trailer on youtube, @1:28 you can see something thats not found in TranZit! Its a blue structure thats really hard to make out but it looks kinda like a construction site or maybe bleachers? Idk but it really looks like the bus is heading somewhere no ones seen yet. When you start Tranzit, you clearly see the bus coming from the back of the building. What I'm thinking is that the bus is leaving the bus depot from the opposite side of the building. Idk but I KNOW this map and I've never whats @1:28 in the reveal trailer. Check this out! I definitely want somebody to touch this subject! Worth a look!
  8. @Str8 Awaay I can confirm this too. I have had it tor awhile but didnt know how I got. I noticed it after a game where I did the easter egg, got all the parts myself, and ran a train til about round 25. The next game I ran a "denizen" to the street light at the diner and made it all they to it before it caught up with me; thats practically when I knew.
  9. Incorrect. The guns in fact have no relevance whatsoever to the storyline. This fact is more known than pretty much anything else. This is easily provable, unless you can give me an explanation as to how an American military m16 ended up in a Nazi theatre? No? Okay then. Currently it is still debated when green run is set however I still firmly believe that it is set in the sixties not in the future. -Jolteon ...dude the "M16" really thats your arguement? Its a know fact the M16 has been in every war since the beginning of WWII. So thats not good enough for me. And regards to green run being in the '60s, there was nothing even close to the robot in the '60s. Im just saying...
  10. @PINNAZ ..check this out though. Whatever caused that explosion on Nuketown wasnt necessarily a NUKE. When you start Nuketown, the loading image alone tells you a nuke didnt go off. From the looks of it, it was some type of device. I know this a forum and its made for theories and speculations but I have NO CLUE what tha thing is! lol I mean, if you were to make any type of educated guess, I'd say the Vril had something to do with it! lol Hate to be that guy... (you know the one screaming aliens) Also, as far as we know, the only NUKE that drops on this level is the one that drop when your dead. And i always looked at that missle like the gov't sent that in since the CDC & CIA members failed their mission.
  11. Cant lie. I was hoping it wasnt a glitch but thanks for the insight all the same. But the extra Stamina is definitely a worthy upgrade! I just got out a match and I can honestly say that sprinting feels like i'm running alot farther. I mean, not enough to where Im like I dont need it but enough to where i feel like i can actually get things done alot quicker even before I get it. Also, im going to have to test that glitch. Because if it can be used properly, it would be significant for those trying to do Maxis' EE.
  12. ....umm no. Green Run is OBVIOUSLY in the state of Washington. I mean, you'd have to be from China or Mars to not realize that geographical location on the globe thats given. I mean, come on thats simple. And Nuketown tells you its in Nevada. If you dont trust it go look @ Shooter's Bren Tower post. It has all the compelling evidence you need. It has a real photo of the Sedan Crater which has a real life Nuketown there! Check it out!
  13. Ok, I been doin' a lil' studying myself and i might have stumbled across a new "earnable" (thats growing on me). So, I first noticed this when trying to activate teleporters without the power being on. When running a "denizen" to a street light is how I indentified something new. If you try to activate the teleporter at the diner by running to the top of that hill and waiting for the "denizen" to start chasing you, you will usually only make it to the back of that truck before it catches up to you due to your sprint running out. Well, apparently MY sprint has been improved! Heres the facts: Now when i run to that same teleporter, I make it all the way to it before my sprint is exhausted! I believe it has something to do with distant traveled in a single match. I say this because in one of my greater matches, I ran thru the entire map grabbing the things for easter egg by myself (not including the Nav Card table since it was already built) and got to high rounds doing a flawless circle technique @ the Diner. So at the end of the day, I ran most places i needed to be plus surving by myself @the Diner. I think it has to do with your total traveled miles. Also, something else i found very interesting was that I would go to the town before the power was on and grab Juggy and Stamina Up with the turbine and i would get the faded Juggy when took the turbine but when i did it with Stamina, i didnt fade out! So, when i saw this, im thinking "What about Quick Revive!?" Well, I can confirm that it didnt work the same way. Let me know wht you guys think! This was my first official post and I wanted to bring you guys something good! Direct message me @ Psn ID miroku06
  14. Its apparently in the PRESENT! This is so obvious to me that i dont know know why people keep asking this. Ok, first clue: Marlton's watch. It has a digital reader and has a calculator or something on it. Thats kinda a given. Second, Marlton knows the specs of EVERY gun on the map. With that been said, the box has future weapons in it! Duh! Dude, your not going to find a HAMR in the '60s! FLATOUT. Also, in regards to Moon and Nuketown. It kinda proves the same thing. On Nuketown, theres guns like the M27 and the LSAT with a DIGITAL ammo reader. So that proves that if Moon and Nuketown were happening @ the same time, when do you think it is!? Has to be the present. Duh!
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