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  1. not like different maps just like how nacht der is in tranzit
  2. shoot me if this is completely wrong but didnt someone from tryarch (forgot who) tweet out that we need to keep looking and keep running? or something along the lines of that? well what if there is a pathway that marlton has made to get from nuketown where he is trapped in the bunker to tranzit and we can somehow follow that path using staminup? just a suggestion
  3. this thing is yet to be proven....... same say richtofen killed him and put him up there disguise the death as a hanging
  4. yes a million times, it has something to do with the numbers from the tv show lost or something
  5. first off the hand is just a copy of the verruct power switch just because treyarch couldnt be botherd making a new one, secondly they added mule kick to all the maps because it was a gift to the community and no trophy is from moon to play it because my mate dosnt have the map pack and he has mule kick on kino and thridly when have treyarch ever hinted at a new easter egg?? easter eggs arnt that hard to find so the chances of there being a der riese easter egg other than the fly trap is 100000000000000000000000000000000000/1 odds
  6. this has been known for awhile
  7. why is this in the kino section??
  8. of course both eggs before have to be done before you could do it, think it through that maybe the randoms had done it before you post things
  9. you must complete the COTD easter egg on multiplayer
  10. ngt have already done this, nothing happens
  11. this has been known for awhile.....
  12. maybe, but if they did it would not be a massive egg, maybe just a flytrap size
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