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  1. SGUber

    Mob of the Dead Quotes

    Can someone post a write out of the Weasel's "Rejection hurts, but it's not the worst thing" monologue for me? I love it.
  2. SGUber

    Hate to be the bringer of bad news...

    By point color. White - Tank Yellow - Takeo Blue - Nikolai Green - Richtofen.
  3. SGUber

    Map Pack 4: Rezurrection CONFIRMED! WITH PICTURES

    The way they spelled Der Riese translates to The Journey...
  4. SGUber

    Map Pack 4: Rezurrection CONFIRMED! WITH PICTURES

    I hope this finally ends the story. Also, does anyone know if game stores sell the posters? I want this one :P
  5. SGUber

    GK seen in the new Ascension Icon??

    Kind of bump I googled BPD and I got an interesting wikipedia result... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borderline ... der#Causes Childhood trauma... Losing your dog? Losing your dad? Interesting stuff...

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