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  1. It happens whenever too many of an item is in the map. if you're the zombie player that saves up claymores by putting them in a corner and saving them, that'll happen to ya
  2. My only guess would be because you have double points on
  3. Hey guys, a couple friends and I did the Richtofen EE on Buried. What happened was at the last step, our fourth guy dc'd, so we picked up someone else in our party. Anyway, we wanted to do the big EE ending, so we did Tranzit and Die Rise. Same thing happened in Tranzit, our friend dc'd but rejoined. Now when we try to do the big EE, the box isn't lit up all the way for Tranzit and Buried, but we can't do Buried because the crystal is spawning. We've tried changing hosts and nothing. Anyone help?
  4. Can someone post a write out of the Weasel's "Rejection hurts, but it's not the worst thing" monologue for me? I love it.
  5. Hey all, on my YouTube channel that I co-run with a friend, we put up a video that explains the zombies ranking system. I did a quick search and I couldn't find anything relating to it, so here's the video JIuNYsRPv3U I'm really sorry if this is considered spam, I only mean the best intentions! :D
  6. Hey if anyone could send me images of all the Zombies Rank Emblems that would be amazing. If you have them in a clear background (PNG) I would appreciate it, i perfer them without any tally marks. Thank you
  7. I would LOVE to see some cinematic trailer or cutscene with some gameplay. That would be amazing.
  8. Title says it all. What would YOU like to see in BO2 Mulitplayer? For me, I'd like... -Return of Stopping Power I would love to see a return in SP. Why? Because, in my opinion, there isn't a "sacrifice" to make when choosing a second perk. -Range-to-damage system I highly doubt this could be implemented in the game, but, I'd love to see it. What it is is a formula for every gun class. Take the shotgun for instance. If you are within x amount of distance, no matter what, you will get a one hit kill. I can see how this would not function properly, but Hell, it's worth a try.
  9. I don't know where the next game will be in terms of timeline, but they sure are running out of wars...
  10. But then that defeats the purpose of the easter egg title "Cryogenic slumber party" [brains] for you though :)
  11. If it's true... LOADS of new PaP opportunities :)
  12. I can't tell who it is, but it definitely does NOT look like the Richtofen I know...
  13. It'd be kinda funny in my opinion :)
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