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  1. I actually knew about the mystery box pictures but then i didn't know this forum existed.
  2. Funny thing happened to me on Kino Der Toten once. I was on the stage on a dog round. I hadn't turned on the power yet and i was standing next to the curtain. When i killed the last dog (or so i thought) i could hear one more. i looked around but i couldn't find it. I turned on the power and BAAM a dog runs towards me and i kill it. The dog had spawned behind the curtain!!
  3. UPDATE: ive heard that before shangri la richtofen was on this moon base. they tested the teleporting theory and they teleported a walnut 6 feet forward through a wall. then richtofen went in the teleporter and boom he was in in the future or an other dimension it think. it is here he found the pyramid. then he randomly teleported to shangri la (like in kino der toten) it was here were he went INSANE :twisted:. he was gone for weeks and dr shuster (the guy that worked with richtofen on the moon base) was worried but he came back. now he is back in the base and the sientists found the way how to power up the mashine buy killing someone next to the tank. as soon as they where done maxis and sam came from der riese(u know what im talking about) and sam pulled the lever and she got stuck in the machine. they captured maxis and they tell maxis what happened to sam. he talks to her and says that she needs to kill them... all. they shoot and kill maxis and then you hear the laugh from when u get the teddy bear from the box. that means that they teleported from der riese and not got killed by the dog. that some turns in the story thats just some info ive heard from radios in the game.
  4. i can go look for random things on the wii but i can only record with my cell phone
  5. in the new zombie song coming home she says "I need you To sacrifice the vermin marytr To Bring me back where I saw you" could that mean der riese cause they first met in der riese??
  6. Great find and what happends if he dont get his vodka will he "shut down" [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains] s to you!!!
  7. I think that Tank Dempsey knows that Richtoven made the hellhounds cause once he said: ok Richtoven(s) dogs!!
  8. Maybe the second coming is the next round... their waiting for the second coming again = next round???
  9. I think it says fuck you pakistan. Im not racist but thats what im hearing...
  10. I was playing zombies on the wii. I was on the stage without turning the power on. It was a dog round and i couldnt find the last dog :roll: . I turned on the power an the dog jumps at me !!!!!! It spawned in front of the teleporter!!! Is this a random glitch? What do you think? EDITED: i tryed this on xbox and it didnt work
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