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  1. Anyone else diggin Linkin Park? Papercut, Numb, In the end &c.. For theb plainer ones (Nacht &c) My december And the mother of all zombies songs that should be but aren't Wake me up inside - Evanescence ft Linkin Park Or even Korn or AC/DC or Guns and Roses &c... Or what about MCR?? Theory of a Deadman, Hate my life, Lowlife &c?? God there are so many, but in the end Elena and Kev have to stay on in the main, I would welcome these other songs as bonuses, or just the odd maps... :D
  2. Bit of a metalhead here too but seriously, screaming is talent, and I love this song, just as much as Pareidolia. The screaming definately fits and the backing music is INENSE throughout. Well played Treyarch ;)
  3. Yeah thats what I was thinking, until the 30s you could whipe out the whole train with just a napalm zombie!! :lol:
  4. It's a little toy monkey which spins around playing music while attracting zombies for a few seconds before blowing up oh wait.... Seriously mine would be called Die Freund, and would be on a map like Moon, or Shangri-la, with mini bosses mid round, and it would turn one zombie against the rest. It would be really good as they would all be attracted to him until they kill him. It would have 3 in the mag and 9 out. Upgraded to Die WonderFreund, the PaP would enable on shot to affect 2 zombies, and would double their health, meaning that they are alive for a longer period of time. Ammo and mag capacity would also double. On 30+ rounds it should give you well enough time PaP'ed to get Jugg, a box etc...
  5. Yeah definately, if I'm around when thats on I will 99% drop brains, just as long as its longer than 2 lines and says more than theres a box in nacht!! :L
  6. Haha I actually love the old glitches, never use them to go for high rounds, or ever use them at all, never been in one tbh, but I loved it on Shi no when a squeaker was like 'REVIIIIVVEE MMMEEE' to get out of the map and we were all laughing like ' I'm too far away what about you?''Yeah me tooo, what about you?' 'My trains too big mate sorry...' haha funniest game ever, we all quit at like level 17 when he FINALLY got into it...
  7. Ah, mate that's gonna be a MASSIVE post, think of all the off the map stuff in maps like ascension, shi no numa and CotD, plus all the crevices in maps like, of course FIVE, Verruckt and Moon... woah good luck is all I can say :lol:
  8. The look-a-like theory is a very good one and I can't see a flaw with that... Nope still can't Yeah there are the teleporter parts, this proves that Treyarch are dropping hin ts here to the main 4 characters' story, as with Sam's model of Kino, the weapon designs Nova 6etc, but we have not scoured it as fully as we could have, and I think more, similar hints are around, mark my words :lol:
  9. One that I was doing til 46 is that you start just running past the claymores and then past the box spawn at the back before turning right before the dressing room and running in front of the mini-turret and up to the door at the back which you ALWAYS keep closed.you then turn around, shoot, then pass the claymores again. Rinse and repeat.In later rounds when the M16 upgraded doesn't kill, gather all 24 up then run into the lobby and through the Speed cola room turning on every other trap, point whoring with the MP40.
  10. There was no story when NDU originally came out but since then Treyarch have incorporated it into the story, so yes it is part of the story. And yeah I was being a bit stupid with that one, wasn't I? I definately think the BO maps are in release order too BTW, I just think it's healthy to brainstorm otherwise, always open to new theorys. I definately think there is more to FIVE, with it being scoured ALOT less than Kino during the pre-DLC days, we may well have missed something big.
  11. Surely Armstrong would have discovered and reported Griffin Station to the media, but he didn't indicating that he went either after Griffin Station, or before it, so either Moon happened before '69 and therefore before FIVE and Ascension, or it wasn't around then meaning that the commonly accepted theory of Richtofen going there the first time in the 19 days he went to Shangri-la is not possible? I may be missing something big though :?
  12. This is a very interesting thought, [brains] for you! So does this possibly prove anther thing, Ascension AFTER Moon? I am an avid disbeliever too, but hear me out, IF it can be taken for granted that Armstrong's landing of the moon in '69 would have found and reported Griffin Station, then surely Moon would have had to have happened prior to this and therefore before FIVE, which is of course simultaneous to Ascension?
  13. Anything Richtofen says: Do you like my glowing green balls? Blood, sinew, gore, organs, pulminary systems! Spleens for everyone! And of course the beggining of Kino makes me chuckle evry time!! Entry 741021!!....
  14. yeah do that, It can reveal a lot, taught me the lobby music is always there :D
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