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  1. Five is an okay map. It's fun and great for a challenge. Only problem for me, is that the map is too tight. By the way, don't say that people who haven't gotten to round 30 suck on Five. It's simply their skill level at it. I've gotten to round 27 on Kino, which is decent. But just because people aren't great at ONE map, doesn't mean they suck at zombies. And, yes, there are WAY to many rage-quitters on Five.
  2. TJDguy


    Hey man! Welcome to the forums! If ya wanna play zombies, just send me an invite. GT/PSN: TJDguy.
  3. I wished for dogs when I played this map. The monkeys are SO annoying.
  4. I'll usually shoot him or throw a grenade. Throwing grenades is usually accidental. *sniff* I'll never forgive myself for making him blow up.
  5. This. I'd also prefer looping after you go up to the Pack-A-Punch room if you go straight into the teleporting room or the alley straight away, you could get killed. Looping is just an easier to train zombies around the map. But, make sure there isn't a guy running the loop the opposite way. Otherwise... well, you'll figure it out. :D
  6. Hiya! Welcome to the CoDZ forums!
  7. I never knew that. It does when people get annoying when people start shooting George. and then a horde of zombies take 'em down. My advice: George + shoot when getting hoarded = NO.
  8. Princess Leia: It's a trap! Admeral Ackbar: It's a- Princess Leia: I just said that! It's your theory though.
  9. ^ What he said. The chances of Kino having a easter egg are slim to none. It was nearly released for World at War, but was cancelled, and saved for Black Ops. Meaning, that the developers had already started creating Kino. So they would have had to think up an easter egg. So, correct me if I'm wrong, there is probably not an easter egg in Kino.
  10. Wholly crap and cheese. Nice research, man! I can't wait to hear more about this!
  11. Interesting. Maybe it was a glitch. This is on the Wii though, so it is most likely a glitch.
  12. I was like, meh, what is it? A 36- HOLY F****** CRAP!
  13. Thanks for the welcomes, guys!
  14. TJDguy

    Best LMG?

    Stoner63. It's really the only LMG I use.
  15. That's a nifty glitch. I'll check it out tommorow.
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