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  1. We really need to direct some attention to testing this. I have noticed what appeared to be an increased head shot multiplier as well after getting the headpopper multiple times in the same game. I avid gamer i know did a round of testing, and it seems that EACH GUN you use, comes with its own "persistent" upgrade. he tested throughout multiple games by buying the MP%, and using only it, throughout 3 matches where he lasted 26, 32, and 37 rounds. he captured each poof of green orbs, and he was logging how many headshots it took to kill them, it was consistently taking 3 headshots with an unpacked mp5k up until round 12, where he got his second poof of green smoke, and it took him just 1 headshot to kill them, after 3 rounds it went up to 2 headshots [this is unpacked] and then he got another green orb, and it went back to 1 headshot kills for 3 more rounds. he then PAP'd and it was 1 headshot, for 5 rounds, on the 5th it was 2-3 then he got another poof of green smoke, and it went back to 1 headshiot. he tested this with the M16, and TAR, and it was relatively the same each time, he would consistently be upgrading his gun through headshots. I have done some testing on my own, and can definitely confirm this to be true, in that when you get green poofs when taking out multiple headshots at once, your damage multiplier gets increased [for the current equipped weapon only until you get the unlock for your other loadout, and you can have more than one "persistently upgraded" gun at once] I make an effort to do this with the DSR [packed 3X cuz i love the silencer] and i almost always crack round 40 on solo [of which i generally only play] and if i get my upgrades, it is still a 1 hit kill on rd 40-45 when blasting into a crowd, and i nail the headshot, it can take out up to 5 zombies if they are lined up. now, that is only AFTER the upgrades. i have done a match, where i didnt grab the DSr until rd 40, i PAP'd it, and tested it, and it was taking 2-3 headshots to kill them. as far as the EXACT mechanics of it, it is still somewhat a mystery - but the fact that I get anywhere from 3-6 green poofs a game from multiple headshot kills at the same time, and the persistent nature in which the damage inflicted changes, it's safe to say that these are confirmed
  2. the boards i have never had carry over from one game to the next, exscept during thefirst 2 weeks. i also got my persistent revive, the fiorst time after 8 revives of the same character. i also got it after 12, 14, and 17. i lost it everytime i failed to revive a teamamte, and also in a gme where 2 epople bled out 3 and 5 times. because of proximity. i currently do not have it. the headshot is interesting, it is the only one that has carried over, in that i start a beginning round with it. i knife and headshiots, i shoot their knee and kill them, their head pops off. with each gun i use, i notice at least 4 green poofs. and then the power of the gun damage is increased. my current heaqdshot average per game is well over 3/4 headshots to kills.
  3. I've built the navcard table, but i am also waiting until DLC [on xbox] to see the ramifications, then plan on doing it prior to the release and carrying on.
  4. i currently have close to 4000 kills with ssemtex/nades semtex are WAY more effective, accurate, fun amd easy to use as opposed with frags. always use on instakill, train em up til it is about to expire, and you get 2 full hoards with 2 nades, at the cost of 250, and 2X round 4X max ammo, the return on your money is greater than that of any gun available, aside from the jetgun.
  5. you need 200+ KD ratio. I have Shotguns with blue eyes. I have had, and lost the blue eyes 3 times. If i go down, or the round ends prior to round 10, instantly lost em. I was stuck on just dually's until i brought it back up over 200 - 1 as i was hovering around 190. Its all about that, most anything else doesnt matter - doing custom games and starting on 15 is a solid strategy, also, never ever play with randoms. i only play online public matches if i have 4 friends online who wish to play - otherwise i strictly play solo. also switch up the games you play, throw in grief, survival, nuketown, and tranZit. i cant stress it enough, just getting them isnt enough, you need to keep them, toughest to keep honestly. never ever play with randoms, ever. Solo is the easiest, fastest and most fun/effective way of doing it. also, when on solo, dont buy quick revive, as that guy said, waste of time and you need all 4 of the OG perks
  6. I tried depositing the card intot he reader with 240k, and all those "specific" numbers stated int he thread, a sbest as i could get them, and also with the EXACT bank ammount [250k] as evidenced in this picture, and nothing happened. I went back in round 42 with 580K out, and nothing happened. i took all my money out of the bank and tried with 735k, nothing happened. i think this points thing is bunk, unless ya gotta put it in there with 1 million points, which i got close to, but not close enough!
  7. I find alot of people are playing it because of the newer "glitch" :roll:
  8. Hey all, So I don't really consider this a glitch. I'm not manipulating the gameplay in any way, it just seems to be a flaw in the programming. Let me explain. also, if this is considered a "glitch" that's fine, delete the post and berrate me for being a nasty "glitcher" It boils down to this. if you open up to the power going through the M1/Trench Gun route, you MUST keep the door at the top of the stairs in the THOMPSON room [garage] closed. You also Cannot open up the door to the Teleporter in the room just passed the DOUBLE TAP machine, this is where the "trick" takes place. If you have both of those barriers still in tact [thompson stairs and teleporter door] you have it ready. now if you are solo, all you have to do is Be in this room at the beginning of the round [and don't leave for the duration of the spawn] and the zombies will ONLY spawn out of that one window. The same holds true for if you are Co-op, every member has to be in this room when the round counter changes over, and not leave for the duration, and the zombies will only spawn at this one window. This is handy to use up until the 20th or so round, so everyone can build up the same ammount of points, and at he end of each round, you just leave 1 zombie [i prefer a walker because it takes shorter for them to get back to you after you run around and grab guns/perks/ammo etc] and everyone can go off, hit the box, do what they have to do, and when you're ready again, go back to the room, and kill the last zombie, he will always spawn a power up also. For the players that arent accustomed to running trains, or go down frequently in the early rounds and cant build points enough, this is a great assistant so they can build points with little fear of going down so when it IS time to split up [i have never emploiyed this trick passed the 23rd round because then it is PAP time] i also like this because after we split up, i generally always run my train in the thompson room, and having the barrier in place at the top of the stairs is crucial for that success.
  9. I've ranked up to 49 and have yet to unlock the weapons
  10. It definitely works on solo, and in my experience if you wan the drops to remain in excess you have to hit the note each round, it becomes a game within itself just making it there and safely activating it haha! Also, in co-op only 1 HAS to do it to gain drops, but in the times I have shown randoms, and friends we have gotten much much more when everyone is hitting it at the start of each round It's a neat trick and really handy!
  11. So I'm getting a little perturbed. i am currently on Rd. 23 - have gone through 25k points spamming the box, and have yet to even SEE a wonderweapon in the cycle. i have not seen nor gotten a ray gun, thundergun, monkeys....NADA. i also do not see the Law, crossbow, ballistic knife, and maybe a few other weapons ive noticed missing from the box. i have no idea how im gonna make it further, it gets SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO laggy when there are alot of zombie out, it is VERY hard to get an automatic weapon going, imho - and im starting to get so frustrated with it!
  12. made it to 44th out of 2000 on Leaderboard in Kino on Veteran. I've noticed a few extra things written on the walls there ARE teleport rooms actually. it's super fun, it is really slow on my 3GS, but thems the breaks till i getmy upgrade to the 4S all-in all, its great. it says Ascension is next, with more maps to come, i'd imagine most are going to be included. no mule kick on kino though, that bummed me right out
  13. used SUPERHANDS pic of der riese to show the location of the note.
  14. thanks for the brains! I've tested this extensively now, and i can definitely say without a doubt this generates an increase in power ups.
  15. Hey everyone. So I don't think it is a"glitch" per say, nor can I absolutely "confirm" that this works, but I have tried 5 games without doing it, and 5 games with, and it generated over 6X more power up drops in my controlled testing when i did the step as opposed to playing through without. I was playing with a Random and he asked me if i wanted more power ups, I of course said yes haha - so he told me to do the following. 1. at the beginning of each round, go to the Grate on the ground containing the small note [furthest one towards the barbed wire fence in the main spawn area. 2. crouch and look at the note 3. press the Square "interact" button 4. when you do this, almost always your character will respond with a soundbyte - each character says something different, makes a noise, etc. 5. repeat every round, usually at the beginning, but i am told it doesnt really matter. when i did this, i absolutely got more power ups, i have never, ever seen that many. by round 2 we had 2 max ammos, double points, insta-kill x2 2x carpenters etc. the abundance of drops stayed generally the same for the first 17 or 18 rounds. I did notice that after round 20, they definitely seemed to slow down, but the frequency in which i made it to the main spawn to do the step dropped off as well, so i definitely missed a few rounds. It doesnt seem like it falls under the "glitch" catergory, as you arent manipulating the gameplay, and there is a distinct "interaction response" when you press the button on the note. anyway, it is a really handy thing to do, imho - enjoy! also, if you tryit, and it works, leave a brain [i dont have many haha] and pass on the good news
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