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  2. ok then but i think that might be a waste to post on this now becuase i think this became one of those "long forgotten topics"
  3. ok i think people are getting bored or are just decided to not post.
  4. hey i am wondering where do you find one of those cool posters like that flamethrower one.
  5. that was a good story so far [brains] for you also i think the unicorn part is funny seems a lot like what nikolie would say through. also all i got to say about this is a magine if next they get sent to a time without guns that would suck. but why not add a fifth person to the group (perferably NOT from the knight ages or people will have to endure through the fancy knight age talk like be'ith.
  6. he is the main charecter he was also the first introduced.
  7. :( now i cannot ell you if i was right or not. :(
  8. ok second choice are you posteds inside or outside the facility (Major effect)
  9. why are you a Bad***? (asking just to be funny) also that is everybody so without furter adu the game shall commence
  10. well that will make it interesting but you should limit their weapons to the time like in the real call of the dead zombie games (except anything from the random box that thing is a time vortex that spawns a weapon randomly from a time.)
  11. ok thats two but there are more so until then i will wait.
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