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  1. Zombie planet >.> First I do not have the classic maps. Second I believe that five has influence on the story line yet not influence on the main characters which we are folowing. As I said before. It might be that they were attacked or a mistake happenened. In my case I thought Richtofen needs something from Five. Noone can attack it simply. Third I believe in the vorkuta sentences since there are leads to believe in them. Since when is there a sentence that forbids you to believe? Say I am wrong but if I am right about vorkuta then they are currently trying to get the key
  2. Most likely the shrieker and napalm zombie will come after the power is activated. atleast thats what happens mostly. I do believe that they come when inside the temple or from inside the temple. George can not be really considered a boss in my eyes. First of all he helps you, yet he can be in the way. Second what boss leaves after being tactically shot once. Its just an perk monster that can help you and be against you if you are not smart. A real boss might be nice but just like the guy above says. Most people would complain to much like how they suddenly complained with george.
  3. The focusing stone. The thing you saw is not the focusing stone, yet it might be a way to achieve it. A step. Just like the gong thingie thats the same colour. Somehow multiple gold objects are standing out of the screenshots. Not just the statue. The focusing stone is in many their eyes the end of the Easter egg, atleast 1 of the EE if there aint more then that. We do not have ways to prove or deny it. Its logical that its the easter egg after CotD achievments and the fact that richtofen is securing keys.
  4. It could mean its a weapons name? (Flamethrower or rocket) I mean perhaps they are hinting us where we can find that weapon? After all I think there will be many rooms.
  5. Well you can see the quick revive on the bit with the female crawler There are more Perk machines found. Just the exact name is not known yet but it seemed it was darker then juggernaut.
  6. With a fast search the only thing I got out of it is multiple locations... Florida, New york, Portugal....vietnam and japan. I will try again when I have more time. Nice find.
  7. Richtofen the genius calls the shots of where to go. I do not believe that the others know of any of those things also with the loss of memory. They are just trying to survive. plus untill now most maps were previous group 935 facilities. There seem to be enough thus they are actually seeking danger. Atleast richtofen is.
  8. I think it will be similair to VR-11 But that is just my case. Stronger then VR-11 yet tactical and more sides to it. But thats not the topic case. The topic case is the statue and what that may do.... -Easter egg -PAP -Route change/opening -Trap -Something else?
  9. If they steal your gun its just a challandge is it not? maybe this new type of zombie melts it? and people complain to much about the fact of bosses. It will come when it come. George succeeded because they wanted people to stop camping and more tactical. The new zombie types are just more fun and more tactical. As well as 50 is not bad. I do not even have enough time to go for round 70 unless playing solo XD At least then I can just pause it when I am not home.
  10. I know that george goes down into the water yet the fact that following him would be impossible. you would freeze to death. Even if somehow else it is done its way to cold if there is water there. But perhaps somehow its possible. I believe the trailer for CotD "Shoot everything" did not only to CotD Call of the dead shows the many aspects of the VR-11 hence why they want you to shoot everything with it. George, Zombies, Human Zombies and your own partner for instances. Also even more then that No spoilers willing to spill. However it did feel they were laying it really cl
  11. Tell me, why are there rumours of glitching when people shoot the moon with the deathmachine if the easter egg ended? The glitch is they remain keeping there first weapon yet they can not use second guns/grenades/tactical grenades. All will revert to normal if one needs to be revived. I have been trying this out but every time someone screws up the easter egg lol (How? I do not know. One time not having money and dying completely by running off. The other time not getting the weaps needed. The last time by people leaving during game lol.) Guess I am a bit to lazy to try it out.
  12. Ah no you both explained perfectly. It was late so I forgot to put the question XD Yuri/gersch would be in perhaps the space you called aether. >.> That might be hes in the middle of the zombies or stuf like that. Or that sam is indeed toying with him and taking down scientists 1 by 1. As people know richtofen tested on samantha. A good reason why she is in the way of the 4. Thus it might be that she sympathisez the other 3 but hates richtofen. For some reason She might have a grudge against scientists or 935 because of richtofen. So what if she reall
  13. Basic knowledge on the fact that he gathers multiple items may mean that he will find more items. Or already have multiple. We have to look back at these facts. Plus if we have the items can we make something out of it? Is it a key or a weapon? Nacht der untoten: (In my eyes 4 military and richtofen not yet playable it would not seem logical if there were a piece or a key unless dempsey got something before het got captured in verruckt) Verruckt: (Verruckt would in my case be the same cause but yet this is a facility which might had something) Shi no numa: (I do not have this
  14. Samantha hates richtofen for testing on her and killing/trying to kill her father. It might be that she is not that bad indeed. but who knows.
  15. Five is not even really thight. Perhaps people should ask how good they are if they find it thight No offense. There is no thight maps and shangri la is gonna be awesome. This achievement no matter if you were right or wrong proves something that most of us has been expecting. The last zomvie maps they were indeed involving the zombies to a smarter, effected way. Shown by ascension the zombies started to do special moves and dodges. CotD involved electricity, ice and speed a lot where it gave disadvantage to players in more ways. Not even to start about the mist th
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