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  1. Zombie planet >.> First I do not have the classic maps. Second I believe that five has influence on the story line yet not influence on the main characters which we are folowing. As I said before. It might be that they were attacked or a mistake happenened. In my case I thought Richtofen needs something from Five. Noone can attack it simply. Third I believe in the vorkuta sentences since there are leads to believe in them. Since when is there a sentence that forbids you to believe? Say I am wrong but if I am right about vorkuta then they are currently trying to get the keys(Richtofen). The focusing stone and the golden rod. For some reason richtofen is leading them around. Hes to smart to go to FACILITIES where he raised zombies or been before. Thats what I think about the vorkuta part. Fourth, Do you believe that things happen for a reason? Do you believe people are misleading others? In my eyes there are enough reasons to think that the EE on ascension never finished. There is in my clue only one reason why it would be finished. The reason why it would be finished, which you denied btw. Is the fact ascension is supposed to be linked with the sentence wield a fist of iron. Which it indeed does then. The reason why not is the following: First most easter eggs seem to have the same ammount of parts. Big easter eggs mostly have 8 and ascension had 6 then? Second if you would link it with vorkuta sentence it would be that wield a fist of iron is the last sentence atm. Raise hell could be connected with the fact of the next trailer: shoot everything. The map is called ascension so in the sky most likely, and the fact that they showed a picture with samantha her face left next to the rocket where the moon is supposed to be. As well as the thing that holds the rocket to its place before launching, the rocket itself, the 5th lander platform all have signs of easter eggs, samantha in that case. Fourth there is a code: luna, hitsam and hyena. In my case luna would be the node. then hitsam and hyena are the misleading parts. Hit samantha, which would be on the moon supposedly. After this there are rumours the game glitches leaving the players with there first weapon left untill one person is hit to the ground. No second weapon and no grenade. I never tried it myself but in my eyes there are leads enough even if they are misleading. Tell me did you ever try it? Let stand did you know actually more about some easter eggs then others? I just need good people that don't keep dying. And the fact I do not know what do do after. Hyena/Freedom who knows. Anyways who cares until its certain that shooting the moon works lol.
  2. I know what you mean, but treyarch has always been trying to milk out as long as they can. it simply makes it more mysterious. To be honest there are clues that it would be the last zombies map... But I do wish it really is not. I will explain the matter atm. On every map there seems to be a vorkuta sentence. 8 sentences, weird coincidence with the 8 spirits lol. And they are able to link every sentence with a map actually basically going from the first map to the last. This is why most people think that vorkuta sentences are involved with easter eggs and that all easter eggs might have 8 steps to it. This would mean that Ascenion easter egg was never finished, Although I know most did not pass the deathmachine step. And that this map is called Freedom. Nacht der untoten - Secure the keys Veruckt - Ascend from darkness Shi no numo - Rain of fire Der riese - Unleash the horde Kino der toten - Skewer the winged beast Five - Noted not involved yet it does show the american site of the story. Ascension - Wield a fist of iron Call of the dead - Raise hell Shangri-la - Freedom Basically I can tell you why everything is true. I do not know a lot about the 4 first maps yet these facts. Nacht der untoten were 4 american militaries one of them dempsey was a key for the subjects. Veruckt was the place where dempsey was captured as a spy. Der riese is where the zombie horde was created and unleashed. Kino der toten is where the fight against Fluffy begins, fluffy is a part of the story compared with the monkeys. Five Is not involved but can be considered a side part from ascension. ascension is where you actually wield fists of iron, some say the easter egg shows that just to show you. But I believe otherwise sinds its actually an hard battle. A place where they have to fight. Call of the dead. This place is actually where they raised the subjects when their mind was out. It is also the map where in modern time the zombies raise out of ground again. Shangri-la is a tropical map and thus most already think its enough reason for freedom. Now that I think about it clearly Nacht der untoten - Spirit Verruckt - Earth(its a basic element of the world, you can call it dempsey) Shi no numa - Fire Der riese - Ether Kino der toten - Water Five Ascension- Air Call of the dead - Intellegence (Golden rod) Shangri-la - Ego Perhaps just a bit more that boosts your mind, Hope it works out for you. This can be true if vorkuta would indeed be this much involved to the story. And it might mean they are trying to make their own symbol out of it.
  3. But if you are currently saying the truth it would mean this might be the last map with the main characters. If it were to happen then he actually sacrifices the other three and defeat samantha perhaps. leaving maxis behind as a question. Even if that does sound interesting I do believe we get to hear the story of how takeo and nikolai became subjects first. Thus it might be a middle map or it might be indeed doom >.> Although for some reason I find it hard that they would go this far and consider real persons energies. Although richtofen planned it to go to CotD and get the golden rod, although being trapped was not in his plans. Richtofen works for illuminati, perhaps that will give a little more information on the matter...
  4. You found the symbol, it should be an achievment for you already. As well as the gun that is called babymaker, it is not yet confirmed that that is its only purpose. To much things are unknown and to much ideas are rolling around. It might as well become both literal and metaphore. Sometimes the same thing has more then one meaning. Though seeing the eclipse and hearing of people that it has something to do with time and that zombies dash faster because of it I just hope that the circle of time where the symbol also stands for can solve it might it be the case. And a prophecy or hint for a next map is what many people want. But at the literal part if you were to select the wonder weapons. Ray gun - Earth Thunder gun - Air Wunder waffle - Spiritual Winter howl - Water Scavenger - Fire VR-11 - Intelligence New Wonder weapon - ether Monkey bombs - ego Gersch device - ego Dolls - ego Would you be able to combine the 8 parts with the the wonder weapons? I was just wonder how your idea is about this part. Or perhaps even using other weapons. I would clearly have no clue if I were trying to combine that. I wonder if the names of the wonder weapons actually have any part of interest to anything at all....
  5. The reason I thought you were far off was because you were literally trying to use weapons as the ellements. Which I think would be impossible for treyarch to put in there. I think they would not even put the seven sins in there which would be easier. And if you look to it another way your looking at it more to the doomed side in my eyes. I checked more the prophecy, life and time meaning of it. In the end its like you said there are to many conclusions. I was just trying to give my own opinion on the case. It was not my intention to crack your opinion down. If it felt that way then I apologize.
  6. Well basically you can check the older mythes. I basically checked the 2 I know about. The symbol islam used is one of the most recent and known. The prophecy. If you check to others you can find the circle of time having the same symbol. And you can even find the venus morning star having the same symbol. Islam got the basic of the 8 star from the jews which used the 6 star. The jews used it as the shield of david. Some kind of protection. However if it would be the case of it simply being the end of the world then the symbol would not mean a lot in my eyes. Perhaps saying they saw the zombies happening before it happened. But I believe there would be a prophecy if it has any intent towards the story line. Otherwise it would be simply decoration. Btw Symbols were in the old times used as words and means. Even the 6 star has further means behind it. The 8 star as well. But I do not think they want us to watch that far back. They used lines as layers and figures and thus builded symbols in the end.
  7. That star is something that did not come to my attention before, yet even when your close to the truth your yet so far away(In my eyes) That symbol is a very known symbol. A symbol created from the star of david. The star of david can be pronounced as the the symbol of judaisme. The star of david was some more as a shield meaning to protect. Yet islam took this symbol and made it an 8 point star. This represents a prophecy. Since the temple and dragons and statues etc show myth etc it might be that the characters discover some sort of prophecy or something like that. In my eyes its all myth after all. Anyways the other meaning of the symbol is about sun and moon including directions. Basically navigation, sunsets and sunrises. It might be true that the 8 pointed star chaos has 8 points, yet it would have a really different form and meaning. The 8 pointed star we are looking at is not chaos at all. It would be creation, prophecy and perhaps protection. The reason I said Creation is the following: or actually The symbol of peace is the following. The symbol has indeed 8 points but also an print on the star. It also has multiple layers. Spiritual, Creation, Incarnation, Salvation. These layers need 8 certain elements to be created, the sentence you said before. “Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Spirit, Intelligence and Ego are my 8 separated energies.” Eart, Water, Fire and Air are all elements needed to creat. Spirit is an essential part meaning everything has a soul in name. Ether is the origin and intelligence is more the creation from human part. The ego would be the selfish right that human have for creating things. If you think its the venus morning star symbol then you are talking about doom. Venus became unhabbited trough incidents in ancient words. There are still people talking about it happening to Earth as well...... I think the following: I think its a prophecy. Spiritual, Creation, Incarnation, Salvation. Spiritual are the main characters, they are created(Actually it has to be they should create lol) they have to somehow reborn and bring salvation. I do not believe there is really much behind it since its a myth map. There will be plenty on it.

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