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  1. Would be a good stategy if you just got a good weapon, like a ray gun, purposely went down so it went to the machine, and then if you do get killed you have really strong back up weapon ^-^
  2. That just looks like overkill xD
  3. I hope this map doesn't have a main easter egg, they're just so annoying and to hard to complete, there also figured out in 2-3 days, it would be better if they put in small easter eggs that would keep us searching until the next game comes out, then some people could find easter eggs by themselves instead of like one person figuring out the majority of the easter egg, would get alot more people involved in finding and stuff xD
  4. I got le prestige edition so i shall get it for free ^-^
  5. also a good theory, considering the teleporters use the same lightning looking stuff (prolly 115) and they both kill zombies. If that was the case wouldn't the wunderwaffe teleport you If fired at you?
  6. Im the highlighted one, round 36 with some randoms on Ascension ^-^ i think thats Nikolia? :3
  7. 60 something T.T my friend gets really easily distracted, i think we were on like round 25 and she had 3 kills and like 50 downs T.T
  8. Well it doesn't seem to impossible seeing as ive only ever seen them spawn in the starting area :3
  9. I keep hearing Nikolia and Richtofen talking about there balls o.o like when a crawler hits them or their running through the spikes...
  10. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin Tribute - Tenacious D Master Exploder - Tenacious D Kickapoo - Tenacious D Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses Paradise City - Guns N' Roses Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns N' Roses Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold Welcome to the Family - Avenged Sevenfold Not Ready to Die - Avenged Sevenfold Through the Fire and Flames - Dragonforce Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins The Suns Gone Dim - Johann Johannsson Heart of Courage - Two Steps From Hell Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones Highway to Hell - ACDC Thunderstruck - ACDC Back in Black - ACDC For Those About To Rock - ACDC If You Want Blood - ACDC Its a Long Way To The Top - ACDC Fear of The Dark - Iron Maiden My Playlist Titled "Most Epic Songs" i usually play Zombehs to these :} Nothing better than destroying Zombehz to that last guitar solo of Stairway \m/
  11. Hmm, this is what i hate about these big easter eggs Treyarch puts in, they dont seem to put in anything else, like in Der Riese it was full of little secrets and cool little plot developing things that would take us months to find, and then they started making these big easter eggs, where most of the time you need 4 players and it takes 3-4 days to work out :\ /endrant
  12. I think we'll just start keeping all these little things we pick up, such as the golden rod and the meteor and in the next map we'll have both at the bottom of our screens and then in the final zombie map we'll have to do an easter egg and build whatever Richtofen wants them for..
  13. I love how you censored Bitch then like 6 letters later its uncensored :')
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