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  1. To my knowledge no, as long as you have done the maxis Easter eggs on the other maps
  2. idk, to be honest I was kinda disappointed by what I initally got in Kino and Five. the GKNOVA6 videos and some of the acheivments had lead me to believe that zombies in black ops would be a World War Z esque story line. At that time, the Der Riese trailer had convinced me that the originial Crew was dead and that they were moving on with different characters. In addition, I thought that there was already a zombie war going on since the zombies came out of the woods and whatnot and it appeared (based on radios and transmissions from Der Riese and Shi No Numa) that the zombies were some sort of
  3. http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/b/co ... st-23.aspx woh woh hold the phone for a sec.... If this source is credible then we may have a time gap on our hands... The advertisment implies that we [the players] have already been to area 51, and that the base has been overrun. There hasnt been a zombie map at Groom lake, TIME GAP? Or is there something I am missing?
  4. Richtofen has exactly the same military rank! Number 6 here: Richtofen's rank is Brigadeführer, Major General. The zombie-like character on the image got the same rank; Brigadeführer. BTW, does somebody else also see the high-ranked guy on the 3 classic map images located in germany? I'll try to find out his rank... maybe its Maxis... here some screens of that guy, I think its more likley to be him than Richtofen but the overall shape of the face looks like Richtofen so I dont know lol Zombies have very clean teeth for being zombies..... :?
  5. Just a thought It looks like there are two areas, one inside a base, and an area outside the base. Do you think that the new perk available for purchase might help in exploring the outside area? Or perhaps there is another item we can buy of the wall (spacesuit or something) that allows us to go outside the base? Time will tell. I've always had this itch that the new perk has to do something with the Scout Pro and Sleight of Hand Pro perks (switch weapons faster, faster ADS), but then again, idk. Today is the one day that I regret having a playstation 3.
  6. I'm with SGUber on this one. I think that this is the last zombie map with the crew. Love them dearly, but I dont see how they could get off the moon. Then again, the trailer for Der Riese convinced me they were dead, so who knows :?
  7. Yeah, one player cannot be on top of another. I think it was added by Treyarch by glitchers who would glitch into other players and therefore get to higher rounds. I have had similar instances occur to me, you are not alone. Sorry :(
  8. I'm with you on this one. Treyarch and Activision wont throw away this cash cow too quickly, in all honesty its the only reason why I buy the map packs. (although the Annhilation MP maps IMO are the best thus far) I wont dismiss the speculation that SOMETHING is happening to the crew (Tank seems alot less aggressive in SL, Nikolai seems much more sane), but I dont think its the end of zombies.
  9. Some of us get it. Its just that there is no evidence. Cargo could just be like shipment for all we know. And like putzee said we already have the Galil and Commando. The AK would be pretty useless... Could not agree with this more. That's smart. [brains] AK with flamethrower would be fun though.....
  10. Ya got to fix the lighthouse dials. The foghorns illuminate the light, the lighthouse dials bring it through. I had the same question when i did the easter egg.
  11. Yeah we had already got past the part with the vodka I dont know if it did either, but at least I'm not crazy and I find (some) solce in that . Anyway, thanks for your help. Dont know if it fixes it, but I'll give it a shot tomorrow when I help my friend out.
  12. This is probably a stupid mistake on my part, but I want to see what you guys think. I've had this happen to me before and I couldnt explain it. Maybe someone else can. I was helping a friend do the COTD easter egg. We had completed every step up to the golden rod. We activated the radios, set the ship controls, set the lighthouse dials, but the crawler died before we could activate the fog horns. 2 rounds went by and we did the fog horns and the green light did not appear. I went over to the front of the ship (next to the box spawn) and the submarine had disappeared/was never there to be
  13. That's neat. I dont know if its part of something bigger but I wouldnt be suprised if it might be. Based on what i've read, I wouldnt put anything past treyarch at this point.
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