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  1. Love how there is four pages of role play between the full "Iam" gang :?
  2. "I missed my little primate compainions...... they're so fluffy.......... and they're SO DANGEROUS!!!!" (In voice of Richtofen) :lol:
  3. Good shout, sounds about right
  4. If I can rope in and try to be remotely clever and offer clarity rather than asking for it for once (And remember my zombie knowledge is limited) So we know humans can become zombies, obviously , however zombie monkeys can be explained aswell. Monkey DNA is 98% identical to ours, so whatever cells 115 corrupts could fall easily within that vast collection of 98% similar cells. The dogs have been infected a different wah perhaps, I can't offer much on that i'm still new here :geek: -enemy
  5. It's great to have content that started out as an add on, and now I play it more than the actually game or online. I've been playing since [email protected] the very first map, but recently I've felt the need to learn more about the background of characters etc. Why and how they end up somewhere different every map was the main attraction tbh. :lol:
  6. Just when I thought I was beginning to understand zombies, just!, I read the posts in this discussion! :shock: lol All jokes aside it is interesting stuff, and I eventually will understand! -enemy
  7. They're my two top choices aswell :lol:
  8. It could be a new "round" creature, like the Hell Hounds. e.g Every 8 rounds or so this ultimate demon spawns, however everytime you beat it the weapon used to kill it automatically becomes empty or doesn't damage the demon next time. Eventually all guns will become useless against it, thats when a final showdown occurs. A sequence has to be completed, like activating certain dials in certain locations all around the map in sequence. Just my idea, I know it's not likely but i use this place to vent my excess Zombie thoughts :D
  9. I think it ties in well, in the sense that the four original zombies characters are locked in the map in a room they cn't get out of. If the kept using the same four characters over and over they'd lose their charm. So the addition of some fresh meat is a nice change but not a far cry from where it started. ( thats just my opinion not expecting people to except it or agree )
  10. Like others have said it would make it great, some character interaction like Tank arguing with Richtofen would make it realistic but them arguing while killing zombies would make it amazing! :D
  11. The series so far has been really good, I like the idea of different characters in each pack (apart from Ascension ofcourse). Who will be the characters this time?
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